Kevin Charles Kyle – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Combat Veteran


03/29/2018 by hombrerana1221

DISCLAIMER:  This is super long so grab a beer and popcorn, this will infuriate you like no other


Kevin Charles Kyle comes to us from Bakersfield CA, this one is one of my unique fakes SEALs.  Kevin was on active duty as an Aviation Ordnancemen (AO).  Kevin went from one command to the next all of a sudden wearing a Trident.  His command was none the wiser which I can only assume that somehow his commands were duped.  Kevin has been living a lie for decades which have fooled his family, friends and military brothers.  I will state now there is NO record of Kevin Kyle completing BUD/S or being at a SEAL Command.  Kevin claims to have been in class 091, which is the same year he joined the Navy (1977) but he ended up in the fleet which SEALs don’t do unless they have their Trident removed (kicked out of the Teams).  BTW I spoke with members of BUD/S class 091 and they have never heard of Kevin Kyle.






Notice in these pics he has NO Trident?  Looks like he will give himself one later…




BTW here are are some pics of Kevin on USS Kitty Hawk from April 1977 – February 10, 1980, not sure how he could have been a SEAL there.  Still no Trident in those pics.  Kevin will later claim that he was on SEAL Team Two from 1976-1984, remember that he’s on the USS Kitty Hawk during this time.




Now here is where it gets interesing, he is at a new Command which he wears a Trident, the odd thing is you won’t see him with other SEALs (except another fake one which will be addressed later).  All his pictures with Tridents are with fleet sailors or family.







Did you notice the change?  Even his Shadow box has a Trident.  Well now since he retired he added the Combat Action Ribbon.  You’ll  also notice that since he retired he likes to wear his spandex dress blues, seriously this is so embarrassing.  Not only does he want to live in the past but he wants to live a major exaggeration for over 30 years.  Enjoy these numerous pics.






Now comes where Kevin purchased ridiculous SEAL hats and shirts so everyone knows he’s a Navy SEAL (fake) and he must wear the Trident on everything.





He even wears a cammie top with a Trident and jump wings on the wrong side, he wears this in public, what a joke.




So guess what Kevin decides to do, yes you guessed it, get a Trident Tattoo.  All I can say is that I recommend that he gets that removed or covered up ASAP!!!  Because I know you and your family are reading this.




Kevin decides to add a new timeline photos of his Navy days.  Amazing how the impostor stood over the grave of over a thousand sailors and reenlisted wearing a shiny Trident.





And look what we have here, a BUD/S picture, Kevin claims it’s his class 091, but it’s actually class 093 and they finished Dive phase and took the picture before the next phase.  Now getting back to my earlier post regarding another fake SEAL is in this thread.  Dwayne Moore is known in the AO community as a SEAL just like Kevin.  Both Kevin and Dwayne lived a lie except Kevin went overboard with the pictures.  Notice in the thread when a friend of Kevin’s was asked if that was Dwayne in the picture Kevin states “That is DWAYNE ICE MAN MOORE” but then Dwayne later states “no, it was not me. thanks though”  instead he should have said I was never ever a Navy SEAL.    Then, I love how Kevin’s story changes to make an excuse of how he could get a classmate confused.




Below is Kevin and Dwayne at Kevin’s retirement ceremony as an E-6.




Now a few other Facebook posts:




Look at Kevin’s facebook name SEALTEAMTWO2 which has been deleted.





One of Kevin’s friends posted a respectful post regarding a Navy Veteran that died.  Here comes Kevin making a “hey look at me I am a Navy SEAL”.  Then all hell breaks loose when he is called out by real SEAL’s and his story just keeps getting interesting once he is called out on his timeline.  This is where Kevin claims serving on SEAL Team Two from 1976-1984, remember his pic from the USS Kitty Hawk?





Finally the truth comes out when a retired SEAL CWO3 messages him and Kevin admits to never being a SEAL and stated he would put it on his timeline.  Guess what Kevin did?  Yep, delete his Facebook page and not publicly apologize…  Way to step up as a man Kevin (that was sarcasm just in case you didn’t catch it) 




Of course this coward deleted his facebook page and did not confess online on his timeline.  Lucky other SEAL’s have contacted his family and friends to make them aware.



