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David Gordon Jeffrey Jr. comes to us from San Francisco, California but grew up in South Carolina. David is 72 years old as of February 2019.

David Gordon Jeffrey Jr.

David has a biography posted on Prabook where he claims that he was awarded a Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He also claims he was a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers from 1967-1969.

Jeffrey Gordon Jeffrey’s Biography on Prabook

NOTE: The dates get confusing, so expect some discrepancy when you see them. We never did resolve the timeline to our satisfaction so if it proves hard to keep track of, you are not alone.

On his LinkedIn account, David says that he was in the Army from June 1968 to July 1974 – six (6) years and two (2) months. He also claims the rank of Captain along with being an Intel Officer whose duties are classified.

We don’t have a screen capture of this but it was reported that on Memorial Day 2018, he made the following comment: David Jeffrey – ” Memorial Day To Honor Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice To Defend our Freedoms. The men in my command who died in my arms: Tim, Eugene, Richard.”


Here is where it gets interesting. He posted a photo on his Facebook account and said it was him 45 years ago. Since it was posted a year ago that would make the photo from 1973, give or take.

Photo posted by David Jeffrey to his Facebook account

There is a strong implication that this is him in his younger days. He never corrected anyone when they also drew this inference. David posted the same photo on another account stating that he was proud to serve. Again, an implication this was him.

Photo posted by David Jeffrey to his other Facebook account

The nametag “JEFFREY” appeared too black. Same with the Captain’s bars on the chest. There would be some light to fade the black. Someone else noticed that the beret device is the wrong color and the camo pattern was not the style worn back in the Vietnam-era days. Plus, the photo looked too new.

Then he posted another one claiming it was from 1980, just 7 years after the above photo.

Photo posted by David Jeffrey to his other Facebook account

In this photo, the face has coloration but the rest of the photo does not. Also, the nametag of “JEFFREY” appears to float above the uniform. The Captain’s bars on the shoulder appear ‘cartoonish.’

One of our research ninjas pulled up this photo of Kris Kristofferson (actor and singer) and it looked really similar. Except for the head and Airborne patch.

Kris Kristofferson Army Photo

Here are the photos side-by-side for comparison… (click to get larger size)

Kris Kristofferson and David Jeffrey Photos Side-by-Side for Comparison

Notice also how the Adam’s Apple is out of alignment with the David Jeffrey photo.

We don’t normally bring family members into a case, but we are not sure what is going on. When we discovered that David’s son James does not show a record of military service – the question arose as to why he would dress in an Army Ranger fatigue uniform – or more probably allow himself to be Photoshopped in an Army uniform? We don’t know if he was a willing participant but the beret looks authentic as it rests on his head… meaning not Photoshopped.

Here is a photo of David (father) and James (son)…

. . . . .


David Gordon Jeffrey’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Results for David Jeffrey – Summary Sheet

David Jeffrey’s summary sheet shows no active duty service. He was discharged from an ROTC program as a Private, the lowest enlisted rank one could have in the Army. It may have been due to not fulfilling his obligation to drill or perhaps he wanted out and that is normal for a discharge?

. . . . .



It appears that David graduated from Easley High School in 1964.


Below is his photo from 1965 as he attended Erskine College in SC…

Below is his photo from 1966 as he attended Erskine College in SC…

Yearbook Photo from Erskine College in South Carolina


He must have transferred because he then shows up as a Junior at Furman University in the 1967 yearbook…

Yearbook photo from Furman University in South Carolina

… but in the 1968 Furman yearbook, he does not show up in the Senior section, or any section for that matter.


David Jeffrey starts appearing in the newspapers, which further pinpoints the timeline. This is from 24 Dec 1967 which identifies him as being from Easley High School and Furman University.

This next appearance is from 26 Aug 1968. It is a letter to the editor where he expresses his views that Vietnam is an “unjust war.” People are entitled to their opinions, certainly, but it seems odd that if he were enrolled in ROTC, they would not have a rule against engaging in political discourse. Recall from the FOIA Summary Sheet that he was discharged in July 1968.

