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Jeffery John Treu comes to us from Oakdale, Nebraska. Treu is 62 years old as of May 2019.

Jeff Treu

Treu has been involved in a lot of veteran activities where he lives. People where Treu lives have reported that he:

  • Claims to be a Vietnam Era Marine
  • Joined American Legion as a Vietnam Era Marine In Tilden, NE
  • Served as Vice Commander of American Legion Riders
  • Spoke numerous times on Veterans Day as a veteran Marine
  • Went on several Honor Flights as medic and as a veteran
  • Presented Gold Star flags to families
  • Wears USMC hats and other bling that implies he was a Marine
Jeff Treu

He often wears a cap that says “DOC” but we believe this means he served as a medic aboard numerous flights honoring veterans.

Jeff Treu – Facebook
Jeff Treu – Iwo Jima War Memorial – Washington DC

We will talk more about these patriotic honor flights more in the discussion section that follows.

Treu was a police officer, deputy and even a police chief. He was often a guest speaker at veteran themed events.

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Jeff Treu’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

While we await the results of our request, we trust several FOIA requests already made by competent parties.

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FOIA Results – NPRC – Jeffery Treu – Cover Letter – First No Records result
FOIA Results – NPRC – Jeffery Treu – Cover Letter – Second No Records result

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The Norfolk Daily News just broke the story yesterday, Sat 18 May 2019, on the front page that people were calling Treu’s military record into question.

Wisner Police Chief’s Military Record Called into Question

Norfolk Daily News – Front Page – Saturday 18 May 2019

This certainly creates a conflict…

Nebraska Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics

It is our understanding that Jeffery Treu was confronted about this and admits he was never a veteran. We are also told that he denied ever saying he was.

We can’t confirm what Jeff Treu did or didn’t say along these lines – but how can he get to be in the American Legion Riders?

The Marine Corps bling that he wears certainly implies he was in the Marine Corps.

We are told by a reliable source that Jeff Treu resigned as police chief on Friday 17 May 2019. There still remains the issue of – what did Treu gain from people believing he was a Marine Corps veteran? Besides prestige, were there items of value?


Let’s consider the newspaper articles. The article posted above that says he was a Marine veteran as he was preparing to speak at a Veteran’s Day program at a local school. One would think he would get in touch with the newspaper and have them make a correction if he was not a veteran.

Then, there is this newspaper article about the patriotic flights. Twice it says that Jeff Treu traveled as a veteran. Wouldn’t this be something of value obtained by telling people you are a veteran?

The Columbus Telegram (Columbus, Nebraska) – 23 Mar 2017

Here is another newspaper article about the flights. As you read it, try and decide for yourself if this was something of value.

Support Remains High for Flights

In this article, Jeff Treu was mentioned in terms of being an American Legion rider.

Salute to Military Keeps Growing


If any of these claims by Jeff Treu were used to leverage work, promotions, appointed office or anything else of value, Treu may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

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Jeff Treu – Facebook

Jeff Treu – Facebook

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21 thoughts on “Jeff Treu – U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Blog of Shame

  1. Mark A. lauer says:

    I don’t know of any other way that people could have had such a deep impression that he was a Vietnam Era Marine than by being told by he himself.
    Even if he did NOT tell people this story, he did NOTHING to correct the situation once it got off the ground. It is far easier to stop one of those little rubber band, balsa wood airplanes. It gets a bit harder when it’s a 747 and all you try is a fly swatter.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    What a low life, lying POSer you are Jeffery Treu. Rocked your lies for a long time and reaped many a financial benefit. Standing on the bodies and in the blood of Marines and LEOs that you couldn’t be worthy of wiping the sweat from their ‘nads. Hope the good folks of Nebraska see fit to prosecute your lying filthy ass for being a Valor Thief. Just a heads up; Bubba, Thor, Julio, and Mr. “Tiny” do much cotton to former LEOs in their prison. Hope you enjoy tube steak at the deli.

    The Girls and Boys over at TAH are gonna have fun with you. You fixin’ to be Google famous, Asshole!

  3. James Scott says:

    How did he do that so long , god what a jerk .

  4. James H. Roberts Jr. says:

    Should be put in prison for 3 years.Stolen valor.What wrong with these creeps.Sgt James H Roberts Jr.U.S.Army 1967-1973 Pleiku Vietnam 1967-1968 Germany 1970-1973….

  5. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    What an ASSFURTER, he’ll soon be wallowing in Google®™️ fame!

  6. mike gentes says:

    Jeff told me several times the he was a Marine, He also told me that he was a retired U.S Marshal

    • julie says:

      Then report what he told you, so his claim he never said or told anyone he was actually a veteran can be found untrue.

      • mike gentes says:

        Julie—we have .There is allot of things that you dont know about him . The truth is now coming out. I cant go into more detail on this but if you only know what we do.

  7. Patrick J Kester says:

    I worked with him when he was an Antelope County Deputy. I never believed his claim about being a Marine Corp Veteran. He could never tell me when asked, where he went to boot camp, where he was stationed, what unit he was with, or who he had served with. He deserves jail time, that is for certain. Ssgt Patrick J Kester, USAF Veteran, 08/06/1976 to 12/01/1996.

