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02/10/2020 by militaryphonies

As we mentioned in a previous blog post about Leroy Grant Foley, we refiled for his official military records because there were no assignments from 1992-2000. Although there is more information contained about his assignments, the archive tech at NPRC told us that they could not locate any information on his assignments after 1998.

With that said, here are the results, including Foley’s final DD-214.

FOIA Results – National Personnel Records Center – DD-214 – Leroy Grant Foley
FOIA Results – National Personnel Records Center – Assignments 1990-92 – Leroy Grant Foley
FOIA Results – National Personnel Records Center – Assignments 1998 – Leroy Grant Foley

Below is the DD-214 that was floating around that supposedly exonerated Foley. We cannot speak to it’s origin but it does seem to have a stamp from the County of Williamson. We cannot speak to its authenticity due to not having a clean chain of custody with us. Provided for comparison only.

DD-214 obtained from multiple sources, but unknown origin

. . . . .


The fact that there is no foreign service listed in the FOIA obtained directly from NPRC probably reflects upon other claims of the Silver Star and Purple Heart. There is also no Airborne Ranger or Sniper qualification.

6 thoughts on “Leroy Foley’s Official DD-214

  1. Phil says:

    I hope this jackwad gets elected, then turned over to the FBI or the State of Texas for Stolen Valor….I’d love to see his ass behind bars…..

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Dude resigned and his opponent is just as fake…

  2. 7th Gp Jimmy says:

    OMG this bogus 1988 version of his 214 is so hosed up its pathetic!! Where do I begin…..For one, Regiment was not assigned to “FORCOM RC” in 1999…they were subordinate to USASOC and continue to be…RC is reserve component (LOL!!)….I’m still laughing too hard to finish writing this, but in any case: so after 10 yrs, 8 mo he is only skill level 10 on the PMOS in block 11? Should read at minimum 11B1V…Ranger, sniper and pathfinder are not MOS’s..they are SQI’s (block 11). I have never in my 22 years of active service ever seen a “sniper badge” (block 13). I have never seen a “ranger badge” ranger tab..yes..badge..no. “Soldlers medal” (block 14). Ranger Infantry Program?? I think he meant to lie about “Ranger Indoctrination Program” (block 14). “Combat Drive??”” ROFL!!! He only got paid a half hour of accrued leave???? and Danny boy misspelled his own name in block 22…hahahahahahahaha this is some shit he downloaded and Adobe pro’ed him self……whatever dude….what ever….

  3. B. Black says:

    The Clyde Police Department suspended Foley last Friday pending an internal investigation. Foley resigned his position with Clyde PD this morning.

  4. arhauptiii says:

    Oh, it gets better- his opponent has dropped out due to having to admit to an Under Other Than Honorable discharge

  5. 5th/77th FA says:

    Way to ruin your life Leroy Foley. Coulda had a good chance to be the High Sheriff, but nooooo, had to go embellish a decent Military Record. Embrace the suck…Bitch!

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