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Charles Tobia Hill comes to us from Reno, Nevada. Hill claims on his Facebook page that he lives in Cold Springs, Nevada but that appears to be a prior address and perhaps wasn’t updated. Hill is 48 years old as of May 2019.

Charles Hill – Facebook

Hill recently attended a wedding in his Army dress uniform.

Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook (ZOOM IN of above photo)
Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook

In this photo, the Purple Heart and jump wings are visible…

Charles Hill – Facebook

In this photo, you can clearly see the Special Forces tab and Parachutist Badge…

Comparing several of the photos, we believe we were able to reconstruct Hill’s claimed ribbon rack by nature of him wearing the medals.

Recreation of Charles Hill’s Ribbon Rack

The above claimed awards are also supported by Hill’s claim in a Facebook post that he made.

Charles Hill – Facebook post about his medals

Hill reinforced his ties with the rank of Sgt (E-5) and 7th Special Forces Group by having it engraved on a few can-openers.

Charles Hill – Facebook post of engraved canopeners

On Hill’s Facebook profile photo, he highlights Special Forces, a Combat Medical Badge and a Parachute Badge.

Charles Hill – Facebook Profile Photo

He also appears to wear similar bling on his civilian clothes…

Charles Hill – Facebook


Not only was the Purple Heart medal displayed on his table, but recall Hill also wore it on his ribbon rack.

Charles Hill – Facebook posts (RED circles added to illustrate point)

It appears that Hill takes full advantage of claiming combat wounded and being a recipient of the Purple Heart.

Charles Hill – Facebook post

The above photo appears to have been taken from inside a vehicle, presumably Hill’s vehicle. The hood is dusty, but the color of the vehicle appears to be black underneath all that polen and/or dust.

In another post, Hill displays his Dodge Ram pickup which is registered as his vehicle.

Charles Hill – Facebook post

Google Earth confirms this same Make/Model of vehicle parked at Hill’s house.

Google Earth – Charles Hill’s house address

The point of the truck and the use of the Purple Heart – Combat Wounded parking space is that there are perks with being designated as Combat Wounded and Hill appears to utilize these benefits — who wouldn’t?

But, in this Facebook post that he made, he appears to have little tolerance for somebody parking incorrectly around handicapped spaces. It is not quite clear if the point that he is making is that Hill was personally inconvenienced.

Charles Hill – Facebook post


Some people became curious and asked Charles Hill a few questions via Facebook’s PM (Private Messaging).

Here he mentions 7th Group from 1988-1990, Desert Storm and a tour in Ukraine.

Charles Hill – Facebook PMs
Charles Hill – Facebook PMs

On another PM, Hill was asked about his Purple Heart…

Charles Hill – Facebook PMs

. . . . .


Charles Hill’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



DoD Manpower Data Center Results – Charles Hill


FOIA Results – NPRC – Charles Hill – Summary Sheet

NOTE: We believe the “SOUTHEAST ASIA SERVICE MEDAL” is an error and should instead be “SOUTHWEST ASIA SERVICE MEDAL.”

FOIA Results – NPRC – Charles Hill – Assignments #1
FOIA Results – NPRC – Charles Hill – Assignments #2
FOIA Results – NPRC – Charles Hill – Civilian Education and Military Schools

. . . . .



Charles Hill appears to have been in the medical field his entire time in the service.

He was not in Special Forces and it does not even look like he was in a support role for Special Forces.

He was assigned to 1st CAV Rear Detachment C, Fort Hood, TX when it appears he was called to enlist in support of ODS/S.


Hill’s official military records say he got out as a Private First Class (E-3) vs. his claim of SGT (E-5). For clarification, a PFC in the Army is a different paygrade (E-3) than a PFC in the Marine Corps (E-2).

The NPRC Summary Sheet has Hill serving just under two years. The DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA has Hill serving for a little over a year.

The first result could have included Delayed Entry time, or the second result could reflect time in the National Guard / US Army Reserve and the DoD Manpower Data Center could only show the period of time that Hill was on active duty – quite possibly recalled in support of Desert Shield/Storm.

His records explicity state that from 19 AUG 1988 – 26 JULY 1989 he had NO active duty (NOAD).

They also state that his active duty time went from 27 JULY 1989 to 16 OCT 1989.

Then, they state that from 17 OCT 1989 to 02 OCT 1990, he had NO active duty (NOAD).

There is an entry dated 03 OCT 1990 – appears to be an enlistment and processing at MEPS ( Military Entrance Processing Station ).

Then, DoD Manpower says he was active duty from 04 OCT 1990 to 16 NOV 1991 with 1st CAV Rear Detachment C, Fort Hood, TX.


Let’s compare what Hill claimed by the act of wearing the medals on his uniform with what his official military records list:

Chart comparison – what medals were claimed and what medals are listed in military records.

If Hill had earned two Southwest Asia medals, it is not certain why he would not also have the Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait as well as the Kuwait Liberation Medal. There may be a perfectly good explanation for that and we would hope that ODS/S veterans can shed some light on this.