  8. PSC(EXW) Ryan J. Smith, USN(Ret) says:

    Jeff was a close friends, he broke bread with my family, stayed at my house, and on many occasions he said he was a United States Marine. I didn’t want to believe any of these stories, but when I called the American Legion and they told me he joined the Tilden, NE, Legion as a United States Marine, Vietnam Era, I knew I began to suspect he was fake and now we all know the truth. He used me as a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, American Legion, Legion Riders, Gold Star Flag Program, and Honor Flights to gain credibility for this fake story. He tricked us all and now in the same lie he has also brought discredit to his integrity as a law enforcement officer. This is all so sad.

  9. Matt Baker Ret. Army says:

    Known him since 2003. When he was a cop in my hometown he introduced himself as a PS Marine. I was AD recruiter and he would send off color military jokes to my AKA account several times a week, to the point I told him he shouldn’t anymore because the jokes were sometimes too much and inappropriate. He owns (ed?) a bar in Tilden Nebraska he renamed “Heroes” after he bought it playing off of his veteran status. He has a high school classmate I know that was in the AF and I don’t think even he knew Jeff had always lied about his service. I saw him with his military bling on almost anytime he was in civies. Couldn’t be more disappointed in someone’s character.

  10. […] folks at Military Phony sent us their work on Jeffery John Treu.  Treu lives in Oakdale, Nebraska and is 62 years old as […]

  11. Shannon Falk (Ret) US Army Infantry Airborne says:

    I have known Jeff True for over 8 years. We HAD a friendship that started through the American Legion Riders. He has misrepresented himself as a Marine for the entire time I have known him. I have personally seen him state he was in the Marine Corps not only to me personally but countless individuals, Veterans, and even Gold Star families. He has used that lie in an attempt to further himself and i believe joined various Veteran groups to reinforce his fictional Marine story. That house of cards is now dismantled. Jeff True is now Excommunicado (basically means that Jeff Treu becomes persona non grata and loses all access and privileges to all Veteran resources and help in our community)

  12. Jon says:

    He has been supporting vetrens not portraying one, pretty sad when other law enforcement are trying to dig stuff up on him because they don’t like him.antelope co law enforcement are as crooked as they come , so they have to die up stuff on others to hide themselves

    • USMC FOX 2/2 says:

      If hes not portraying one take the Marine Corp gear off . He does rate to wear it . Stop trying to defend and deflect what this dishonest\phony piece of shit has done .

      • USMC FOX 2/2 says:

        Sorry for the Typo HE DOES NOT RATE TO WEAR IT

    • Dan Johnson says:


    • Kat says:

      Sure thing, Jeff — I mean, “Jon”.

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I just wanted to say that every time Jeffery John Treu gets his name metnioned ti creates a “Google Hit” which drives Google searches to wherever Jeffery John Treu’s name is mentioned, feel free to copy and paste this for a Commo Check:

    Jeffery John Treu WAS NEVER a United States Marine according to Official Records found.
    Jeffery John Treu has obviously spent YEARS spreading false yarns about being a Member of the USMC.
    Jeffery John Treu looks like the type who prowls highway rest areas looking for a hookup after sniffing toilet seats in the Men’s room.
    Jeffery John Treu obviously FAKED his way into an American Legion and their Patriot Riders DISGRACING their Post.
    Jeffery John Treu is as genuine as a Civil War issue polyester blanket.
    Jeffery John Treu is unworthy of even a squirt of a Real Veteran’s piss.
    Jeffery John Treu WAS a Police Chief until his ball of fake yarn was unraveled.
    Jeffery John Treu looks like yet another reject Apprentice Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s bath house (Entrance In the Rear).
    Jeffery John Treu HAS NEVER even served a day in the US Military PERIOD according to Official Records found.
    Jeffery John Treu is lower than whale shit which is found at the bottom of the Oceans.
    Jeffery John Treu sports a blinged-out Biker Vest which he likely wore before being rejected as a Pole Dancer at The Blue Oyster.
    Jeffery John Treu is a 24K WANNABE.
    Jeffery John Treu looks like the type who would wear his vest and Military Camo clothing while reading the latest issue of “Soldier of Fortune” with a scowl on his face in a bookstore thinking that it makes him look like an intimidating badass while people LAUGH at him.
    Jeffery John Treu is having his games and bullshit catch up to him.
    Jeffery John Treu spoke at Public Events while PRETENDING to be a USMC Veteran.
    Jeffery John Treu is someone I wouldn’t even hire to be a shopping mall “rent-a-fuzz”.
    Jeffery John Treu looks like someone I WOULD NOT leave alone around Women and Children.
    Jeffery John Treu went on Honor Flights as a Veteran which HE IS NOT.
    Jeffery John Treu commands less respect from me than a fresh dog turd on a sidewalk.
    Jeffery John Treu will now be wallowing in The Power of Google®™ which Jeffery John Treu richly deserves and Jeffery John Treu will now discover that THE INTERNET IS FOREVER!!!

    How Copy, please relay to all Stations,

  14. Dan Kuykendall says:

    Should go from chief to inmate. Press charges for stolen valor as no doubt he has usedhis lies to advance himself

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