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06/06/2019 by militaryphonies

Stephen D. Smith

Our friends in the United Kingdom send us their work on Stephen D. Smith.   Smith is 52 y/o as of June 2019 and lives in Taylor, TX.

Just so you understand the terminology and differences in the UK vs US – a “Walter Mitty” is a Stolen Valor POSer and a “Bloater” is an embellisher.  Also, the Stolen Valor hunters are allowed to read military records but not publish them.

So, Steve Smith was in Texas and then went to Britain, and has now moved back to Texas and set up a security company called Asgard National Training Group LP.

Business registration for Asgard

Steve Smith was flagged up earlier this week by a member after claiming to be a retired CSM and all arms Para Commando trained amongst other bloater-shit.  The real story is that he failed basic for the Royal Signals, moved to the RAOC as a storeman for about ten months before buying himself out. After his long service in the Army, Steve went on to become a cadet adult instructor in Durham.  They managed to track down a few of those who he served with with and here are a few things they had to say:

1. He was a very poor cadet instructor.
2. He used to give it the big one to the cadets that he was a war hero and a battle-hardened soldier,
3. Was not allowed to teach much due to his lack of knowledge.
4. Brought a mess dress that had lots of ribbons on it Badges of rank and used to cut around wearing it on cadet camps.

After this, he moved to America and set up his own company Asgard National Training Group and totally re-invented his life. He has been making money off the back of these claims and somehow duping a lot of Americans he’s the real deal. 

Steve now claims:
1. He was a former Sergeant Major British Army. (See below)
2. All Arms Para Commando trained.
3. Sniper / Counter sniper trained.
4. Served in a counter-terrorist team in NI, Central America & the Middle East.
5. An instructor in military training, small unit tactics & hand to hand combat.

Steve managed to fit all the above and rise to W02 in ten months and ranks up there with a legends

Verdict – Bloaterman USA

On a quick sweep, we found no record of US military service but he does not claim any.

So, if you live in Texas and need personal security training, you may want to consider all of this before you hire a man who claims to be a retired British Army Sergeant Major who is sniper and counter-sniper trained.

Steve Smith – Weapons Training

Thanks to our friends in the UK for sending us this case.

6 thoughts on “Stephen D. Smith – UK Bloaterman, Blog of Shame

  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    We now help your advertising budget by bringing you some Google Fame, Stephen D. Smith, Asgard National Training Group, LLC. I guess you did need to do some serious embellishing to your military career after flunking out of Signal AND being piss poor at storekeeping. Then you had to blow smoke up the asses of young kaydetts who don’t know any better. It’s a shame that they will soon think that all Vets are lying, embellishing Pieces of Sh^t like you became. And as always….a sniper…sigh. TAH gonna have fun with you. Been awhile since we had a real limey that was not a real hero.

    Bovine excreting Bloater! Lots of folks will get to know you better…real soon!

  2. Marc Mulkey says:

    Taylor, TX is right up the road from me. I’ll have to look this dickhead up.

  3. Fort Hood-Killeen, Central Texas It’s an easy drive to recon this Bloater-Poser Scum bucket in Taylor, Texas. I’ll share any/all SITREP/G2 poop when I git sum
    Aye. Capt Rick.

  4. Mike says:

    Asgard National Training Group? Guy has watched too many Thor/Avenger movies. Maybe he is a self proclaimed expert on hammer wielding…..

  5. David Gibson says:

    Served with Steve in UK forces, he is British, served in UK armed forces before moving to USA, if you can call it serving!! He regularly used to tell people he was SAS and was injured in Northern Ireland

  6. Al Gibbons has a chicken lipped cockwomble

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