This next letter to the editor is from October 1968 and he also expresses his displeasure about the Vietnam War. Recall from the FOIA Summary Sheet that he was discharged in July 1968.

But wait, there’s more. In this engagement announcement in the newspaper in 1969, it claims that he served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. However, it goes on to say that he is employed by Maxon in the merchandising department.

So, it is difficult to understand how he served in the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant unless he was talking about the Army Reserve. But no active duty service is listed so how could he be awarded a Silver Star, or Purple Heart? The tight window of opportunity to go to Vietnam would have been closing.

. . . . .


So, coming back to David’s LinkedIn post about his military service, the timelines don’t add up unless he was talking about Army Reserve. Perhaps he joined the Army Reserve right after he was discharged from ROTC as a private. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


What feeds into the suspicion is there is some kind of need on David Jeffrey’s part to Photoshop a picture of him as a Captain in the U.S. Army Airborne. Why would he feel the need to do this? Have people called him on his service or casually asked about him back in the day?

. . . . .



The summary sheet makes a point of saying there is no active duty service.

That would mean there is no Silver Star or Purple Heart.

David Jeffrey’s official military records do not support many of his claims.

The Silver Star and the Purple Heart claims seem the most egregious. There is no record of his name in any of the Silver Star databases.


Still not certain of the son, James, and his role in all of this. He is making a go of it in Hollywood. If he did not have a hand it this, he should get with his dad and make him remove the posts.




The official military records for David Gordon Jeffrey Jr do not support many of his claims – many of which are in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

If these claims were leveraged by David Jeffrey for something of value over the years, including monetary gain or work positions, Jeffrey may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act. Individual state laws may apply as well.

. . . . .



FACEBOOK#1:  https://www.facebook.com/david.jeffrey.5074

FACEBOOK#2: https://www.facebook.com/david.jeffrey.7946

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-g-jeffrey-90476234


22 thoughts on “David Gordon Jeffrey Jr – U.S. Army Captain, Airborne Ranger, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. Jeffery Monroe says:

    I call BS How could he work at Hanes Corporation if he was on Active Duty ? Also the BDU didn’t come out until sometime after 1981 or so. Hell just watch Stripes and Southern comfort all early 80s with OD Green.

  2. Mike says:

    I get so tired of these jerks…..One year of Army ROTC, max. Then the infamous “classified duties”.

  3. Stuart Bracken says:

    Interesting photo. He’s wearing a CAB and Multicams in 1973?

  4. […] wonderfully talented and brilliant folks at militaryphony.com send us their case on David Gordon Jeffrey Jr.  David is 72 years old as of February […]

  5. usmc7882 says:

    As far as his deception of total time in military service. Could this knuckle head be counting his inactive reserve time as time served? When discharged out of ROTC, is it possible ROTC program had an inactive reserve requirement attached to it? That would give him in his twisted head the thought that was time served in the military. Somewhere on my DD214 it gave a specific date of end of inactive reserve obligation, after 4 years of active honorable discharge duty.
    As far as his camo uniform. That time frame he was in, they were issued sateen greens, Olive Drab jungle fatigues with slanted breast pockets and cargo pockets on the trousers. He being a ranger would have been issued a set of Jungle Camos ( ERDEL’s) these were a bright green camp pattern, or sets of ( special issue) Tiger Stripe Jungle camps. ( Special Forces issue only) These are easily researched and images pulled up on Google. S/F

  6. Tim Merritt says:

    Combat Action Badge in photo. Photo taken in 1973 or thereabout. CAB first established May 2, 2005.

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      Yes, and only retroactive to 2001. If the Soldier didn’t serve in the GWOT he wouldn’t get the badge.

  7. Bill Mosley says:

    I’m with you, Stuart. All the Velcro, the rank on the chest, in 1973?? Ain’t happening!

  8. Dan Johnson says:

    Multi-cams in ’73- what a moron. Well, 20 of his “friends” know now. And more than a few work at media outlets….

