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Richard Wayne Jowers comes to us from Baird, Texas. At the time of this writing, February 2020, Jowers is 53 years old. He more commonly goes by “Rick” and / or “Ricky.”

Jowers is the Chief Deputy for Callahan County, Texas.

Jowers is currently running for Sheriff of Callahan County with the election being held on March 3, 2020.

In some of the debates leading up to the election, Jowers has claimed to have been a US Army Airborne Ranger. Here he asks candidate Leroy Foley if he was an Airborne Ranger and then affirms that they both were.

In a Clyde County Town Hall meeting designed to hear from the two candidates, held on January 6, 2020, Jowers states that that “was in the military – took a bullet for his country.”

In a forum on January 27, 2020, Jowers repeated the claim of Airborne Ranger, took a bullet and this time added that he was a Staff Sergeant.

Source: (21:03)

There was some questions raised about the military claims of Foley, the other candidate. When that happened, Foley dropped out of the race. This may have influenced Jowers to think about his own military claims. Jowers soon put out a statement.


We had received submissions about Jowers and his military claims having to do with being at the Black Hawk Down event in Somalia in 1993, being wounded, killing hundreds of the enemy, etc. We largely ignored these claims because many were wild and most all had no proof associated with them, therefore considered hearsay. However, we started hearing these remarkably similar claims over and over again from separate sources which gave us reason to pause. Again, we largely ignored these claims due to lack of credible evidence.

Jowers came out with what struck us as an odd statement. According to, “Jowers goes on to explain that even though he claimed otherwise during public forums for the Sheriff’s race, he is, “not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger.”

This would be similar to someone saying they were not an astronaut and at no time did they ever walk on the moon, or that they never played football for the Dallas Cowboys.

Why would someone make such statements unless they made those claims?

Jowers also made the following post to his Facebook page. We at Military Phony had not heard that Jowers’ military service was in question, just the type of service and his experiences.

What became apparent about this post was that OTHER THAN HONORABLE appears instead of a Reenlistment code. HONORABLE as a stand-alone designation does not appear there. Stated another way, this area should have a reenlistment code. The word HONORABLE should not appear here instead of a reenlistment code. The only other things that would appear here are DISHONORABLE or OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS.

Jowers called one of our investigators and admitted he had been discharged under OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS.

Many were skeptical and contacted Military Phony. Others were wanting what they characterized as fair and equal treatment of the candidates. However, Military Phony only investigates claims of Stolen Valor and has no vested interest in a local Sheriff’s election in the state of Texas.

Since a quick sweep showed that Jowers spent about 18 months in the Army, our interest peaked. He could have been wounded and been discharged early because 18 months is not a typical enlistment.

. . . . .



Richard Wayne Jowers’ military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – Summary Sheet – Ricky Wayne Jowers
FOIA Result – Photo – Ricky Wayne Jowers
FOIA Result – Assignments – Ricky Wayne Jowers


DoD Manpower Data Center Result – Richard Wayne Jowers

. . . . .



There is a shortened length of service from what is expected for a normal enlistment.

Based on the entries common surrounding this, it appears that Jowers went AWOL (Away WithOut Leave) in March of 1989.

The military generally classifies unauthorized absence in excess of 30 days as a desertion. This is also documented by the “DMR” annotated in his records.

He was “DMR” (Dropped From the Rolls) at one month in April 1989 when usually the soldier is declared a Deserter.

In July of 1989, Jowers had an entry of “RMC” which is “Return to Military Control.”

He was then sent to Fort Sill, OK Personnel Control Facility (PCF) while awaiting probably a Court Martial. The PCF’s mission is as follows:

PCF’s mission is to  supervises and coordinates the administrative actions needed to ensure expeditious and proper disposition (administrative or judicial) of Army deserters, Army correctional facilities inmates, personnel who have received a bad conduct discharge or a dishonorable discharge, parole violators, Army personnel confined by civil authorities, and personnel with a dismissal who are on excess leave pending completion of the appellate process, The facility performs all command, administrative, legal billeting, disciplinary, security and supply functions for assigned and attached personnel.”


It made sense he was sent to Fort Sill PCF since he was FA.

The Personnel Clerk recorded an incorrect date by putting his Discharge as “870822” instead of “890822”.

His unit was in Germany and he appeared to go on leave and did not return to Germany. He turned himself in to Fort Sill. He was then discharged under “OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS” for desertion.


He left the Army as a Private (E-1) which is probably due to the trouble just before discharge. This is in contrast to Staff Sergeant / SSG (E-6) that he claimed in the debate video above.


Jowers does not show assignments indicative of being a Ranger.


There was no Purple Heart listed in his records. There were no medals listed that would indicate combat.

When Jowers claimed that he “took a bullet for his country” a military member or veteran would see this is a direct claim of being combat wounded and one would expect to see a Purple Heart in his military records.


There is nothing in Jowers’ records reflect RANGER or Airborne training.

We don’t see any Ranger School Training or Airborne Training on his Summary Records.


