Edward Michael Stewart – U.S. Navy SEAL in Vietnam, Bronze Star, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart; Blog of Shame


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Edward Michael Stewart comes to us from Carnegie, PA which is near Pittsburgh.  He is 66 y/o as of January 2019.

For some reason, people around Ed believe he was a Navy SEAL. He participates in many community events and is introduced as such. Below, Ed is being introduced as the annual race director by Joggin’ for Frogmen, an organization that honors the Navy Special Warfare community.

There were other references in print.  Here is one about Ed being a retired Navy SEAL and retiring from the Naval Reserve in 1993.


Here’s another article where Stewart claims that he was spat on when on leave from Vietnam. The article also claims he was a retired Navy SEAL.

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2012, Ed Stewart was nominated along with other veterans for the First Class Patriot’s Achievement Award. Note that U.S. Navy SEAL is not mentioned.

Edward M. Stewart joined the Navy in 1970 for basic training San Diego. His military career took him to Vietnam with the Military Assistance Command/Studies Observation Group, 1972-73. He joined the U.S. Navy Reserves, 1974, and served with Command Amphibious Group II as an intelligence specialist, 1973-77. Mr. Stewart then served in the Fleet Intelligence Center — Europe & Atlantic as an intelligence specialist, 1977-93. He was assigned to Fleet Intelligence Rapid Support Team 1673 and Team 1762. Retired from the Naval Reserves, in 1993, he was a board member of Cope/Fazio Committee for Autism and volunteered for Atria’s Hear Camp for Children and Big Brothers and Sisters.


Same profile information below, but links his photo to his profile…

Stewart did not win in 2012, but was nominated again in 2013.

The competition seemed to be tighter, and NFL football legend Rocky Blier was endorsing the event. Maybe this is why some of the qualifications needed to be stronger in order to be considered. This year, Stewart shows a Bronze Star Medal, a Combat Action Ribbon and a Purple Heart. It also claims he was a Lieutenant Commander (O-4).


Ed Stewart’s name was gaining popularity in the surrounding community. Why not take the logical next step and run for office? Give even more of oneself to the community.

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on November 7, 2013, the political races were summarized and they spoke about Stewart losing his Councilman race.

The next year, Ed returned to his mainstay for the Joggin’ for Frogmen event…

. . . . .


After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Edward Michael Stewart ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Edward Michael Stewart’s military records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



The military records seemed to reflect Navy Reserve time from late 1970s to late 1980s. It listed Stewart’s active duty from 1970 – 1972. The summary sheet listed him as SN (E-3) vs. a LCDR (O-4). It was almost like a huge block of his records were missing – his career as an officer.

We also checked with the Department of the Navy and they confirmed with us that NPRC would hold this individual’s military records. So, it now appeared that we were given all that NPRC had on Stewart.

. . . . .


Edward Stewart showed up in a criminal report in Pennsylvania.

. . . . .



There is nothing in Stewart’s records to indicate that he went through BUD/S or other SEAL training. There are no SEAL commands listed.


It appears he was a Seaman (E-3) vs. a LCDR (O-4) according to his military records.


There is no Bronze Star, no Combat Action Ribbon and no Purple Heart listed in his military records.

This may be a case of stolen valor since Stewart is claiming he has a Combat Action Ribbon and a Purple Heart. Both would be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

Edward Michael Stewart does have a Vietnam Service Medal and had perfectly honorable service that anyone should be proud of. He does not have the medals he claims he has. He does not appear to have been a SEAL. If these claims are being leveraged for something of value, Stewart may be subject to Pennsylvania’s new Stolen Valor Law.

. . . . .


FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/emichael.stewart


This Ain’t Hell: https://thisainthell.us/

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  1. Bruce Revelle says:

    These slugs never cease to amaze me. WTF, Over?

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  2. James Stedman says:

    WTF? This asstards was not proud of his service in Vietnam? Has he watched too many action flicks about Seals so he had to become a phony one? He will now suffer the embarrassment that he brought on himself. Pity the turd!

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  3. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    You added O’Neal crap in last paragraph

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  4. Paul says:

    Why…why…why do they put on this charade???????


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