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05/13/2018 by militaryphonies

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Anthony Conrad Gradi, who goes by the nickname “Andi,” comes to us from Epping, New Hampshire.  Gradi, who is 55 y/o as of May 2018, is originally from California.

Gradi likes to wear a lot of U.S. Marine Corps clothing and bling, and rumor has it that he greets many folks with “Semper Fi,” the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps.


Here is Anthony Gradi in a Marine Corps cover implying he was a Sergeant of Marines by means of the rank insignia.

More U.S. Marine Corps insignia caps and clothing…


Apart from the bling, Anthony Gradi claims he was in the USMC on his Facebook profile.



Then, of course, there is the crossed-rifles tattoo which signifies infantry…


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Anthony Conrad Gradi’s military records were requested.


The National Personnel Records Center, which would hold Gradi’s records based on the time frame he would have served on active duty, could find no records indicating that Gradi served in the Armed Forces.  It is possible that he could have served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, but active duty would have shown up if he went to boot camp and certainly any specialized MOS training.

Oddly, the NPRC seemed to point to service in the Merchant Marines, so a request was made to the Department of Homeland Security for Merchant Marine service.


We also checked systematically with the SCRA / DoD Manpower database and the results showed no active duty for a Anthony Conrad Gradi between the periods of Sept 1984 through May 2018.  We did not go back earlier than Sept 1984 because the database does not have data that far back.


Again, there was no indication that Gradi was on active duty.  He could have served in some reserve capacity, but basic and advanced military training would show up as active duty.   It is possible, based on his age, that he served and got out before Sept 1984, but the NPRC results would have shown active duty.  Even if he was in a Reserve billet, he would have been on active duty for boot camp and MOS training.  None of the resources show active duty service for Anthony Gradi.

We also checked with the USMC CAR & HSM Database.  This database will list any Combat Action Ribbon or Humanitarian Service Ribbon.

gradi-car or hsm

There were no results but it must be kept in mind that this database has been known to exclude awards.  Also, Gradi never claimed combat or a CAR so this result may not tell us much anyway, but we included the negative results in an effort to be inclusive in regard to our research.

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There is no record of active duty for Anthony Conrad Gradi and there is nothing we could find that would support his claims.  We don’t know if he is using a claim of Marine Corps veteran status to gain anything of value.  If so, then this may be a violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

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8 thoughts on “Anthony Gradi – Phony Marine

  1. Mark Lauer says:

    I’m a REAL Marine, and I don’t go around giving everybody I meet a “Semper Fi”. That is reserved for fellow Marines ONLY.
    And while I have been known to wear “Marine Corps bling” (as you call it), I have never gone overboard and worn it every fucking day of the year.
    This guy isn’t just a fake; he’s a fucking ass monkey, dip stick, high yellow cum bubble.
    Sorry; maybe calling him a “dip stick” was a little excessive……

  2. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Anthony Gradi, grow up and grow a pair! Tell those you have lied to that although you have always wanted to be a United States Marine, you never have been. Stop lying about your life. You should not claim to be something you can never be. Marines go through a lot to earn the title.You have disgraced yourself.Remove all references to you being a Marine from social media. Do not wear USMC rank insignia or impersonate a Marine. Grow up, asshole!

  3. Robert says:

    If nothing else, felony pornstaching is a crime in itself.

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  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Anthony Gradi is one SEMPER FAKE rat turd!

  6. William T Austin says:

    Now he can add one more large tattoo to his chest. ” FAKE ! “

  7. Mike P says:

    Not denying that this guy needs an ass whipping, but I googled the CAR and HMS database that you show above, put my info in it and came back no results. I don’t have a CAR but have an HMS.
    Mike P – This is why we stated “There were no results but it must be kept in mind that this database has been known to exclude awards.” The database only helps in that it will confirm if there is a result. If there is no result, you can’t conclude anything from that because the database is known to have missing entries, yours apparently being one of them. Not reliable – we conceded that.

    ~ Military Phony

    • Mike P says:

      HMS awarded to 1/8 in 1980, we were the Air Alert BLT and got sent to Key West for The Mariel Boatlift.

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