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Kevin Charles Kyle ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Kevin Charles Kyle’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.





Looking at Kevin’s DD-214’s and his service records, there is NO SEAL Team, no BUD/S and no SEAL designation.  In Kevin’s pictures he wears the SEAL Trident, Jump Wings, Combat Action Ribbon, Rifle and Pistol ribbon both with an “E” for expert which he did not earn.  Kevin entered into service both active and reserve, he enlisted in February of 1977 until December of 1997.


Kevin has tarnished his entire career while serving with men that thought he was a SEAL only to find out he has lived this lie for numerous decades.

Kevin’s original Facebook page is deleted but it’s listed below and read the title, he has a new Facebook page and kept this LinkedIn account










20 thoughts on “Kevin Charles Kyle – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Combat Veteran

  1. Atkron says:

    Not one person in any of his commands looked at his Service Record, ever? I thought part of the eval process was looking over a subordinate’s record. He should have been caught rocking this lie years ago. He’s an embarrassment to Naval Aviation…

    • Window Licker says:

      The problem was more widespread than you would think, back in the day people would not check, and many junior YNs and PNs did not know enough about SEALs or the training pipeline to know how it worked, shit, honestly so many people now THINK they know how it works but really don’t. Info is much more on the radar now days and stolen valor is more up in the public eye.
      A very similar situation happened in the early 90s when I was on North Island and saw this PO1 dude rocking a Trident and jump wings and combat action ribbon. My hackles went up, because; one, I did not know this guy, never had seen him or heard of him, his name was, btw(Gregory Schlossler (sp?),I could tell because it was written on his paperwork). Two, because of his stupid 1950s pencil thin mustache that no self respecting Team guy would ever wear….and Three, because of body shape. Now, I have known some down right fat Team guys, and I am pushing max density myself in my advanced years, but this cat was soft as a marshmallow and you can tell if someone at one time was a legit athlete or not, this guy was not and had never been hard.
      Anywho… to make a really long funny/tragic story really short; there was a confrontation, counter accusations by his buddies who were convinced he was a ninja, his command involvement, much wailing and crying in his apology, a quick disappearence act. His command made it go away, as he was being discharged for medical reasons, and I didn’t have the power or interest to follow up being an E5. The time was different…his command was actually trying to shield him. I remember his LPO looking at his record, that had no sign of any NSW activities, saying, “yea, I thought it did not sound right…” ( but still did not call his bullshit!)….disgusting
      My point is that people pulled this shit more than could be believed, and believe me I have run into this shit through the years and the joke is ultimately on me because I am sure these days he is sitting on a bar stool somewhere spinning sea stories of his time in the Teams.

      • AG says:

        I attended a NJP for an AD person for stolen valor so yes now people do check. Also if you’re going to do stolen valor on AD make sure you read the uniform regs, lets just say that in NJP I went to the guy didn’t exactly make it believable…

  2. Wilted Willy says:

    Has this dirtbag set a record for the longest living lie? Hey Kevin, you couldn’t make a SEAL on Tupperware! I hope you enjoy your Google fame now butt munch! Your family and friends must be so proud to have such a lying shit stain in their family? You had a perfectly honorable career so why did you have to take such a huge shit on your record? I pray a real deal SEAL finds you and scrubs that tattoo off of you with a wood chipper! You are lower than snail shit! You are a giant boil on the ass of humanity! You couldn’t wipe a real SEAL’s ass! Now, go fuck yourself!

  3. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this Kevin Kyle fellow who claims that he was a Navy SEAL. He made the claims […]

  4. Mike says:

    What an absolute flaming piece of shit.

  5. Len Grindstaff says:

    Hmmm. Retired CWO3. Great job brother

    • Window Licker says:

      Do you mean me?

      • hombrerana1221 says:

        I believe he’s referring to a Teamguy that is related to him and messaged kevin

  6. Christopher E Richardson says:

    we had same happen in Canada, a cook claimed to be a former infantry sniper airborne pathfinder and wore wings and torch his whole career and retired a Master Warrant Officer getting a seriously high medal (Member of the Order of Military Merit) as a going away gift. CoC covered when people said anything.