If Hill got out as a PFC, it would not make sense for him to have a Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon, unless he achieved an NCO rank and was busted.

These are all trivial points, really – the eggregious claim was the Purple Heart / Combat Wounded. This puts Hill in direct conflict with the Stolen Valor Act.


If the Combat Wounded – Purple Heart and other claims by Charles Hill were used to leverage work, promotions, or anything else of value, Hill may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

. . . . .


Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook
Charles Hill – Facebook

. . . . .




22 thoughts on “Charles Tobia Hill – U.S. Army Sgt (E-5), 7th Special Forces Group, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    He’s going to be wallowing in Google hits once this makes it to TAH!!!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Buddy. TAH Troops are gonna have a large time with this tool. He wanted attention. He’s sure gonna get it.

      Why’d you have to lie, embellish, and steal Valor that wasn’t your, Dippy? Charles Tobia Hill, welcome to your new found Google fame.

      We need to rescue the blurred out mule from the fat jackass pictured.

  2. PSC(EXW) Ryan J. Smith, USN(Ret) says:

    Charles I’m shaking my head, you are the worst kind of poser. You served our country and you should know more than most not to say something you are not. Well welcome to the world of internet fame and now you brought shame to your friends wedding that had nothing to do with your posing great job, what a dipshit you are.

  3. Chris kelsey says:

    Brothers and sisters have fallen for the very same flag you served under I wish there was a way to dishonor your service and take it away for being in direct violation of stolen valor laws enjoy your fame as coward

  4. Michael Bernhardt says:

    If an individual was deployed to Turkey for Operation Desert Storm, they’ll rate the SWASM but would not rate the KLM or LKM, due to Turkey not being in the UAE. I’m in this boat with my awards and decorations, and get questioned quite frequently over it. I was with the 39th SOW deployed to Incerlik AB Turkey during ODS.

    • Michael Bernhardt, TSgt USAF Retired says:

      Individuals serving in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Jordan (including the airspace and territorial waters) directly supporting combat operations between January 17, 1991, and April 11, 1991, are also eligible for the award of the SWASM.

      The criteria of the two Kuwaiti Liberation medals was awarded to members of the Military Coalition who served in support of Operation Desert Shield or Desert Storm in one or more of the following areas Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden, that portion of the Arabian Seathat lies north of 10 degrees north latitude and west of 68 degrees east longitude, as well as the total land areas of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. 

  5. A. Mujahid says:

    Hello. Do these liars realize that in the nfl,a kicker gets the same size ring as the quarterback! Its special that you served. I was scout platoon 1977 nothing else 11 bravo I’m fortunate to have served nothing else but combat support. Why lie. I know not why

  6. Check-yourself Before I Wreck You says:

    I got nothin… seriously, What in the actual, no frills,
    F*🤔k is this?? There’s still time, he can still jump into Syria and single handedly take on the terrorist threat there! We can award him the “rainbow 🦄 ribbon” for being MFing magical!

  7. Phil Millard says:

    His friends are really going to love him, I posted this expose to their facebook pages…he has a lot of Russian friends too. Fu*king Stolen Valor pile of porcine excrement.

  8. Ricklt234 says:

    It’s very interesting that apparently his wife is a Special Agent at Homeland Security Investigations. On his Facebook page he posted a picture of her pass to the National Cyber crimes Conference. Since she’s federal law enforcement, wonder how she is going to feel about him committing federal stolen valor crimes……

    • Abbadon says:

      Shes probably a phony too

      • Ricklt234 says:

        I don’t think so. In another life I worked for ICE, before you can get into the NCCC they vet you pretty thoroughly.

  9. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on Charles Tobia Hill who is 48 y/o and lives in Reno, Nevada.  Hill attended a […]

  10. Jim Grindstaff says:

    I noticed that the face of the ass in the top photo was blurred out. Did that four-legged ass request this to avoid being associated with the other ass in the photo?

    • Bob Fox says:

      Notice the similarity between his face and the horse ass in the selfie photo? No accident.

  11. arhauptiii says:

    And the purging of the Facebook account has begun.

  12. USMC FOX 2/2 says:

    Douche …..Besides the Stolen Valor which is a total disgrace he looks like total shit in his uniform ( unset fat body ) . If your going to pose at least represent …Jackass leading a Jackass his fat body needs to put the pack on and get a good work-out in .

  13. Shawn Armstrong says:

    You’d think vets would know better.

  14. Santiago sanchez says:

    Individuals are funny & sad to be wannabes eh! I’ve met a few & once I say I’m a retired 7th Grp 18D they walk away….!

  15. Phil Millard says:

    I posted the link to a bunch of his friends pages, two people actually responded, defending him, and calling me a POS (among other things) for posting “unsupported” claims….wonder how they’ll respond now that I have gone back and posted his worthless “apology”.

  16. Kat says:

    “I used to be an adventurer like you, and then I took bomb fragments in the knee.”

  17. Eden says:

    He needs to lose those EMS patches and insignia, too. Near as I can tell, his certification expired in 2008.

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