Michael Heath Hess – Fake SEAL


04/10/2018 by hombrerana1221

Michael Heath Hess comes to us from Springfield, MO.  Military Phonies received information that Michael wears a US Navy SEAL Insignia (Trident) on his suit jacket.  Michael is known to wear the Trident at his Elks club.







After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Michael Heath Hess ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Michael Heath Hess’ records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Michael’s summary Sheet shows he did serve in the Navy both active and reserves less than 3 years.  The summary sheet does not show his rank, nor any records of him attending BUD/S or being assigned to a SEAL Team.


Michaels Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/michael.hess.52643

Michaels LinkedIn Page https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelheathhess/


12 thoughts on “Michael Heath Hess – Fake SEAL

  1. francositalianarmy says:

    i cant convict yet. that 1st picture looks photoshopped. trident is in focus, but flag lapel is not. trident also appears slightly large.

    2nd photo does not appear to be trident on lapel

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      How about 3 photos? Photoshopped? We at MP would never ever photoshop any pics, we only crop or blur out images

      • francositalianarmy says:

        Now you are getting warm, warmer, hot, hotter, boiling

        Thanks for the evidence. Much clearer.

        H1221, I was not suggesting MP photoshopped (someone else may have beforehand), photo at top remains suspect. It is grainy at top and trident is crystal. Director Comey and
        Counsel Mueller may find it compelling, but I didn’t.

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  3. greg lemke says:

    only 25 pics on his fb page now… guessing he cleaned it up…

  4. William A Wright says:

    So if you go to the elks page he is a trustee. Maybe we should contact them and let them know they have a poser in their midst. This is why I stay away from those organizations. https://www.elks.org/lodges/lodgedirectory.cfm?LodgeNumber=409

  5. Tim says:

    Hey frankositalianarmy…Blurred pics or not…There is no record of him in the SEAL database..Nor any other evidence linking him to anything related to his being a SEAL…Therefore if he is wearing a Trident…He is a PHONY!!He needs to never wear it again…

    • francositalianarmy says:

      Tim, I agree

      I see 4 photos. From the top 1 and 2 were the only ones avail when I made first post at 6:48 am. Photo 3 and 4 were either not uploaded or I scrolled past them.

      Perhaps they were added in response to my post by H1221.

      I do agree 3 and 4 are damning, not to mention biker vest. Please note the excessive fringe on demin shirt.

      I cannot find a trident on photo 2, and photo 1 just leave a bit of doubt on authenticity. Perhaps photoshopped by the Elk himself. I’m not gonna wait for the Elk’s reply, 3 and 4 were sufficient.

  6. King of Battle says:

    Just a question here. Before he cleaned up his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts did he have Navy Seal in his worked at or in his Facebook bio? Not that I ever would but is wearing a Trident on a suit jacket considered stolen valor? Please don’t think I’m questioning anyone here for their motives I was just curious.

  7. bombstopr says:

    He replied to a message from someone at This Aint Hell about the pic wearing the Trident and said “I’m Sorry, It’s down”.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      He should explain why he is sorry, make an apology to the SEAL community, friends and family. I assume that wont happen

  8. Craig Cormier says:

    Wow I never seen anyone wear a full sized Trident, He is deftly poser. Mine is in a shadow box with the rest of my stuff.

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