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“In war – the stench and the burn – death has a smell.” —  Roy “SB6” King


Roy Dale King comes to us from Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. He is 70 years old as of February 2019.

Roy D. King poses with his Special Forces Certification

Apparently, Roy has been telling quite the stories to his family members.

This was what was reported about him…

  • Army Special Forces, Green Beret, Army Ranger, Delta Force, Sergeant Major, sniper
  • Congressional Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart that his first wife sold in a yard sale, Expert Rifle, Silver Stars, Gold Stars, Bronze Stars.
  • Trained in Isshinryu
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Attorney – Claims on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Jumped from a helicopter onto enemy snipers below to save his men and only broke both wrists, all while General Norman Schwarzkopf was in the helicopter.
  • Claims to have been shot three (3) times and stabbed with a bayonet five (5) times.
  • Captured and waterboarded Bin Laden’s driver to pinpoint Bin Laden’s location.
  • He had Bin Laden in his crosshairs when a cease-fire was called
  • Several covert operations – fought alongside SEAL Team Six many times.

Some of the above claims – i.e. CIA and martial arts – are beyond our scope at Military Phony. Most of the claims are in the following videos. The interview video was part of a project and we’ve divided them up into manageable topics.

Below are a few supportive images that are included in the videos but the still photos offer better resolution.

Roy D. King’s Special Forces Certification

Roy D. King’s Medals and Badges

Roy D. King’s Basic Training Book

. . . . .


The entire interview video was chopped up and made into digestible sections and provided below in the “INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS” below.

If you would like to watch all of the videos strung together as a playlist, it is provided here to play one after another. (TOTAL LENGTH = 19:24)


Roy D. King – Interview Video Playlist

. . . . .


Video 01 of 13 – Intro and Green Beret (Length = 0:44)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Intro and Green Beret (01/13)

Roy King Interview Video 02 of 13 – Basic Training (Length = 0:44)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Basic Training (02/13)

Roy King Interview Video 03 of 13 – AIT (Length = 1:56)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Advanced Individual Training (03/13)

Roy King Interview Video 04 of 13 – Jump School (Length = 0:43)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Jump School (04/13)

Roy King Interview Video 05 of 13 – Special Forces (Length = 1:08)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Special Forces (05/13)

Roy King Interview Video 06 of 13 – Nigeria (Length = 0:47)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Nigeria (06/13)

Roy King Interview Video 07 of 13 – Vietnam (Length = 4:04)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Vietnam (07/13)

Roy King Interview Video 08 of 13 – Medals (Length = 2:09)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Medals (08/13)

Roy King Interview Video 09 of 13 – Air Assault Badge (Length = 2:31)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Air Assault Badge (09/13)

Roy King Interview Video 10 of 13 – Wounds (Length = 1:00)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Wounds (10/13)

Roy King Interview Video 11 of 13 – Call Sign (Length = 0:48)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Wounds (11/13)

Roy King Interview Video 12 of 13 – Delta Force (Length = 2:32)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Delta Force (12/13)

Roy King Interview Video 13 of 13 – Thanks (Length = 0:22)

YouTube Video – Roy D. King – Thank You (13/13)

. . . . .


Dale King’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



Roy King’s FOIA Results – Summary Sheet

Roy King’s FOIA Results – Assignments

. . . . .


. . . . .


The Department of Defence Manpower Data Center / SCRA database was systematically searched with the same null result. It would not have picked up King’s active duty military service prior to late 1984. King said he served for 17 years, 7 months which would have taken him to 1986, and would have displayed in this database if his status was active duty. King was in the Reserve until 1977, so this further substantiates his only active duty was in 1969 for four months. The negative/null result below is indicative of the rest, but the same result displayed for every year up to February 2019.

DoD Manpower / SCRA Sample Null Result for Roy D. King


Below is King’s DD-214 that we were able to obtain…

Roy D. King’s DD-214 – Information redacted, but otherwise as received

It should be noted that since this DD-214 did not come directly from the government, we cannot speak to its authenticity. That said, it does appear to have an accurate depiction of his service – that is, other than the penciled in “DESERT STORM, IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM” entries under the “Decorations and Medals” section.

To those that don’t know, it is illegal to alter a federal document such as a DD-214. Besides that, no official entry would ever be handwritten in pencil or pen. This would be the equivalent to someone handing you the below twenty dollar bill…

… anything odd about this twenty dollar bill? Look closely.