There is a Texas State policy that says that one cannot work in Law Enforcement if their military discharge was DISHONORABLE or OTHER THAN HONORABLE. This can be found here:

So how was Jowers allowed to gain employment in Law Enforcement in the state of Texas?

Did the Sheriff’s Department know about his OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE when he was hired? Or did Jowers submit other information?

This would have happened years ago but it appears there was an amendment last year.

People can have their military discharges upgraded from a lower status. Jowers claims that he has worked in law enforcement for two decades, so he would have had to done it before securing employment.


Jowers put out the following statement:

“I have something that I would like to say to the citizens of Callahan County, I deeply and wholeheartedly apologize for misleading you about my military service. I do have discrepancies on my DD 214 from 30 years ago and I’m currently working on correcting those. The problem was this, I had a couple of tragic accidents that happened in my family that caused me to be released from the military a year early. I received an “Other Than Honorable Conditions”. I feel that that is no one‘s business but mine and my family’s. I’m not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger.

I sincerely and completely apologize for saying that at the forums. I was upset and angry at a certain person, and let my emotions get the best of me. If I have offended any military or citizen I do apologize. I love my country, I love my military, and I love Callahan County.

I am not and have not attempted to use my military service to sway citizens to vote for me. My military service is NOT a part of my platform as I have said many time.

I feel that this is an extremely ugly race and I know that people are tired of seeing ugly things on Facebook. I pray that this will soon be over and we can all get back to our normal lives. I am not perfect and I have made many mistakes and I’ve learned from all of them. Thank you and God bless.”

Although Jowers came out and seemingly played down his prior claims saying that he was not running on his military record, he still made the comments about being an Airborne Ranger and “taking a bullet for his country.”

There was some value gained from such statements. One cannot deny that. Maybe some people didn’t care, but others do.

Although it is hard to measure with each individual voter, it could be valued in terms of influence.

. . . . .


It sounds like Rick Jowers had some tragic mitigating family circumstances that contributed to his OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE. However, he had a very long time to have those records corrected. Instead, it appears that he chose to embellish upon the lies he was already living.

If the claims by Ricky Jowers were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

. . . . .


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24 thoughts on “Richard Wayne Jowers – US Army Airborne Ranger, Combat Wounded, Staff Sergeant (E-6), Blog of Shame

  1. Skippy says:

    The plot thickens
    It’s a absolute fail here
    Oddly I’m a graduate of the Ft Sill boy’s school
    D1-19 2006

    • Jay F says:

      What the hell is going on in Callahan County? First Foley, now this guy

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Welcome to Google Fame there Richard Wayne Jowers. You think your lying embellishing opponent in the Sheriff race caught hell, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. And yes, there are people that take offense when someone lies like you did and embellishes the service that they had. And you even RAN AWAY. And STAYED AWAY until caught. And then THROWN OUT. Whatever good you have ever done in your life is about to be negated by the never ending innerwebz. Embrace the suck…Dippy!

  3. Mustang Major says:


  4. Concerned Veteran says:

    At 21:12 Jowers claims to of been a Staff Sergeant

    • Nice find. We incorporated it into the blog. Thank you.

    • Paul says:

      For making these false claims, he probably ruined any chance of getting that job, and rightfully so. He needs to make that “walk of shame.” Thank you for outing yet another sham.

  5. Charles says:



    890310 {XXXXXXXXX} Redacted to cover the entry “AWOL” (Absent Without Leave)

    890401 DFR When he did not return in 30 days, he was administratively classified
    as a Deserter (a soldier who quits his unit with the intent never to
    return) As a result, he was D[ropped} F[rom] the R[olls], that is,
    he was struck from the unit roster, freeing up his position/billet to
    be replaced with another — and hopefully better — soldier.

    890712 RMC After being on the run for 3 1/2 months, he R[eturned] to M[ilitary]
    C[ontrol]. This could have been everything from walking into a
    military facility — even a recruiting office — and surrendering; or it
    could be an arrest by the FBI, Military Police, or even civilian law
    enforcement. Perhaps even an arrest by a Texas Deputy Sheriff.
    Wouldn’t that be ironic? He was then at Fort Hood, TX.

    890713 RETURNEE He was sent to Fort Sill, OK in the status of a “returnee.” Since at this
    point he had been Dropped From the Rolls of his former unit, and he
    was an artillery soldier, he was returned to the Personnel Control/
    Confinement Facility at the Headquarters Command, United States
    Army Field Artillery Center and School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
    [PCF, HQ CMD, USAFAC&S, Ft Sill, OK].

    At this point, if he had a valid excuse for his 3 1/2 months on the run, he would make his excuses to his PCF Commander and his Judge Advocate General (JAG) Attorney from the Trial Defense Service. Even at this late point, if he was a young, dumb, first enlistment low ranking soldier,
    he MAY have been able to accept some punishment, but then be reinserted into the personnel pipeline to return to another artillery unit. That did not happen. One of two things happened:

    1 – He was processed for involuntary separation under Chapter 14, Army Regulation 635-200 for Misconduct” and separated with an “Other Than Honorable” Discharge, or;

    2 – He was subject to a Charge and Specification under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 85 – Desertion. That would carry a maximum punishment of Dishonorable Discharge and 5 years of confinement, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and automatic reduction to Private E1. In that situation, he could waive all his rights and request a “Discharge In Lieu of Court-Martial” under Chapter 10 of AR 635-200.

