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05/11/2018 by militaryphonies

kent steven brown
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Kent Steven Brown comes to us from Indianapolis, Indiana.   He’s 28 years old as of May 2018.  He’s an insurance salesman and financial advisor who owns his own business called Kent Brown Insurance and Financial Services LLC.

Kent says that he is a veteran and served in the armed forces before he started selling insurance. He has a series of videos on his Facebook business page and in one he makes this claim. We shortened the video from over 18 minutes to 30 seconds in order to isolate the claim.

(32 SECOND MARK — NOTE: He removed the video from his business page)

NOTE: For the record, the video that Kent Brown removed from his page was called “My business model and why we are the company you need and deserve.”

Brown was also approached via Private Messages and asked about his status.  He said he was in the Army.






Although we did not see or hear of this directly, we had heard rumor of anecdotal claims of Kent Brown saying “he was in the special unit that was Black Ops – and that it was ‘a high class military group only some people can get into.'” 

Since this represents 3rd party hearsay, we only provide that here in case others have heard a similar story and would like to come forward.  We can also obtain sworn statements should the need arise.

Kent Brown was approached recently by PM and asked about his veteran status through his business, but it sounds like he may be sensing the boot is about to drop so he is being cautious.

veteran owned

His answer was a bit odd – you either are or are not a veteran so we’re not sure how “political issues” come into play since I don’t believe he is running for any elected office.

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Kent Steven Brown’s military records were requested.  The National Personnel Records Center, which would hold Brown’s records, could find no records indicating that Brown served in the Armed Forces.  It is possible that he could have served in a state level guard, but active duty would have shown up if he went to boot camp and certainly any specialized Army training.


We also checked systematically with the SCRA / DoD Manpower database and again it showed no active duty for a Kent Steven Brown between the periods 2004 – May 2018.  We did not go back earlier than 2004 because he would have been 15 years old and too young to have served.


Again, there was no indication that Brown was on active duty.  He could have served in some reserve capacity, but basic and advanced military training would show up as active duty.

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The key word to keep in mind here is “veteran” since many organizations define a veteran as having 180 days of active duty.  The two resources that we checked with would show active duty if Brown had active duty military service.

Brown says in the PM that he is a veteran and served in the Army.   He says in the video promoting his business that he is a veteran and served in the armed forces.

There is no record of active duty for Kent Steven Brown and there is nothing we could find that would support his claims.  If he is using his claim of “veteran” to secure clients through his business then this may be a violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

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brown-suitKent Brown – Business Attire

brown-capKent Brown – Bathroom Selfie

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FACEBOOK (personal):

FACEBOOK (business): (deleted 5/12/2018)

WEBSITE:  Kent Brown Insurance and Financial Services LLC



thisainthell-brownThis Ain’t Hell:

29 thoughts on “Kent Steven Brown – Fake Veteran

  1. Phil says:

    Sent the POS a private message via facebook (including a link to this page), got the usual “I can sue for this” reply, then the pussy blocked me….Gee, I’m so scared I’m shaking in my boots!!! This jackwad is a complete steaming pile of bovine excrement.

  2. Jennifer says:

    This website is a joke. You cannot legally make these claims. What you are doing is against the law and this website, in my opinion due to the erroneousness of your claims, should be shut down.

    I’ve clicked the link above for the video and it doesn’t exist. Also, Kent has been contacting Facebook because a fake business page was created. It takes 14 days to be shut down. Those messages of chat do not exist.

    If this has occurred to one person, how many other innocent individuals have been falsely accused.

    • Gregory Romeu says:

      Jennifer, go smoke a tampon and leave this to the real men and women of the Armed Forces to deal with.

      • louisvilletats says:

        I’ve met him in person and he told me face to face that he not only severed but was overseas as well. I would testify in court if asked!

      • louisvilletats says:

        My fiancé was there as well.

    • LCpl Nelson says:

      Emphasis on “in my opinion”, Jennifer.
      Thanks to the efforts of REAL veterans, you’re just as entitled to your opinion as is someone else that exposes lying POS like this douchebag.
      Tell Kent hello for me.
      Then tell him the only way to save what little honor he has ,if any !would be to publicly apologize.

    • Jennifer,

      The video link works fine last we checked, but the video clip is also available off our site so that should be good if Kent Brown removed his site and/or video. Try again.

      So, are you seriously trying to suggest that someone else besides Kent created a fake business page and put oodles of videos with him in it on this site? It’s a version of “the other guy did it” defense?

      Question: how are you so knowledgeable about all of this and so supremely confident that none of this occurred? Makes one wonder.
      [EDIT: The answer to this question is revealed in the following post – Jennifer Julias is Vice President of Kent Brown Insurance and Financial Services LLC. We would normally not involve others close to Kent Brown, but Jennifer choose to involve herself in a big way by her post.]

      ~ MP

      • UPDATE: He removed the video from his page. That should tell you something. The video clip that we provide will always work, however.

    • Jennifer,

      Isn’t this you?

      Seems like you would have revealed that in full disclosure that you are Vice President of Kent Brown Insurance and Financial Services LLC.

      But, since you entered the fray – please explain to me why the video “My business model and why we are the company you need and deserve” was removed from your site and then you immediately came on here and claimed that the link doesn’t work and that your own business page is fake, implying that Kent Brown never made the claims that he did?

      In spite of you or Kent Brown removing that video, we have the entire thing in case it needs to be presented in a court of law.

      You are a party to a violation of Federal Law — the Stolen Valor Act. Kent Brown illegally claiming to be a veteran for financial and personal gain. We can give the benefit of the doubt to you in that you were unaware — but to put a fine point on this — NOW you are aware. What you do from here forward will involve you or distance you from a violation of federal law. Choose your next steps very carefully.

