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Double A comes to us from North Carolina. There seems to be some that believe that he was a Navy SEAL, and this belief goes back several years.

Here is an article mentioning him from 1991. The blow-up showing his part follows.

boone-news and observer


Since the article shows direct quotes, it would stand to reason that Boone provided the information that he was a blackwater diver with a special forces unit.

There is also the advertisement for one of his courses.  It states that he was a graduate of BUD/S class 140 and in Naval Special Warfare.  Would a college make up the fact that he was a SEAL and pick that exact class?


Training announcement

Then there is a resume he provided for NTCOA President.  Boone lists UDT/SEAL training.Capture


He does have a pretty badass badge made up that I have seen police officers wearing in the South.  I have even seen this tattooed on a police officer.


We searched the UDT/SEAL Archives and could not find Boone listed as a graduate of BUD/S.  We ordered his military records using a Freedom of Information Act Request.



The archive tech at NPRC had some obvious typos for Boone’s service dates so we checked with SCRA / DoD Manpower in order to clarify…


The records show that Boone did go to Coronado in 1986 to attend BUD/S training.  With that information, we contacted past instructors that were there at the time.  He is remembered for being there but did not make it through training.  He would have classed up with class 140 which would have been a hell of a guess for the training announcement for the class he was teaching.  On his resume, he stated he “attended BUD/S.”   That’s not really a lie but at the end of the day, most people don’t list schools that they failed on a resume – since it is implied that they are accomplishments.

After all, if someone lists that they attended law school one would reasonably expect them to be a lawyer.  If someone lists that they attended medical school we would, in turn, expect them to be a doctor.  Stated another way – there is a reasonable expectation that they completed the training.

Think about that – if someone listed that they attended parachute rigger school and they failed or dropped out, would you want them to pack your chute?  Wouldn’t you want full disclosure, especially when your life may be at risk?

Alvin Boone was not a SEAL or Navy Diver.  He never served on a SEAL Team. He does not show the completed schools or NEC’s for SEAL or Navy Diver in his records. The term “Blackwater Diver” is foreign to us when speaking of the US Navy. There are no assignments that would suggest he was a Navy Blackwater diver with a Special Forces Unit as he claims. He may have been talking about a civilian accomplishment, but he clearly ties the Blackwater diver to the Navy and we cannot find anything in his training or list of assignments that supports this claim.


Specialized Realistic Training




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  2. LCpl Nelson says:

    I attended Stennis Space Center, NASAs Michaud Assembly Plant and Kessler AFB while doing some peojects there in the past.
    Guess that means I’m an Astronaut and C-130 Hurricane Hunter pilot

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