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07/05/2018 by militaryphonies

“I picture myself as Lou Gosset Jr. in “An Officer and a Gentleman.” —  Dennis Castellano

Castellano - Dossier


Dennis R. Castellano comes to us from Honea Path, SC.   He is 52 years old as of July 2018.

Dennis is a chaplain, among other things, talked about on his biography page…


For the purposes of military claims, we have that he served for six years in the Marine Corps and achieved the rank of SSgt (E-6) and worked in a “hostage retrieval unit.”

He does speaking engagements and wears Marine dress blues along with his medals.  Note that there are two hash marks on his sleeve, representing eight (8) years of service.


Medals are displayed in the above photo, but the photo below may offer a better look.


We took the time to identify every medal in the above photo.  The ones we were not sure of are annotated with a guess.


Quite oddly, he has a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, but no Combat Action Ribbon (CAR).  This is what stuck out to somebody and they alerted Military Phony about Castellano.

Now, on to other claims.  Castellano sat down for an interview and he focused on his time in the military.  He said he was in the Marine Corps from 1983 – 1986.   He states while in boot camp “They saw some things about me. They put me directly – very few times do they do this – they put me from boot camp right into recon training before I even got to infantry training.”  (Mark 2:46)



At Mark 3:37, Castellano claims he was immediately sent out from Cherry Point, NC to Beirut, Lebanon and helped with the recovery of servicemen killed and wounded in the Marine Barracks bombing that occurred on 23 Oct 1983.

There are many other countries that he visited, he was wounded eight (8) times [MARK 7:45], earned the Purple Heart each time [MARK 8:06], Silver Star [MARK 8:08], DoD Commendation from the President, the Team Commendation, thirteen (13) commendations, and served from 1983-1989 [MARK 8:36].

There are more claims for his involvement in 9/11 rescue attempts in this video, but it is beyond our scope here at Military Phony.

It was at this point that Dennis R. Castellano’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .





castellano-NO CAR or HSM

The USMC CAR/HMS Database has been known not to be 100% accurate as some have reported awards missing but we put the results here just to be inclusive.




CASTELLANO_assignments. . . . .



The military records do not support Dennis Castellano’s claim of many things:

  • No Silver Star or Purple Heart, and not many other medals either.
  • No assignment to Beirut, Lebanon.
  • He was trained as a cook vs. Recon.  Nothing wrong with being a cook, which is an admirable profession – he just wasn’t in Recon.
  • Dennis Castellano has no award that would indicate deployment, combat, or wounds received from combat (i.e. Purple Heart).

Then, there is the matter of the discharge as an E-2 after service of only thirteen months.  Thirteen months would indicate either a medical discharge, a hardship/family discharge, or he was a disciplinary problem.

E-2 is only one enlisted grade above the lowest at E-1. Without a hitch, most can achieve E-2 in six months and E-3 within a year.

The thirteen-month enlistment combined with the discharge as an E-2 both suggest the disciplinary issue as hinted at above.  Costellano could have been stuck at the rank of E-2 or made a higher rank but then busted down to E-2 before getting out of the service.

Also, we were told by a prominent military historian that enlisted Marines, other than the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, have NEVER received the Navy DSM and he could not find any enlisted Marine EVER receiving the DDSM.

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Dennis Costellano were not supported by his official military records. 


If Dennis Costellano has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, speaking engagements or medical benefits from the government it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

His records do not support a claim of him being in a war or military conflict.

NOTE:  We were contacted by one of his siblings who does not want to be associated with the brother’s deeds. Please do not confuse this guy with one of his siblings with very similar names. They are very reputable people and deserve our support.



. . . . .


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54 thoughts on “Dennis R. Castellano – US Marine Corps Recon, SSgt, Beirut, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. David Hughes says:

    Disgraceful,what an embarrassment to him and his family

  2. Gregory Romeu says:

    WOW? ANOTHER lying, shit-sucking weasle! Just who the fuck do you think you are claiming all that Valor when you dinner and s*** other than make an SOS chopping salad and washing dishes you piece of POS! You have absolutely NO clue as the the rating, status and,position of the ribbons on a set of Marine Corps Dress Blues THAT YOU NEVER EARNED THE HONOR OF WEARING!

    I am going to make sure that your wife and kid(s) fi,d out that “Daddy Dipstick” is lower than the scum molecules that feed on the bottom of the AIDS INFECTED WALES SHIT!