    BTW the Lar V is a Oxygen rebreather and if there is any “air” pressure when ready to dive it’s gonna kill your ass when your PPO2 drops below livable, good news is you won’t feel anything.
    Pressure is 2250psi

    The cook

  7. Mark Lauer says:

    Seems his Linkedin page is gone now, too. Must have gotten some messages from his friends and family.

  8. Steve Young says:

    Thanks for staying on watch, and for the heads up. Made my night crap on sooo many levels; I am from Bakersfield, Ca, I’m an AOC Ret., I spent half my career at Moffett Field, (during his time there), a former room mate was a Parachute Rigger at Coronado and he brought a retired guard dog with him, another room mate tried but DOR’d (he was old), and I was an EOD groupie when I was younger, they taught be SCUBA. I know Chief’s from VP-91, I am going to ask about this tool. Thank you for your service. Steve Young AOC Ret. sends P.S. Check with Dave Pulver AOC Ret VP-91 during that time frame at Moffett Field. He lives in Texas now.

  9. Cameron says:

    To answer the question about why it was never caught. To be honest we never suspected so we never looked. Reserves can be like that. We only come in for 12 weekends, two of which are dedicated to evals. Most work is done at home not being paid mainly because we had so many to evaluate. Not an excuse, I know but we really did not have time to look through everything. We looked at awards, and the last three evals as that is all we had time for. Again, not a good excuse but it was reality. I’m not sure an active duty unit would have caught it to be honest. Bottom line is he lied to over 300 of the finest I have ever worked with and for and he is not man enough to appologize on the squadron Facebook page. What a dirtbag!

  10. Dfcady says:

    It should be pointed out that in the article it states, “he ended up in the fleet which SEALs don’t do unless they have their Trident removed”. That is not necessarily true. I worked with a pilot in a Helo Squadron that was a SEAL, did the Blue to Green program to learn to fly, went back into the Navy as a pilot. He kept his trident while wearing his wings. I imagine there are other cases that some SEALs have gone back into the fleet, although rare I am sure.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      I should have been a bit clearer, there have been numerous Teamguys that either became pilots or doctors, when I referred to the fleet I meant working in the Navy outside of a specialized billet. This is not a knock on fleet sailors

  11. Blake Hudson says:

    Hi Guys. I just donated. I’m just a lowly former Marine 0351 – but really enjoy the investigative work done here.
    I knew a guy who enlisted in the Corps (signed papers only), but then got a DUI and was never even allowed to go to boot camp. Every time I heard him say “when I joined the Marines” I wanted to smack him.
    Love it! keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the generous donation. – Military Phony

    • Thank you so much for your generous donation. These donations go a long way toward adminstrative costs incurred by investigations and upkeep of the website, dues, etc. Very much appreciated.

  12. Mark Elledge says:

    When this news came to light I was stunned and shocked. I served with Kyle in VP-91 and never questioned his claim. Why was he not exposed? For me, it was the way he acted. I do not remember him bragging about it on duty nor do I recall any crazy or questionable sea stories. I also do not recall him ever dwelling on his “SEAL Days.” I don’t know what he said or how he acted around other people but….he never did or said anything around me to make me question him. When him and I were on duty together, I do remember asking him why he left the SEALs. I remember him telling me his wife wanted him to quit or she was going to leave him. Sounded reasonable to me! They mentioned Moore in this article. I always suspected Moore because he had a very “in your face” approach to his SEAL service and said some questionable things. Kevin, people respected you without the SEAL Trident, don’t know why you had to lie about that. You should be ashamed and you need to apologize you all the people that served with you. Man up.

  13. Tim says:

    Have any of you noticed how Fake SEALS always have a stupid look on their face in these pictures? Some of the embellishers actually look like the average schmuck and could fool me easily. But the fake SEALS always have a stupid grin or something like that going on.

    Love what you guys do here. I’m not military but many of my kinfolks were.

  14. Mark says:

    I served with Kyle in VP-91. I know I speak for others as well when I say we were surprised, and disappointed. I admired this man, and he really did do great things for the Squadron. I guess this is not a complete surprise, but still very disappointing.

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