  9. Jeffery Monroe says:

    Also the Velcro had not even come out until 2004 or so. Also why were there so many blanks and the uniform is totally bs. Can somebody just go and confront him?Oh also there were no CABS until OIF .

  10. Jeffery Monroe says:

    I earned my CIB March 2008-I thought the CAB was during 2004-07 Range. But that basic duty BDU had not come out until 1980s .

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      The CAB was adopted in 2005 and only retroactive to 2001. Those aren’t BUDs. They’re the new OCP (Scorpion W2) that wasn’t adopted until 2015.

  11. Robert C Zornes says:

    He made the mistake of leaving one post on his Facebook account that was open for comment. This is what I posted there “Your country”? You said in some biographies that you were a Lieutenant (and also said your were a Captain) in the United States Army. And a Ranger at that (you apparently don’t know they keep a record of every graduate from the course and your name doesn’t appear there).

    You also said you also served in Vietnam. A search of your military records showed that you never served on active duty, let alone in Vietnam. Having said that, your claim of having received the Silver Star (which shows up in exactly zero Silver star database) and a Purple Heart is impossible.

    The truth shall set you free.”

  12. Jim G says:

    I’m not Army, but isn’t that an ordnance pin on his right collar in the photo(shopped) stolen from Kris Kristofferson? …and isn’t that an aviation pin above his left pocket? He didn’t claim to be any of those (surprised!). Doesn’t the Army have a secret squirrel Intel officer pin? If he was Intel, why isn’t he wearing that? Oh, that’s right…he’s full of bovine fecal matter!

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      That’s the Infantry branch crossed rifles. you’re right, MI guy would be wearing it. MI has its own branch insignia.

  13. JimG says:

    Interesting…just been on the web with the Librarian at the University of MI. They can’t find a dissertation or anything else for David G. Jeffrey.

  14. Anthony J Rombalski says:

    I just got back from the Gulf. Funny how my FRCUs look identical. Plus if these clowns didn’t choose a high profile MOS there’d be less scrutiny. I guess a mechanic or supply isn’t glamorous.

  15. Jeffery Monroe says:

    Oh Lord Jesus Please these fools for they no not what they do!

  16. Michael L Maynard says:

    I won’t touch too much on any of the obvious photoshop (the rank and nametape appear to be obviously photoshopped. The 101 shoulder patch appears to be too dark also. It should be slightly washed out by the light as the badges are). The pic of him (or his son) in fatigues is not that of an Army Ranger. The uniform is the OCP which wasn’t an issue item until just a few years ago, being adopted in 2015, so wouldn’t have been worn for an official DoD photo. Before that, the original Multicam was only worn by SF and some Rangers who deployed to Afghanistan dating back to about 2010 or later. Other units picked up on the uniform, began wearing it, and eventually, it became the issue uniform to replace the God-awful UCP in 2015, but didn’t see widespread issue until 2016-2017. The Army began issuing the black beret to all soldiers around 2001. The new beret for the Rangers became tan. There’s also the fact that the shoulder patch is that of the 101st and not the Ranger Scroll. Between the OCP uniform, shoulder patch, and red or black beret, I can honestly and confidently say that the pic is not that of a Ranger, especially one that supposedly served more than thirty years ago. The pic appears to be that of a 101st Airborne Soldier and would have been taken in the last two or three years if the shoulder patch is authentic and not photoshopped. If Jeffrey is saying it’s him, he’s a liar. If it’s his son as it’s been speculated, one has to ask why he would appear in an official DoD photo, because that’s what it is. That’s not a glamour shot from the local mall photographer.

  17. JimG says:

    I chatted with the librarian at the U of MI (where he supposedly received his Doctorate) yesterday. Wait for it…………………..Nope, they never heard of him. Looked for his name and his dissertation. Nothing. Now I’m not saying that he didn’t actually receive a PhD, but given his fake claims about the military, one can only assume that he is less than forthcoming with the truth regarding his education too.

  18. Derek Jones says:

    This is guy is a total simp and a fraud. I wouldn’t buy an insurance policy from this guy. With all these frauds going around, I don’t think I can trust anyone anymore with any thing they say.

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