      Will be waiting for your answer to the questions of:

      1) Why didn’t you reveal that you are Vice President of Kent Brown Insurance and Financial Services LLC?

      2) Why did you claim that the video link no longer works when we have strong reason to believe that you know that the video had just been taken down off of your site?

      Patiently waiting for your response.

      ~ MP

    • PTBH says:

      Jennifer; All I hear is crickets. You left the party already? You came on so strong. I actually admired your spirit. What happened, no more steam? Come on, girl… get on in there and defend your man.

    • militaryphonies says:

      Since Jennifer has decided not to come clean about her association with Kent Brown Insurance, and further, has decided to erase all content on her Facebook page that links her to Kent Brown, we will post her most recent, but older, profile before she made changes in order to remove any doubt about her association – which we felt like she should have been transparent about in a spirit of full disclosure.

    • Phil says:

      Jennifer, It’s really pretty hard to say someone “cannot legally make these claims” when they are backed up not only video proof, but the POS’s own comments. I’m almost inclined to send this link to the media in Indianapolis, I’m sure they would love to know the story of this POS.

  3. Gregory Romeu says:

    Well, he did make an effort to provide the crapper in his bathroom selfie, perhaps he knows now that his whole future is in the toilet?

  4. […] partners at Military Phonies shared their work on this Kent Brown fellow who claims to be a military veteran in his videos and […]

  5. AW1Ed says:

    Some very good advice over at the “This Ain’t Hell” blog linked above. I highly recommend you go there and heed it.
    USN (Ret)

  6. KjK says:

    Bahhhh hahahaha. I love it. Cock roaches scurrying back into the dark after exposure 😂😂

  7. USARMY says:

    I cannot believe the stupidity of people first we have a law called the freedom of information act to get any information on anyone including you Jennifer and me being a Cold War Veteran and Pursian Gulf Veteran in the UNITED STATES ARMY for 6 years will defend my brother’s and sister’s of the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES so go somewhere else snowflake since you obviously don’t have a clue how the military works we take care of our own. Goodbye and quit wasting our time with your self made collusion.

  8. Vanessa says:

    You people are pathetic and it’s sad that you have nothing better to do with your time then spread lies about Kent and his business. Who knows how many other people’s lives you’ve tried to ruin that does not deserve it. He is an honest business person and the farthest thing from a liar. He is actually making something of his life by coninuing to help people rather then hiding behind a computer screen spreading false accusations around. It’s said in your disclaimer you can’t guarantee the accuracy of anything posted on this website which shows how fake any of this information is. This alone should get your website shut down.

    • Skidmark says:

      Hey “Vanessa”…What do you have to say about the Official Government Records Offices saying you, I mean Kent, NEVER SERVED! Why is it that your/his business page is shut down? If you were legit, you’d fight tooth and nail to prove it, not run from it. Do you want to be part of the problem or be a part of the solution? Why is it that “Kent” himself has nothing to say about it?

    • militaryphonies says:


      For full disclosure – what is your association with Kent Brown?

      We gather enough evidence on someone and if their claims cannot be substantiated by official military records – we post. This is a service to the public. We then move on to the next case other than answer any questions that people have. Nothing personal. If Kent Brown doesn’t have the courage and fortitude to come on here himself and prove his military service then you are not doing him any favors by dragging this out.

      If Kent’s life is ruined, he did that to himself. We made no comment about his business other than his use of the term “veteran” to promote it, as evidenced in the video. How is that a lie if it came from his own lips? You say he is “honest,” but there is no evidence that he served in the armed forces as he claims. How is this “spreading false information” if he promotes this as being true?

      Also, please note that we let comments post, unlike his Facebook efforts in regard to reviews and comments where he deletes anything negative or remotely critical. That said, we do place a limit on it — if you cannot offer something relevant and only come here to rant, then your posting privileges will be limited.

      So let’s get to the heart of it — get Kent Brown’s DD-214 (discharge certificate), we’ll post it here and we’ll issue an apology and take down this blog if that DD-214 is authentic. Please made some headway into moving things forward and getting this resolved instead of unsubstantiated accusations. The burden of proof is on Kent Brown at this point to demonstrate that he had military service as he claims.

      ~ MP

    • Skidmark says:

      Anyone want to say hi to Vanessa? It’s open to ask her questions…

      • Phil says:

        She closed the page…..guess she got tired of attempting to defend the POS.

  9. Bim says:

    This Insurance company seems sketchy as hell. All five star reviews, mostly by people with this as their only review – including a certain Jennifer Julius. Bad reviews also seem to be actively removed in realtime, which I’m pretty sure is a violation of the Google & FB TOS.

    • militaryphonies says:

      Over several years and several addresses, Jennifer Julias is listed as living at the same addresses as Kent Brown. She is also characterized as a relative in a list of names associated with Kent Brown.

      • Mmd says:

        I have been to their house they live together bit are not related as far as I know.

  10. Mark Lauer says:
    Seems our “secret soldier” here has a criminal record. Most of these fakers have at least one arrest on their record for something more serious than a traffic ticket. And Kent here is no exception.
    Wonder if ol’ Jennifer knows about this?

  11. Mark Lauer says:

    This is the corrected link for my statement above. Sorry about that.

  12. Robert says:


  13. Mmd says:

    I actually still have all text message and voice recordings we have between each other. He told me when I went to his house that he was black ops special force I have texts about his criminal past that he told me what supposedly happened. Then I started getting a bad vibe from him and he told me if I screwed him over that he knew people. I don’t know what he meant by that but anyways he was contacting people I knew saying I owed him for his financial services. All he did was wrote what I owed on a piece of paper and did some calculations. When things don’t go his way he gets defensive and is a complete jerk.

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