  3. B Revelle says:

    Yet another POS wanting his 5 seconds of fame.

  4. Mark Lauer says:

    Not that it makes that much difference, but I think I have solid answers to your guesses about those two ribbons.
    The one you identify as the Humanitarian Service Medal is actually the Antarctic Service Medal, which was first introduced in 1960, and is generally only awarded to personnel who have spent enough time in the frozen south that they have asked penguins to marry them.
    The one you identify as the Drill Instructor Ribbon is actually the newest ribbon of the Marine Corps; the Combat Instructor Ribbon, which was introduced only a few years ago (not sure of the exact date), so it would not have been awarded to this particular penguin marrying ass monkey.

    • Phil Millard says:

      Mark, not that it makes any difference with this POS, but the Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon has 3 bars and 2 stripes….Olive Drab Stripes on the outboard edges, with khaki bars on either side of the black center bar. Looking at other pictures I found of this POS on the web, I would agree with Military Phonies that this is the MC Drill Instructor Ribbon.

      • Mark Lauer says:

        I stand corrected. The reference I was using had the ribbons in the wrong colors. Thank you for setting me straight……I’m known for being crooked.

    • Dan Johnson says:

      Then post your email address poser. Cook for 13 months, hiding behind an unborn child. Real hero here….

  5. Dennis Castellano says:

    Please remove this and contact me by email.
    I have received several threats of harm and threats concerning my wife and unborn child.
    Thank you

    • So why were you booted out of the Corps with less than one year served? Also why did you lie? BTW we don’t remove Blogs of Shame once they’ve been published.

      • Dennis Castellano says:

        I wasn’t booted from the Corps. I have an honorable discharge and your information is incomplete. I respectfully ask that you remove this as it is causing people to use threats of violence. My wife is expecting our first child and I will take all measures to protect her. You areliable for harassment according to local law enforcement as well as being liable for any and all violence that comes our way. I have made a public apology as requested by many. Those that repost are causing the most trouble.

    • If you are receiving threats of any kind. We at Military Phonies strongly advise you to contact Law Enforcement. Even though you’ve lie’d about your military history, we don’t condone violence.

      • Dennis Castellano says:

        I have done so. Three individuals private messaged me and stated that they know my address.

    • Phil Millard says:

      You brought it on yourself you shit stick, now deal with it yourself…I have absolutely no sympathy what so ever for a disgraced Marine.

      Semper Fuck You,

      Phil Millard
      Sgt, USMC (ret)

    • LCpl Nelson says:

      Nice try Castellano.
      Here’s a suggestion.
      Report ANYONE that has “threatened your life” or that
      “of (your) wife and unborn child” to the authorities.
      And feel free to expose those names here.
      I’m a Beirut Vet that MORE than just takes offense to your claim of being a Beirut Vet as well ,but, there’s NO WAY any Beirut Vet is going to go that far just because you’re another lying POSer.
      You ain’t the first, Dickweed……..

    • Harry says:

      You should have considered the impact on your family BEFORE you started running your suck and LYING about your service. If you, SSgt Pants-On-Fire can read, google “United States vs. Alvarez”. In striking down the original Stolen Valor Act in 2006, the US Supreme Court stated “the remedy for false speech is true speech”. Translation: if you lie, you may not go to jail but you sure as hell can be called out on your lies, in public, with facts. So…sucks to be you. Put another way, what you think is harassment is actually true speech. Deal with it.

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Threats? Liar…put up or stfu…nobody here would stoop to your level by making a threat to a pregnant women. Dig a dipper hole by lying…
      Poor kid..

  6. Kevin Winters says:

    Foam rubber flak jacket?

    • Mark Lauer says:

      Maybe he can lock his doors and not leave his house for a few years.

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  8. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Dear “Pastor Dennis”, you have some splaynin to do! You have shown how piss poor your character is.You are just an ordained lying sack of shit. You claim valor you never earned. You have disrespected Marines who have. Your friends and family now must learn what a useless scumbag you really are. Better get your sorry ass on your knees and get right!

