Scott Fitser – Fake Navy SEAL and Fake Chief Petty Officer


04/04/2018 by hombrerana1221

Scott Fitser comes to us from Scareborough, ME.  Scott is allegedly telling people that he is a Navy SEAL.  His Facebook page says he was a former IC1 (DV) (SW) at the US Navy Diver.  I am not sure if SW is what I am thinking but for the Navy it’s Steelworker or Special Warfare or Surface Warfare.  But once we started investigating we noticed a transformation from Diver to SEAL.




Now let’s look at all his cool pictures with the Gigantic Trident hats.




Now this pic is very confusing, not sure if he’s getting a free meal at Denny’s for veterans day but this is a hot mess.  I actually found a pic that he must have tried to mimic.




He seriously put a Trident on his cammie cover.  Did you notice that his cammies don’t even have his name on it?  His friends thank him on Veterans Day with them thinking he was a SEAL.




Looks like the Chief (E-7) is rocking his anchor cover and can’t wear that unless you have your standard SEAL TEAM shirt.




Now a cooler version of his hat (black in white for badass effects)






After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Scott Fitser ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team. 

Scott Fitser’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Scott’s summary sheet shows he was active duty Navy just shy of 8 years and was discharged as an IC1 (E-6) and not a Chief Petty Officer (E-7).  He did complete 2nd class dive school and earned that NEC for 2nd class Diver and NOT SEAL.  He never went to BUD/S, was never stationed at a SEAL Team nor did he earn the Trident or Chief anchors. 




16 thoughts on “Scott Fitser – Fake Navy SEAL and Fake Chief Petty Officer

  1. Craig says:

    Pathetic and funny, but I don’t know…that big gaudy trident hat, blue undees- is that a potential uniform change brewing for the specwar goat-locker? 🤪

  2. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this Scott Fitser fellow who claims that he is a Navy SEAL and a Chief Petty […]

  3. Bom2motiv says:

    This guy went to dive school and made E6? Why lie?

  4. Steve says:

    The SW could also stand for Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. If that is what it stands for he put it in wrong it should look like this IC1(DV/SW). In the Navy when you obtain your Surface Warfare qualification you are authorized to put (SW) at the end of your rate. For example I was Surface Warfare qualified so mine would like this LS2(SW).

    Not defending the guy clearly he is a soup sandwich with extra soup. Just some clarification.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      Thank you and it’s updated. Doesn’t look like he earn that

  5. Dave says:

    His records show he was not Enlisted Surface Warfare (SW) qualified. He began the Enlisted Submarine Warfare (SU) process upon assignment to Basic Enlisted Submarine School in 1984, but never finished and eventually separated 8 months later. So, he was an Interior Communications (IC) Petty Officer 1st Class, qualified as a diver (DV). His rating woud look like this: IC1(DV) Scott Fitser. Nothing to be ashamed of and apparently honorable service that he shat on with his desire to be important to other people.

  6. Dan Johnson says:

    I’ve splashed about 10 of his friends on Facebook, including his wife who has a picture of him wearing the ungodly Trident hat. Keep peppering them!

  7. Rolling Dognut says:

    I’d like to be there when he walks into Steve Waterman’s dive shop in Thomaston Maine, wearing that costume.

    • Kemi Magee says:

      Steve Waterman was never a Frog or SEAL and actually had to come clean and make an admission to that. He was also called out for wearing a Blackwater hat….I put him in the same category as these douche bags!

  8. How many of these guy’s do you think could fit in a clown car before it get’s pushed off a cliff?

  9. Mark Christian says:

    I don’t get it. He enlisted the year I began my senior year in high school (class of 1978), back when almost no one was joining the military. Scott did what no one I knew was willing to do (myself included), so why embellish?

  10. Chuck says:

    He did enough to be proud of his service just has that desire to try to impress people. Too bad.

  11. Bill says:

    Something happened while he was at sub-school in New London CT. It’s very peculiar how he left there in Nov 83 (5 months after his original PRD) and reported to the USS John King DDG-3, NOT a diving command.
    He was onboard the King for just under a year and then back to the sub school for 7 months before leaving the service as an E-6.
    ALL KINDS OF Red Flags here. I am slightly embarrassed that a fellow diver would go doosh-nozzle but he is master of his own destiny and bears the burden alone.

    • Kemi Magee says:

      Sounds like he had personal issues and issues with fellow Divers as he was never active with a MSDU.

  12. Tim says:

    What a COCKHOLE

  13. Tim says:

    I love the way he has his left hand in the pic where he is “saluting”….Pretty sure that’s not Navy….Assbag

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