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James Craig Glynn comes to us from Titusville, Florida. At the time of this writing, March 2020, Glynn is 68 years old. He more commonly goes by “Craig” and / or “Doc.”

Glynn has been showing up in news reports recently. FloridaToday just recently featured him.

Glynn is reported to be considered for the Medal of Honor.

Here is a claim of being in Afghanistan…

Prompted by a discussion of the Pulse nightclub shooting, here are some other claims beside Afghanistan…

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James Craig “Doc” Glynn’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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FOIA Result – NPRC – Summary Sheet – James Craig Glynn
FOIA Result – NPRC – Assignments – James Craig Glynn
FOIA Result – NPRC – Military Education – James Craig Glynn

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Glynn got out of the service in 1972. Although he was in Vietnam, there would be no record of Somalia, Afghanistan, or Iraq with a discharge in 1972.


He left the Army as a Specialist Five in contrast to Master Sergeant / MSG (E-8) that was claimed.


As discussed above – no Somalia, Afghanistan, or Iraq.


There was no Purple Heart listed in his records. There were no Silver Star medals. There was no Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) listed.

There was a Bronze Star Medal with an Oak Leaf Cluster which signifies two (2) awards but not ten (10) as claimed.


There is nothing in Glynn’s military records reflect Green Beret training.

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If the claims by Craig “Doc” Glynn were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/craig.d.glynn (now deleted)

FACEBOOK (post): https://www.facebook.com/news6/posts/you-know-sooner-or-later-we-need-to-stop-showing-videos-and-reports-of-the-pulse/10154304571707210/

FLORIDA TODAY: https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20190406/lz-lakehawk-eustis-highs-junior-rotc-busy-as-ever

JACKSONVILLE.COM: https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20190406/lz-lakehawk-eustis-highs-junior-rotc-busy-as-ever


14 thoughts on “James Craig “Doc” Glynn – US Army Green Beret Medic, MSG, Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Stars, 10 Bronze Star Medals, 9 Purple Hearts, Blog of Shame

  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Way to go James Craig Glynn, just took a great big steaming crap on what appeared to be very honorable service, service you could have been proud of. Absolutely no need to embellish, but here we are. Now, thanks to the power of Google, every good thing you have ever done will be overshadowed by your lies. By making your book of Fake, go poof, you have shown that you now know that you have been caught in a lie. Fixin’ to suck to be you Dippy.

  2. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on James Craig “Doc” Glynn who we wrote about here.  Glynn lives in […]

  3. bom2motiv says:

    Wow, why did he need to lie. He had a bad ass career already.

  4. J.Patrick Hardin says:

    Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in his real service record. His prior service record means I can’t even call him a douche. The only shame are the lies he told to bolster his fantasy. I’d have more respect for him if he’d said he was a recipient of the Hogwarts Order of the Phoenix Order of merit.

  5. Mark A. Lauer says:

    I looked at his actual service record, and right out loud I said; “Good God, man! What were you thinking?”
    A Bronze Star, an Air Medal, and one of the least awarded medals for heroism The Soldiers Medal!!! And a fucking COMBAT MEDIC on top of it.
    The guy was no shrinking violet in Vietnam, and was already a HERO.
    Then he goes and pulls this Rambo shit. WHY??

    A military record I’d give my left nut for, and this guy flushes it down the shitter.

  6. Michael Maynard says:

    Glynn did more in his short time in uniform than most do in their entire careers. Two Bronze Stars, the Soldiers Medal, the CMB, an Air Medal, and two ARCOMs. And this clown took a huge steaming shit all over it. He could truly have been classified as a hero, someone to look up to and admire. Now he’s just a zero. I truly don’t understand guys like him.

  7. Robert C Zornes says:

    Medical Corpsman?

  8. rgr769 says:

    Without orders and a citation, I am not believing this lying old turd ever was awarded a soldier’s medal. I also note that a significant portion of his tour he was an RTO in the battalion HQ company. Something smells with regard to the awards listed in his FOIA. And I was in the RVN the same time frame as he was, and I have a CIB for real.

  9. Francositalianarmy says:

    Do combat medics also earn CIB?

    • rgr769 says:

      No. I always had a company medic with each rifle company I commanded in Vietnam. They were awarded the Combat Medical Badge instead of the CIB. This phony POSer had only 91 series medical MOS’s and was thus never eligible for the award of a CIB. I had an artillery forward observer once who felt the should he should get a CIB after we were engaged in a fire fight. I looked into it at the time, and was told there was no way a soldier serving with an infantry company who did not have an infantry MOS could be awarded a CIB. This old turd was never awarded a CIB. The division personnel section would never issue orders awarding him a CIB, as it was against the regs.

      • Jack says:

        Actually rgr769 CIB’s were awarded to non Infantry personnel in Vietnam. It was only in certain circumstances but myself and some others I know found this out. A certain drunken clown was awarded a CIB as an RTO in Vietnam. Your F/O could have been awarded one but apparently the CoC didn’t want to deal with the paperwork.

  10. William Retired "Buck Sergeant" says:

    Really, I don’t understand how a Guy like this can Crap on an Exemplary Military Record. I also think he was awarded the CFMB, or Combat Field Medical Badge. A little over a year ago, I buried my Uncle who succumbed to “Agent Orange” poisoning, while serving with the 9th Inf. Div. Riverines in the Mekong Delta 1968-69. My uncle received 3 Purple Hearts, and would have received a 4th, if not being evacuated to Japan in 1969to recover from his wounds. No Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, for Valor. He did get a CIB, and was involved in many Campaigns, and Operations. My Uncle Bob was a Hero to me. I just will Never Understand why those who served Honorably, would Steal Valor! Boggles the Mind!

  11. Gunnee mujahed says:

    Every society of greatness has been plagued with something that is infectious. Better conquerors than the USA fell victim to the decline of a once robust government and we are not immune to the disease. I have never been more sceptical about those who come as warriors and are not what they appear to be

  12. John L. McCue says:

    What a service record, and blue it away. I did 20 -a cook & admin – that’s it. I just don’t understand why? Are they that stupid.

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