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Ask fake Pastor Jerry Smales to pray with you…

  9. Dennis Castellano says:

    I apologize for my lack of judgement. I never took money and my speaking engagements were to honor Post Traumatic victims and the wounded. Especially 2 men that I caused injury to.i am a volunteer Chaplain that helps PTSD and critical incident victims.In my zeal I took on their persona. It was a lapse of judgement on my part and I have made every effort to remove photos and posts. I am trying to have others remove their posts. Again, I humbly apologize as I have on other sites.

    • Dan Johnson says:

      It is your complete lack of recognition that there are veterans who actually DID the things that EARNED those medals. And for you to claim ANY OF THAT, while claiming to be a MAN OF GOD is a low, unworthy, and ungrateful pose to take. “Lapse”? What a POS.

    • Mr. Sharkman says:

      ‘I apologize for my lack of judgement.’

      I’m going to go out on a limb and venture a guess that the combat Marines whose valor you stole, speaking on behalf of every fallen Marine at Beirut, are thinking ‘Apology NOT accepted.’


    • Derrick says:


      I am an Actaul retired Navy SEAL. My son just graduated from the Actual BRC and is in jump school now.

      I will accept you apology if you post a link to your personal Facebook account and whatever other social media accounts you have with copies of your Actual DD214 and a detailed explication of your fraudulent claims.

      Yes, you were not “overzealous” you committed several despicable acts for self-aggrandizement.

      Unless you do this, you are not repentant and will not receive forgiveness. I am sure you understand how that works, “Chaplain”.

      As far as anyone who is threatening you or your family with physical violence, report them immediately to law enforcement. Although you have proven to have no character or honor, you are still one of God’s children and should not be harmed for being an A-hole.

    • M says:

      My own father was a Chaplain (LTC.), U.S. Army, Vietnam, Republic of, 1968-1969. Landed in country at Bien Hoa hours after the Tet offensive started. Jumped of the back of the plane like everyone else, dove into the bunker like everyone else and when a young soldier spotted his Chaplain’s cross, my father was asked to pray for everyone in that bunker. So he did. Like a real Chaplain. Assigned to the 7th Cavalry, Air Mobile, he was awarded the Bronze Star and Air Medal for bravery against hostile forces. A real hero………not a poser as yourself.
      First of all, Chaplains are always officers. You are not one. There is no such thing as a volunteer E-2/E-6/E-whatever the hell Chaplain. You may honor yourself in your falsehoods, but you will not dishonor the Chaplains Corps by claiming you are one of them. Your lies are all punishable by law……….so now that you’ve done the crime, you should have no problem doing the time.

  10. Jim Grissom says:

    Brave men have died in service to this nation and this parakeet dropping wants to be revered as a hero.

    What a poser and a loser!

    If he was worth anything as a man he would not be fabricating falsehoods about who he is and what he has done.

    As the French guy on the castle said,

    “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. I fart in your general direction…”

  11. mblake says:

    Dennis Castellano – You said “You are liable for harassment according to local law enforcement as well as being liable for any and all violence that comes our way.”

    Help me to understand your logic. You lied. You hurt people by those lies. Someone pointed out that you lied, but according to you they are now responsible for any and all fallout because of that? Where is your accountability? What about the people that you lied to and hurt?

    What about all those people that heard you speak on Memorial Day? What about all those veterans that believed that you suffered from PTSD? What about the people that endured unspeakable tragedy in Beirut and lost buddies and loved ones? You spoke of caring for the remains of those loved ones… and that was a lie. Do you really not see that you hurt people by your lies? Are you that self-centered? Really, I’m asking sincerely.

    You’re now telling us you are not responsible, but the finger should be pointed to the ones that shone some light on your lies? They will be held liable. You are now saying that they are the villain, not you?

    You really sound like you have a victim mentality. Once you embrace the truth of what you did and who you hurt, maybe there will be some hope for you to turn yourself around. It does not sound like it now – you sound like you feel others are to blame and not you.

    • Dennis Castellano says:

      Certainly not! I am saying that I don’t deserved to be killed and my pregnant wife does not deserve to be murdered. If you think that is what I deserve please say so. I was told that people were coning to my home to “string me up”! Lynchings are still happening and acceptable I guess. The one person said he will rip that demon child from my wife’s womb. Victim mentality? No I think not. This has become an act of violence not a calling out.

      • Mr. Sharkman says:

        You are so full of sh1t.

        ‘Lynching’ and ‘Ripped from your wife’s womb’ are YOUR LIES. You may think like that. The combat veterans you attempted to claim as your brothers-in-arms do not ‘think’ like you do (this is my shocked face…).