    870822 Disch [REDACTED TO CONCEAL CHAPTER 10 or 14, AR 635-200].

    Regardless of the means, the result was an “Other Than Honorable”
    Discharge, the administrative equivalent of a “Bad Conduct Discharge”
    that is imposed as a sentence by a court-martial. A “BCD” denies
    the ex-soldier of virtually all benefits administered by the VA and the
    Army Establishment.

    By operation of law, any soldier involuntary discharged under Chapter 10 or Chapter 14 is automatically reduced to the pay grade of E1 (Private).

  6. Joe Wilkinson says:

    Shame. Shame.
    Honesty is the best policy.
    Dont believe your county’s veterans
    Will forget your claims.

  7. […] nice folks over at send us a case on Richard Wayne Jowers.  There are a few updates I will add before the MP case […]

  8. Jim Houk says:

    It appears as if the Callahan County (TX) sheriff’s race has a problem. One isn’t qualified due to his military discharge and both of them are liars of the worst sort. I suspect a third candidate will be conducting a write-in campaign any day now.

  9. Karl Shumaker says:

    You people of Texas (and anywhere else!) DO NOT NEED phonies like this in law enforcement in ANY capacity! Certainly not as either Sheriff or Chief of Police. He could have corrected his past by honest, hard work but he chose to “market” himself claiming character that did not exist.

    • tx1096 says:

      You’re exactly right.
      The sheriff there also needs looked into
      Just sad. Makes me mad

  10. Tx 1096 says:

    Not sure if I am allowed to leave a comment.
    I have not ever served in the military such as all of you have.
    But, I would like to say,” Thank You.”
    The county still needs all of you to keep pressing and hold these two morons accountable. That’s the nicest way I know how to say that.

    Thank You.

    • PAUL KELLY says:

      Thank you for allowing me to serve our great country

  11. Bill Wright says:

    Sounds like some justice is coming to this small Texas town. Proud to be a veteran and proud to be a Texan, hope the Rangers get their man.

  12. Peter Malik says:

    And this guy is upholding the law, putting people in jail and signing his name on arrest warrants and affidavits? Sounds like he needs to drop out of the race.

    • Paul says:

      He sure does need to drop out. If he has been dishonest about his military service, who knows what else he’s lied about.

  13. Dave Lari says:

    Given his questionable veracity & integrity, a look at the arrests he made and testimony he has offered as a law enforcement officer might be in order.

  14. John M. Joudy says:

    I know a guy who claims to have done six deployments to Afghanistan. Claims a Bronze Star for valor and three Purple Hearts. One of his wounds he was shot in face, claims to have pulled the bullet out himself and said the surgeons in Germany did such a good job that he “was robbed of his scar”. He’s told some “war stories” to stupid to even repeat here. Also claims to be a combat engineer, medic and EOD. I asked if he was EOD school trained and he said “yes”.
    How can I go about getting this guy checked out? I know he’s full of shit, I just want to shut his mouth and expose him as the phony he is.
    I was a Gunnery Sergeant 0369 and can’t stand people lying about their military service.

    • Our core mission is to post cases for public awareness. To do this we need hard evidence that the person is making the claims.

      There is no charge when you supply concrete evidence and we make a public post since there is value in getting the information out to the public.

      However, some people do not have sufficient evidence and others do not want a public posting. They are just curious about the person’s military history if in fact the person in question even has one.

      The latter is an area we term military verification and we require a donation. Although we much prefer the public posting option at no cost, we do recognize that some people want to know for other reasons and do not wish to have a public exposure. Or in many cases do not have evidence.

      Do you have concrete evidence that he is making these claims? I am talking about something other than word-of-mouth / hearsay.

      We cannot proceed without evidence.

  15. William M. Osborn Jr. says:

    Ricky, as a Military Veteran of almost 23 years, I forgive what you did. I am a Chaplain with Chapter #45 DAV Clarksville, Tennessee. I however, do not condone it. There are Many Men, and Women Military Service Members who Really Took a bullet, and many have died taking that bullet. Their Sacrifice Will not be Belittled by those who’ve Never served. I think it is a Moral Duty to expose those who would Lie, or Steal from the Integrity of Those who have Faithfully Served Their Country. William M. Osborn Jr. Sgt. U.S. Army (Ret)

    • Clint Cam says:

      I would like to point out a small correction. In the line “Reenlistment code”. It is possible to have something other than what is mentioned in the article. Mine has a line of dashes. I was discharged 83 days earlier than my ETS in 79. Reason: Failure to rehabilitate says another document. Character of service is honorable, but they didn’t want me back.

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