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“US Army Retired – Spec Ops Sgt” —  Douglas Ray Winn

Winn - Dossier


Douglas Ray Winn comes to us from Mannford, OK.   He is 41 years old as of July 2018.  This is the only current photo we have of Doug Winn.


However, we do have his high school graduation photo from 1996.


On Winn’s Facebook page, he claims he is US Army retired…


Also on his Facebook page, he claims he was a “Spec Ops Sgt”…

winn-special ops

In May 2016, Doug Winn got himself into some trouble which involved criminal charges brought against him…

winn-criminal chargesSOURCE:

This all had lead to a court trial, where Winn asked for leniency based on him being an Iraq War veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and suffers from PTSD, presumably from his wartime experiences since it was brought up in the same context as being an Iraq War veteran.

winn-bronze star


Douglas Ray Winn’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .


DoD Manpower / SCRA


. . . . .







. . . . .


The following are criminal charges against Douglas Ray Winn in Oklahoma.  Some are ongoing in the courts and related to his military claims in court for leniency, and one (i.e. cultivation of controlled substance) was dismissed.

. . . . .



The military records do not support Douglas Ray Winn’s claim of several things:

  • No designation of “Spec Ops” identified in his records.
  • No assignments overseas.  No medals to support overseas assignments/deployments.
  • Nothing to support the claim that he fought in the Iraq War.
  • No Bronze Star Medal.
  • If Douglas Winn has PTSD, it doesn’t appear that he has it from experiencing the Iraq War directly.
  • Trained as Nuclear/Biological/Chemical NCO and a Chemical Ops Sgt vs. a “Spec Ops Sgt” as he claimed.  Nothing wrong with being an NBC / Chemical Warfare specialist, which is an admirable profession – just wasn’t in Spec Ops.
  • He could have been retired after five years, but it would have been a medical retirement.

According to the internet, 2/81st Armor (Fort Knox) is an OSUT training unit at Fort Knox.  This unit did not deploy.

The 208th Signal Company (Fort Bliss) deployed to the GWOT, but it was before Winn enlisted. SOURCE:

Winn earned the title of US Army Sergeant, which anybody could be very proud of, but his official records do not support his claim of being a combat soldier and fighting in the Iraq War.

So, it brings up the question – what did Doug Winn get his PTSD from?

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Douglas Ray Winn were not supported by his official military records. 


If Winn has used any of these combat claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, speaking engagements, medical benefits from the government or leniency from the court, it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

His records do not support a claim of him being in a war or military conflict.

. . . . .





thisainthell-winnThis Ain’t Hell: 

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  2. arhauptiii says:

    Strange, all his military claims have disappeared from his Facebook page- it’s almost like he wants to try and hide stuff now…… but that never happens with Stolen Valor posers /s

    • arhauptiii says:

      Or not- I saw the comment over on TAH about the incorrect Facebook link

      • ptbh says:

        Sorry about that – it wasn’t up for long. Glad we caught it quickly.

  3. Ron McCauley says:

    Scumbag. Got to E-5 and 3 rows of ribbons for being in a training company. The Army seems to want everybody to look like a PX war hero. The prosecutor should prefer additional charges for lying to the court and the Judge should lock him up and throw away the key.

  4. Michael L Maynard says:

    Hopefully, the court will look closely at his military records and throw the book at him for lying to try and get a more lenient sentence. Cocksuckers like this asshat make us all look bad when he commits crimes and then lies about his service. Make an example of him.

  5. Jack says:

    This clown thinks that he might get away with pulling the “wool” over the eyes of the unknowing civilian population. Unfortunately for this craptastic shitbag he just got called out for his bullshit by a crew who know all to well the game played by fakes and frauds. Maybe the court will catch wind of this bullshit game and drop him in the Soap on a Rope hotel.

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