        Caught in your lies, you double down with even more sick lies in a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy.

        What kind of a name are you going to pass on to your child? That child will come into this world with a disgraced name from day #1. Way to go, ‘dad’.

      • mblake says:

        Nobody that I know in this community is an advocate for violence. They put out statements all the time that family members should not be involved. If you have had these threats it is important that you call the police. Please post a copy of the police complaint here so somebody can track it. Please understand that many fakers lie about threats to their families to deflect from the issue at hand which is that they lied about their service. Please let us know which police department that you called and somebody will call them for verification that you made a complaint. Common sense would dictate that there is no reason to involve the faker’s family, so I tend to think this is a fabrication to deflect from the issue since you have shown a tendency to make up stories, but I could be wrong so that is why I’d like you to say which police department that you called.

      • Mark Lauer says:

        No, you do NOT deserve to be threatened, and your family don’t deserve to be threatened.
        I am directing this to anyone who is doing this; KNOCK IT OFF. This man didn’t do anything that requires a death sentence, and his FAMILY sure as hell didn’t do anything wrong.
        Threatening death to someone is a FELONY, which is a far worse crime than the one committed by this guy, and is the sure sign of a chicken shit personality.
        Our beef with Mr Castellano is minor in the grand scheme of things, so if you’re threatening to kill him stop it right now, and go back to your gassy fucking swamp.
        That being said, I am not coming to your defense, sir. I do not approve of anything you have done. I am only trying to call of the more asinine dogs. Your name and face will remain right where it is.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Here’s my quarter. .call someone who gives a fuck.Poser

  12. Paul says:

    What a disgrace. I DID serve as a Hospital Corpsman aboard the USS Guam, the ship where casualties were taken. I don’t ever remember you coming into our medical unit, someone with superhuman powers such as you? We’d certainly remember you. Your a disgrace to the Marines that gave their lives.
    Shame Shame Shame

    • Rock Cowles says:

      He had not even started his brief military stint when the Beirut bombing took place.

      • Paul says:

        It looks like he trying to turn this around, blaming us for his misfortunes, the only person he has to blame is himself.

      • Mark Lauer says:

        These guys who attach themselves to Beirut are the WORST.
        I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a poser telling the tale of how he was “the last man pulled out of the rubble alive after five days”, not realizing that the last man alive is well known, and the time and day he was pulled out is documented. I’m not going to give it here because I don’t want to give aid to any poser out there.
        Or how they talk of being put on “the dead pile” because everyone thought they had been killed, when my beloved Corps doesn’t do shit like that. Or how someone died in their arms, or they were on a mission where they were the “only survivor” of the platoon……..

        God they make me want to puke on their grand mothers.

    • Mr. Sharkman says:

      I’m not much of a religious type.

      For many years I routinely and probably incorrectly attempted to thank any god that would listen for any & all HMs. No FMF HM buys a drink when I am nearby.


  13. BM1(SW) Dave Spurgin USN RET says:

    So we have not only a glory hound but a guy who promoted himself 4 ranks and wears 2 medals that for the exception of the SGTMAJ of the Marine Corps and the MCPON and the other 3 of this rank and the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff which represents the 6 highest enlisted positional rank in the US Military, no other enlisted person has ever been awarded these 2 medals period. The Antarctic service medal was awarded for operation deep freeze and you had to do a winter over, I have not heard of any Marines detailed to this duty. And wearing ribbons or medals that were not in existence during his 13 month enlistment I mean come on like no one would notice. This guy made it obvious that he was not only a fake but a bad one at that. Does not justify a threat of violence towards him or his family, that’s not what we are about but his phony claims are a direct threat to the honor these men and women who do these jobs and have sacrificed their health, body and life for a fraction of what this clown claims. Cooks are a very important part of any military hands down. Be happy with that, you choose it. I give no quarter to fakes in general but one’s who claim that which cannot be achieved in the time frame he mentions and by only a select very few dishonors him in ways he has not even began to imagine.

  14. Mr. Sharkman says:

    I’m still trying to fathom what kind of a sick mind would speak lies about his alleged combat valor & awards on MEMORIAL DAY.

    If you’re truly a ‘Man of God’ (hint: you aren’t), what did he say to you about your lies?

