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William Bradley Aydelette, who goes primarily by his middle name ‘Brad,’ comes to us from High Point, North Carolina. He grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. Aydelette is 46 years old as of April 2019.

Brad Aydelette
Brad Aydelette

This is quite an interesting story as far as Aydelette’s claims, so in order to follow this case one must pay strict attention to the timeline.

On his Facebook profile, Aydelette claims to have been in the Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. He also claims to have graduated from Grimsley High School in Greensboro, North Carolina with the class of 1990.

Brad Aydelette – Facebook Profile

This immediately raises the question of – How could he have went in the US Marine Corps in 1989 if he was still in high school and did not graduate until 1990?

Delayed entry program? Some people factor that in when they list their service dates. If that is the case, he could not have done four years active duty if he got out in 1993. Perhaps a shortened enlistment or other circumstances? We didn’t dwell on this and moved on. We will return to this later.

Although Aydelette primarily goes by his middle name ‘Brad’ he also goes by ‘William’ depending on the situation. Here is his RallyPoint profile where he claims to be a LCpl and a rifleman.

William Bradley Aydelette – RallyPoint Profile

He also is a licensed private investigator in the state of North Carolina and is registered with his full name. This will be important in the discussion section later.

When he was a Sheriff’s deputy, he seemed to prefer ‘Brad’ as evidenced by his name tag on his uniform.


We will return to the names and the dates later, for now we will move on with the military service claims.

Aydelette posts a lot of photos – seemingly of his time in the Marine Corps.

Brad Aydelette – Lance Corporal

In a more recent photo, he has his shadowbox in the background. In this photo, it appears he has accumulated more ribbons, including a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

Brad Aydelette – Shadowbox

In the following photo, he has a photo of a Purple Heart medal to the left.

Brad Aydelette – Purple Heart

Honestly can’t say if that is his, but the other certificates and awards appear to be his.

But here with this post, the implication is very strong that Aydelette has been awarded a Purple Heart – asking about people telling him “happy Purple Heart Day.”

Then, there are the implied Recon claims… first the very truck that he drives.

Brad Aydelette’s truck – Scuba Bubble and Jump Wings (Recon)

Then, there are other posts to his Facebook page that implies Recon…

. . . . .


Something didn’t seem quite right about the years. When newspapers and other materials were searched, William Bradley Aydelette was spoken about in terms of being in high school.

When we looked through yearbooks, he showed up in the Grimsley 1991 yearbook as a Junior and in the 1992 yearbook as a Senior.

Remember, he said that he graduated Grimsley High School in Greensboro NC in 1990, but there was no William or Bradley Aydelette listed in the Senior or Junior class.

We were somewhat in doubt that this was the same person, but a DoD Manpower search revealed service dates of 1992 – 1993.

DoD Manpower / SCRA Results for William Bradley Aydelette

This started making more sense – i.e. graduated in 1992 and enlisted that same year – but why would he backdate the years to claim enlistment in the USMC in 1989? We have a theory on this in the discussion section below.

William Bradley Aydelette’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



William Bradley Aydelette – FOIA Results – Summary Sheet
William Bradley Aydelette – FOIA Results – Assignments
William Bradley Aydelette – FOIA Results – Combat History Page
William Bradley Aydelette – FOIA Results – Military and Civilian Education

. . . . .



William Bradley Aydelette’s official military records show that he completed boot camp and went on the advance infantry training (SOI) but did not complete that training. There may be a chance he had a preexisting medical condition that eventually caught – which may be why the Marine Corps discharged him without severance pay vs. a medical discharge.

He served for 10 months vs. his claim of four years.

He was discharged as a Private First Class (E-2) vs. a Lance Corporal (E-3).

His combat history page is blank, so no participation in any combat. Therefore, no chance of a Purple Heart. No Purple Heart is listed as well.

No Recon training or assignments, no jump wings or scuba bubble badges.


Our speculation as to why he backdated his time of graduation to 1990 – but even that didn’t make sense – was to allow for him to have four years in the Marine Corps – i.e. 1989 – 1993 – which is what he claims. This would represent a normal term for an enlistment.

It is our hope that he did not use a four year claim in the Marine Corps to get the job as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Then, if he used his experience as a Sheriff’s Deputy to obtain qualification as a Licensed Private Investigator, this is piling on one problem after another.

We noticed that Aydelette has Tactical training with military images in the background. It would not be ethical for him to hype a heavy dose of USMC military experience beyond his actual experiences in the Marine Corps.

We also suspect that the blurring the high school years and the use of ‘Brad’ and ‘William’ – may have been intentional to obfuscate Aydelette’s military history, but of course we could be wrong.


If any of these claims were used to leverage work or promotions or anything else of value, Aydelette may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

. . . . .


. . . . .




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  1. Nevette says:

    His age would be the biggest problem? If he graduated from HS in 1992, he would have been 15 or 16 in 89!

    • Tim Nordin says:

      The Status Report says his birthdate was May 1972, so he graduated high school at age 20 apparently.

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  3. ChipNASA says:

    Apparently Brad has been publicly and repeatedly notified on his Facebook page that a lot of us in the military community are aware of this actions and he has double and tripled down and mocked us.
    Not real bright Brad.
    This isn’t MP’s first rodeo.

  4. Dan Johnson says:

    This asshat’s FB page is a hoot! He’s very non-apologetic and continues to believe his own lies.

  5. Walle, A. says:

    “Terminal, terminal, terminal preppie.”

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  7. Contractor1803 says:

    Medical Disability = Broke Dick.

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