Ruben Lopez, Not a SEAL, Not a Master Chief


03/13/2018 by tangomike147

Ruben comes to us from North Las Vegas, Nevada. A social media site was selling some SEAL gedunk and Ruben chimed in with a Woo Yaa.



Ruben then blocked the SEAL/Military Phonies Investigator. No worries, it’s not a one man band.




A Purple Heart for wounds received in Grenada as a member of SEAL Team Four. Grenada was Operation Urgent Fury. Swift Justice is both a video game and used a few times by police departments. The next screen shot has a claim to Master Chief Petty Officer



I have to wonder if he also claims to have been in Afghanistan.


Big fan of Military Freefall.



We had already checked Ruben with the UDT/SEAL Database before we asked him about it. We requested his service records with a Freedom of Information Act Request and received the following documents




Ruben Lopez served in the United States Navy from December 1979 to November 1989. That is 21 fewer years than he claims. He left the Navy as a Construction Electricians Mate 2nd Class (E5). His medals include 2 Good Conduct Medals and one Expert Rifle Medal. His records show no schools associated with SEAL Training or a Purple Heart Medal.



19 thoughts on “Ruben Lopez, Not a SEAL, Not a Master Chief

  1. He looks like that Mario guy on Donkey Kong? Come to think of it, he did make an ass of himself?

  2. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Ruben Lopez, who claims that he was a wounded Navy SEAL who […]

  3. William Lee says:

    Crapping all over 10 years of honorable service…

  4. Melissa says:

    Game over Mario.

  5. Clyda Lopez says:

    This is MY HUSBAND you’re speaking of and I live with the nightmares, and the records you show are only the first. 10yrs of service…lol. It’s sad that you find it necessary to try and tarnish a man’s reputation. As for any further response from this family.. There will be NONE!! No need to defend someone who defended us.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      He tarnished his rep by lying about his service – 10 years with the Bees and he’s nor proud of that?

      Your husband is a liar… face the facts. And now it’s out on the ‘net for all to see.

    • Mike says:


      He was a SEAL? Sure… and I own a unicorn ranch.

    • Abraham Isaacs says:

      Granada was in 83. He was nowhere near the rank he claims at that time. Definatly not a Seal at that time. Your husband has lied to you.

    • tangomike147 says:

      The records do show the time frame he claims to be at SEAL Team Four and the invasion of Grenada. He was not at Team Four and he did not get a Purple Heart. The UDT SEAL Archives has a list of Every person who is a SEAL or UDT since WW2. He was not a SEAL so he might want to see what causing those nightmares.

  6. Greg Young says:

    I had to laugh when I looked his scholastic achievements on his Social Media page. I counted like 7 punctuation, spelling, and capitalization issues, in that one sentence: “Studied at us naval collage” 😀

  7. David Spurgin says:

    Just be proud of your service, that’s all. The fall from grace is much harder than any bad dream from service. Don’t be that guy. BM1(sw) USN RET.

  8. Stephen Allen says:

    Doesn’t this E-5 think that maybe all his shipmates might one day call him out for his bull crap? This is a sick dude.

  9. Stephen Allen says:

    Ok let’s give Ruben a real hero. One of my good friends and crewmebers who was my pilot in Patrol Squadron one CDR Rich Tillman’s brother. Who was killed in the Panama invasion. A real Navy SEAL.

    • tangomike147 says:

      He was in my BUD/S class

      • Stephen Allen says:

        God bless you guys. Rich is one of the coolest guys you would ever want to meet. I am sure you would make his day if you friended him on Facebook. I believe both Rich and Chris graduated from the Naval Academy. I am so privileged to have known CDR Tilghman. Great Navy Pilot. He took good care of me and my fellow shipmates. I know Chris had to be the same type of person. This is the reason I get so mad at these freaks. Becuase of people like Chris Tilghman whom gave his life for our nation. And folks like you Sir. AOC (NAC/AW) USN Retired.

  10. Paul says:

    Liars like this turn my stomach. It is an insult to every person who has served honorably in the US military.

  11. Michael says:

    No idea why he needs a service dog, but I’m curious if he used his purple heart and PTSD from combat to justify it.

    • Michael says:

      Make that “his ‘claimed’ purple heart and PTSD….”

  12. Adam Webber says:

    Time for a trip to N LV.

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