    It’s all so pointless, and needless. YOU are pointless and needless.

    The greatest Chaplain I ever encountered was a Naval Officer and a DDS, with no valor awards. You have lost your way to such an extent that I don’t think you can get on the right path again, ever.

    Thanks (again, and again, and again…) to the crew @ Military Phonies for flushing and crushing yet another high profile, lying valor thief and putting an end to his very harmful embellishment.


    Do you understand that you are now the sworn enemy of every legitimate veteran? How does that feel?

  15. Harry says:

    To me, the DDSM raises way more flags then the Silver Star and absence of a CAR does…this scumbag didn’t do even the basic phony research. If he had, he would know the DDSM is reserved for 3 and 4 star flag officers completing joint assignments. No enlisted service member has ever received and could never receive this award as the criteria only fits for very senior generals and admirals in a joint assignment of massive command responsibility. That’s why the DDSM is the third highest award overall – this guy is a piece of s—t.

  16. kbw83 says:

    Dennis Castellano – please repost your video of your speech on Memorial Day. Just long enough to evaluate your sincerity. Why did you take it down in the first place?

  17. Bruce KillerB Tibbetts says:

    Castellano, caster oil, condom wrapper or what the hell ever your name is. The answer, the responsibility and problem here is simple. It is ALL your making. YOU, no one is to blame for this but YOU. You lied and pissed on the graves of our Brothers and Sisters with your wannabe hero play dates. You sat back and took in the praise, and the oooh and aahhs of the people you lied straight faced to. Now you reap the whirlwind of your STUPID and dishonorable BULL. I personally don’t believe a single word spewing out of your Caca-sucker about anyone threatening you nor your poor wife. You have nothing but a lie for a life. HOWEVER if any threat is true.. then run your little poser ass in the nearest LEO and report it. Then apologize to him for being a sack of shit poser. Now take that uniform that you use as a costume and bring it to your nearest Recruiter or Reserve station and turn it in and tell them exactly WHY you are.

    • mp says:


      Dennis Castellano – have you reported the threats that you allege to the police yet? Your state has a stricter Stolen Valor law than the federal law but that should be the least of your concerns at this point. Your family should come first. So what if you have to go to jail for violation of Stolen Valor?

      As ironic as this sounds, I believe that you want what we want – open all the doors and windows and allow sunshine to come into all this and get it ALL out in the open. Law enforcement would be perfect to become involved at this point. You wouldn’t want a little thing like your own transgressions to get in the way of your family’s safety if, in fact, you are telling the truth.

      We do not act as one community in concert. We cannot be held accountable for someone that goes rogue. If we find out about it we ostracize them but again, they do not act on our behalf and we never encourage such behavior as threats.

      Since you are a proven liar, I have to say I doubt your story about family threats, but let’s see the police report and let us all sort through the truth and see what it is.

  18. […] Military Phonies Dennis Castellano Blog […]

  19. Mr. Sharkman says:

    Wow. Read the link.

    Apparently, he was responsible for initially feeding lots of tired, starving 1st responders, and more importantly, providing them all with fresh coffee.


    Feeding and providing comfort to the needy…not a bible reader/memorizer but from what I recall from Sunday School long ago, that’s some real Jesus-type action on his part.

    He took the skill he had – as a cook – and put it to effective, direct use where the action was close to the hottest he could find.

    The lies, the embellishing and stealing of valor …what a freakin’ WASTE.

    I want to congratulate you on a job well done, but I can’t. Because of your other, dishonorable actions. What a shame.

  20. Gregory Romeu says:

    “Dennis Castellano
    07/06/2018 at 17:07
    Certainly not! I am saying that I don’t deserved to be killed and my pregnant wife does not deserve to be murdered.”

    Not to worry! You can use your Marine Corps combat training super powers to protect them!

    I strongly advise that your best bet is to start going to all of the Publications that you spewed your crap too and start exposing your lies and turning your chicken shit around publication by publication.

    Then I would make it a effort Two-Face Two-Face apologize for every U.S. Marine you come across. Starting off at your local VA Hospital (Not clinic) giving your life to Aid the injured Marines and Veterans just might buy you a very slim slice of salvation but I doubt it! There’s one in San Antonio, TX. Get your spurs on!