So, let’s take a closer look at the DD-214. It appears authentic except for the handwritten assignments. It does not support Roy King’s claims of medals or assignments to Nigeria and Vietnam.

Roy D. King’s DD-214 – Redacted and annotated

. . . . .


Other items obtained were King’s CIA badge, his Special Agent badge and his proof of membership in Force Recon. All items, along with the Special Forces graduation certificate, can be easily purchased over the internet.

It should be noted that there is no such thing as “Force Recon” in the U.S. Army. It is a term used solely in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Roy King puts out on both his Facebook page and his LinkedIn page that he is an attorney. We could find no record of a law license for him in the state of Arkansas. We believe it is illegal to pass oneself off as a doctor, attorney, police or first responder. Plumbers and electricians also crack down on anyone that is not licensed, but I’m not sure if claiming those professions is considered a crime.

The attorney, CIA and Special Agent claims we find interesting, but have no way to confirm or deny. Perhaps, as was a similar claim by the legendary Frank Dux, King was sheep-dipped by the CIA to protect his covert status?

. . . . .



IN 1969, Roy Dale King appears to have gone through basic training and AIT while on active duty. These claims in the videos above appear to be supported. The Fort Polk Basic Training book also appears authentic.

King was discharged after four (4) months after completion of Basic Training and AIT and spent the rest of his time in the Army Reserve. This means King did one weekend a month in drills and one two-week active duty for training each year.

Then in 1977, he was discharged from the US Army Reserve at the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6).

King’s official military records do not support many of his claims:

  • E-6 vs. a claim of E-9
  • Eight (8) years vs. seventeen (17) years, seven months
  • No valor awards such as the Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Army Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star or Purple Heart
  • No Air Assualt Badge – although he called it helicopter wings
  • No assignments OCONUS – NO Nigeria, NO Vietnam, NO Desert Storm, NO Enduring Freedom
  • He was an auto mechanic – NO Green Beret designation, NO special Forces training, NO sniper training

The Congressional Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, and the Purple Heart claims seem the most egregious. There is no record of Roy King in any of the CMOH or Silver Star databases.

Perhaps the Congressional Medal of Honor was secretly awarded as with the case of Frank Dux? King claims that his ex-wife sold both his Medal of Honor and his Purple Heart – he spoke about having the CMOH in the “Awards and Medals” video above.


The official military records for Roy Dale King do not support many of his claims – many of which are in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

In addition – the state of Arkansas has recently adopted a stolen valor state law and Roy King could be an excellent test of it.

Arkansas ‘Stolen Valor’ Bill Would Criminalize Impersonating Members Of Armed Forces

If these claims were leveraged by Roy King for something of value over the years, including monetary gain or work positions, King may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act. Individual state laws may apply as well.

. . . . .


Roy Dale King







PARODY – Click to see the video of Taz’s thoughts on the matter


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  1. The scumbag forgot to say he was a POW

  2. Bret morgan says:

    Wonderful… a local. Time to post to the VFW

  3. Zippo says:

    Those links didnt take me to that cock holsters profile…. AAARRRGGGGHHH

  4. “Congressional Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart that his first wife sold in a yard sale, Expert Rifle, Silver Stars, Gold Stars, Bronze Stars.”

    Ah yes, the b sold his medals! So he can’t show you them.

  5. Jeffery Monroe says:

    Please someone Arkansas Report This Fat Slob SOB Fake Ass Phony

  6. Jeffery Monroe says:

    You can neither buy or sell a MOH-Also The VA Would Know because The VA Awards A Pension Of I believe 2300 A Month For The MOH.

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  8. Jay says:

    They say Stolen Valor is a victimless crime. I say BS. Look at that poor dog. He has suffered everyday.

  9. Mike says:

    He bought the fake certificates cheap on the net, but the medals were beyond his price range. Not only is he a gutless fraud, he is a cheap gutless fraud.

  10. Jeffery Monroe says:

    The only thing not beyond his price range was Golden Corral-

  11. Chris says:

    There is no such thing as a “congressional Medal of Honor”. It’s the “Medal of Honor”.

  12. Grubby Mittz says:

    Have heard or encountered the depressing “wife sold my medals in a garage/yard/tag sale” yarn somewhere before, like in a movie or Tom Waits song. But he forgot to add the heart-wrenching detail of how she only got five dollars for them.

  13. Jeffery Monroe says:

    Medal Of Honor got that!!

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    Annnnnd poof- FB and LinkedIn gone. Oh well- his friends know now.

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