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Mr. Burris comes to us from the state of Indiana. Military Phonies was contacted by some people up there that were told by Burris that he had been a SEAL at SEAL Team Four.

It is relevant and interesting to point out that Burris is a member of the UDT/SEAL Association. It is possible to be a Member of the Association if you were never a SEAL. Support personnel to the Teams can join as Associate Members and Children can be Legacy Members. There is also Sponsored Members for people who have supported the Association and its Charities. Only SEALs can be Regular Members.

We found this picture where he has labeled himself as SEAL Team Four. He was asked if he was at Four and he followed with “details sent”. A simple yes or no probably would of worked.


That picture was so popular it actually made it onto an unofficial SEAL history page.


As a member of the UDT/SEAL Association he goes to many events to discuss SEALs and their equipment. 37747559_10214913607107399_5696047754657136640_n


He also talks to the community about his service. Here is a claim from the Veterans Day Program he spoke at.  In the programs it claims that Burris completed Sniper School, on a Search and Rescue team and completed 16 years of service.



Here is the link for that.

.Veterans Day Program

We also found this.


Here is the link. If you click on his name in the link it goes straight to his LinkedIn account. On that account in his history its interesting to note that his civilian work would have overlapped 16 years of service.







Since we have had several requests for verification from both Law Enforcement and citizens – Military Phonies requested a check of the UDT/SEAL Database for Eric Burris. Military Phonies found no such person has ever graduated UDT/SEAL Training. His records were requested with a Freedom of Information Act Request.



The first thing that jumps out at us is that Mr. Burris was in the United States Navy Reserve. He could not have gone to BUD/S as a reservist. It’s for Active Duty only.

His list of schools does not show BUD/S, Search and Rescue, or Sniper School. It shows Basic Aviation Training and AD A School. That would have been the Rate for Aviation Machinist Mate. Aviation Machinist’s Mates are United States Navy aircraft engine mechanics that inspect, adjust, test, repair, and overhaul aircraft engines and propellers. Not much call for snipers around jet engines.

There is also the fact that the records show 4 years of service and not 16.

The official military records do not support the claims.

The UDT/SEAL Association was made aware of this blog before it was published. There is no need to fill their mailbox with copies of the blog or calls to inform them of it.

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25 thoughts on “ERIC LEE BURRIS, NOT A SEAL

  1. Jon Morgan says:

    I’ve seen this POS at the Shot Show in Las Vegas.

    • Lexi Burris says:

      I’m his daughter. This entire article is all crap.for example, he served 4 years as a Navy seal, but yes, he did have a total of 16 years in service because you don’t walk in as a Navy Seal. It’s a lot of hard work. Know where you’re information is coming from. I grew up around his retired Navy Seal buddies. I’ve been there, Met a lot of very important people, my dad being one.

      • tangomike147 says:

        He wasn’t a SEAL

      • tangomike147 says:

        Why don’t you take a look at his Association card. It will say Regular Member, Associate Member, or Sponsored Member.

      • Jon Morgan says:

        As his daughter you can ask your father for his DD214 and prove this wrong. I’ll wait.

      • tangomike147 says:

        Or better yet, call all those SEAL friends that work at the Association. Their numbers are on the website. Ask them if he was a SEAL

      • usmc7882 says:

        If he is on this page, on this site, and blasted factual that he was not a Seal,prepare yourself that the old man is flat out lying. The next explanation out of his mouth in his own words will most likely be” it’s all a Classified, Presidents eyes only” that’s the only option let at this time. That coming statement will also be a lie. It’s a terrible thing to disrespect a loved one with lies over the years. A sincere heartfelt sympathetic heart for you. Total fake in my opinion.

      • Jay says:


        Hate to tell you: but your old man is a liar. There may be secret missions but no secret SEALs. The UDT database was checked, rechecked, and triple checked. His name was not on it. The BPR was checked, the only DD214 showed your father served HONORABLY as a reservist. Nothing wrong with that. Whats wrong is when he attempts to craft a career of valor out of something many hold sacred and some died for. You cant just CLAIM being a SEAL. You EARN it. Although you dont want to believe your father is a liar, he is. The admins of this site do CAREFUL research before putting someone on blast on here. Your father lied and he needs to own up to it, face himself and face everyone else he lied too.

      • Jeffery D Monroe says:

        he was not a US Active Duty Navy SEAL GOT THAT!!! I don’t care if your are his daughter he is a total fraud and liar and a fake and phony and Stolen Valor -That Information Came From DOD Files and US Navy Files and FOIA Got That Kiddo!!

  2. Michael L Maynard says:

    His Facebook page is still open. He has Seal stuff splashed all over his pics. It would appear obvious his family thinks he was a Seal.

  3. Jack says:

    Apparently you missed the part in the article that said the SEAL/UDT records were checked and your Dad was not listed as a graduate of the BUD/S program Lexi. Maybe he is an “associate” SEAL since he can’t be an actual one. BTW those records posted above are his official records which proves he’s lying.

  4. Jack says:

    Miss Burris you apparently missed the part where it’s stated that the UDT/SEAL records were checked and Daddy’s name wasn’t on it. Maybe he’s an “associate” SEAL since he never attended, let alone graduated, BUD/S. Those are his official records posted above and they prove what is being said…your Dad is not a SEAL nor was he ever.

  5. Bruce says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…………………………..sad for his duped family.

  6. Jon Morgan says:

    I remember now, he was in the Daniel defense booth a the Shot Show flashing his triton and talking trash. If he was hired and paid by Daniel Defense for being a SEAL. Houston he has a big problem.

    • Jim Grindstaff says:

      Tim W., I don’t see anyone harassing the family. It was his daughter that commented here.

    • Anonymous says:

      As an employee of Daniel Defense, I can say that Mr. Burris is not and has never been employed by Daniel Defense. We have a lot of visitors come into our booth at the show, which was clearly the case with Burris.

  7. Tim W. says:

    Everyone – Chase this guy all you want, but family is off limits – keep the respect

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  9. I feel for those family members and friends that had the wool pulled over their eyes for so long. These phony’s don’t realize the pain and anger they create in their wake.

  10. Ken says:

    I feel sad for someone like this. So ashamed of his real life he has to pretend to be someone else.

  11. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    Why is The daughter off limits she is grown and decided to chime in with a totally false statement and to insult us for stating a fact.

  12. Jon Whittington says:

    There never seems to be a shortage of the phony assholes but the level this guy took it amazes me. Nothing pisses me off more than guys like this representing our community. It’s flat out embarrassing. Thank you for exposing him and putting the word out. Any Team guy current or past could sniff this dude out in two seconds. Unbelievable.

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