  21. Bruce KillerB Tibbetts says:

    Total bullshit

  22. Bruce KillerB Tibbetts says:

    Castellano, caster oil, condom wrapper or what the hell ever your name is. The answer, the responsibility and problem here is simple. It is ALL your making. YOU, no one is to blame for this but YOU. You lied and pissed on the graves of our Brothers and Sisters with your wannabe hero play dates. You sat back and took in the praise, and the oooh and aahhs of the people you lied straight faced to. Now you reap the whirlwind of your STUPID and dishonorable BULL. I personally don’t believe a single word spewing out of your Caca-sucker about anyone threatening you nor your poor wife. You have nothing but a lie for a life. HOWEVER if any threat is true.. then run your little poser ass in the nearest LEO and report it. Then apologize to him for being a sack of shit poser. Now take that uniform that you use as a costume and bring it to your nearest Recruiter or Reserve station and turn it in and tell them exactly WHY you are there and what you have done.

  23. mp says:

    Dennis Costellano – Your online chaplain bio still has your phony-baloney claim of six years along with your fake uniform rank and fake medals. I can see you’ve really turned over a new leaf.

  24. kbw83 says:

    Reliable reports say that Dennis Castellano has shown up recently at a local middle school with his dress blues, complete with phony medals and rank, and spoke to the kids.

    Several people in the area believe that Dennis Castellano is a con man.

  25. Vietnam K9 67/68 says:

    Dennis you are not only a disgrace to the Corps for claiming to be something you’re not. You’re a disgrace to the two organizations you represent as a Chaplin and by thus claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ. WOW Jesus must be very proud of you by claiming such falsehoods in His name. I strongly advise you contact these organizations and confess your phoniness straight away. Hopefully they’ll direct you to the counseling YOU are sooooo in need of. Until then I’d suggest you contact them (if you’re man enough) and have them remove you from any and all positions / responsibilities you may presently hold.

  26. Mr. Sharkman says:

    To pass on to the readers here, a short example of how improbable his BS story is;

    I was introduced to a kid (18 y/o) by his parents, who were friendly acquaintances of mine. He was dead-set on becoming a Marine. They knew I’d been in the military, but had no idea of the nature of my duties. They just wanted me to go to the recruiting office with him, so he didn’t get taken by a scummy recruiter.

    I asked a few questions. The recruiter was a solid dude. 03xx and wearing a CAR + 1 BSM w/V.
    I explained to the recruiter for the future Marine recruit that he wanted to be a combat Marine. 03xx just like him (he wasn’t an 0311, it was some other 03xx MOS, I think he was an ‘assaulter’?), All I knew off the top of my head from years of working with Marines was 0311 = Infantry, and I knew the MOS (back then, apparently some of the #s had been changed since I was in) for Recon and S/S.

    A year went by and I hadn’t seen nor heard from his parents. So I went back to the recruiting station, hoping that ‘the’ recruiter would still be there. He was.

    He now referred to the kid as his ‘Super Marine’.

    Apparently, he impressed his instructors @ SOI to the point that after SOI he went straight to BRC. Then to a force (as opposed to batt.) recon unit. After he spent a couple of months in recon, they sent him to S/S. He was the honor grad.

    I was a little worried. Every single force guy I had ever run into, had been as solid as they come. Force is maybe the smallest of the SOF-type units (Maybe PJs are smaller, I have no idea) to my limited knowledge, and it showed. I was worried that maybe they had been forced to lower standards, because I had never met a force Marine and chatted with him and he *hadn’t* spent time in a recon batt. To go to force reconnaissance straight out of SOI, and then to go honor grad @ S/S, all in less than 2 years? Unheard of (in my limited exposure and conversations). He was barely 21. I was blown away.

    I was relieved when I asked the recruiter how common this was (now). I was relieved when he said ‘He’s the only one I’ve ever heard of, and I asked around’.

    True to form, the kid had no idea what Marine recon was. He knew about snipers but he’d always worried that he wasn’t ‘that good of a shot’.

    He just kept excelling at whatever the USMC would throw at him. He had no clue what a big deal he was, by comparison, which was enlightening regarding his character.

    He’s out now, after 2+ combat deployments, at least 1 in Iraq and 1 in A-Stan.

    And he’d be the last person to toot his own horn, so to speak.

    I’m trying to convince him to go Army SF at one of the reserve groups, but he’s have too much fun in the civilian world, and he certainly earned it.

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