Justin Paisley, All bark … no service.


08/23/2018 by militaryphonies

Justin Aaron Paisley comes to us from the canine crowd.  He claims that he does some kind of psychometrically sound things to doggies.  His website tells us all about it.

I am a 20 year former Marine Corps MP K9 Handler, Gunnery Sgt.  My family has always been active in military and law enforcement and I have spent the better half of my life here in Colorado.  Now that military life is done, my mission is to use my training to teach humans how to have positve, respectful, loving relationships with their canines.  I have five dogs, a Belgian Malinois retired SSD bomb dog, a black Schnauzer, EDD drug detection dog, two yellow Labs and a Coyote/German Shepard mix, he’s the crazy one!  My education was obtained through the Military as well as Civil, and consists of what is known as NADO, (National Association for Dog Obedience) which covers the only independent certifying body for Professional Dog trainers and Canine Behavior Consultants.

United States Marine Corp

K-9 Handler (5812)

The US Military is an 11 month training program which requires 13 weeks of intensive K-9 psychological training.  This includes detection, apprehension, tracking/trailing, emergency management, etc.

Another site lists the following.

He claims to be “Degreed” in stuff and a veteran of some kind of Corp.  4 tours in Iraq and parts of Afghanistan as a K-9 Handler must have taught him many things.

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Sadly, he says he personally lost 12 of his Marine friends and apparently someone left a bad note on his vehicle about his Purple Heart sticker.


He has lots of Marine Corps bling, so we assume that’s what he means by ‘Corp.’

We looked him up in several Official Military databases but were shocked to see that he was not listed.  We filed for his Military Records through a Freedom of Information request and they sent us this:

The Department of the Navy and the United States Marine Corps said, “Who?”.  His is not listed in the Department of Defense SCRA database or the USMC Combat Action Ribbon database.

It’s as if HE NEVER SERVED.  Well, there is some evidence that he served with Delta…but it was with the Delta Correctional Facility in Colorado.

We found more records like these but nothing of a military nature. He has several vehicles licensed in Colorado with the Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor on them.  We are curious what kind of evidence he provided to the State of Colorado that proved he was a USMC Veteran.

We sure hope he didn’t file a fraudulent DD-214 with the State because we think that might be illegal.   In any event, our investigation leads us to believe he never served in the United States Marine Corps and is not a retired Police Officer of any kind.










14 thoughts on “Justin Paisley, All bark … no service.

  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:


  2. Ron McCauley says:

    He gave it away with his statement about being a 20 year former Marine. If he really was that long of a former, he would have proudly said he was RETIRED USMC. Retired military means long term duty, honor, country and a monthly pay check……Ron…..21 year Army retarded. Oops, I meant retired.

  3. Wilted Willy says:

    I hope they retrieve his military license plates! Don’t they even verify these cocksuckers?? What a phony butt wipe this asshole is! I hope a real deal Marine finds him at beats the living shit out of him! Somehow, I knew there would be a motorcycle involved? Where is the doo rag? No sunglasses, no vest with all the poser bling? This loser isn’t even trying!
    Another great job Dave!!!

  4. 5th/77thFA says:

    Justin Paisley, not a dog handling Marine Corps Veteran, but suspected to be a pile of dog shit!

  5. Ron McCauley says:

    I’m glad the dog’s faces were pixalated. These innocent creatures don’t need to be seen in public with this phony ass hole……..Maj Ron

  6. Ron McCauley says:

    Oh yeah…..He has a Retired USMC license plate. That means he has profited from false valor. This is a violation of federal law. Will some prosecuiter out there persue this?

  7. Steve says:

    Here is his personal Facebook.


  8. rob says:

    Piece of crap…real winner

  9. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Justin Paisley, you are only qualified to scoop up the dog shit you create.It hope a real Marine gives you a lesson for your lies and theft of valor.

    • dennis king says:

      Check out elitek9dynamics.com or elitek9dynamics@gmail.com or call 720-329-3002. It was up and running at 1:01am EST. Leave this piece of shit a big thank you for being a scum bag ass hat.

  10. dennis king says:

    The ass bucket should have paid more attention to his Marine Corps flag. I think he may have learned how to spell corp the right way. From a true RETIRED MARINE nothing former about me. What a dick sack this guy is. Please find out if the idiot registered his vehicle using a fake DD214.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:


  12. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    He facebook blocked me after I sent each friend a message or made a comment with his fake shit attached. Also left him a message and at three county mountie departments, DMV and the wife.
    I went to my other account and as I’m typing him a message his Facebook disappeared.

  13. Jon morgan says:

    I sent a email about this POS to “National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors” this is what I just got email to me.

    “Thanks for contacting NADOI, Jon. Based on a quick search, it appears that Justin Paisley is not a member of our organization, nor has he ever been. I will dig a bit deeper as I have some time. Your info is gratefully accepted and will be sent on to our internal committee that investigates these issues.

    Thank you!
    Name left out”

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