Kevin Michael McGrath, US Marine Embassy Guard and Beirut Veteran, Blog of Shame


03/10/2018 by militaryphonies

Kevin McGrath from Harrodsburg Kentucky claims that he was an Infantryman and a Marine Embassy Guard while he served in the United States Marine Corps.


Posted below is a copy of Mr McGrath’s ” Indeed ” resume where he is making the claim that he was a Sergeant in the Marines with two MOS’s. 0311 Infantryman and 8152 Marine Corps Security Force Guard.
  Mr McGrath claims that he was assigned to the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines when they deployed with the 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit to Beirut, Lebanon, (1980–82).
Mr McGrath also claims that he was part of Marine Security Detachment assigned to the President Of The United States where he earned the rank of Sergeant (E-5)
  During Mr McGrath’s tenure in the Marines, He claims to have earned the following ribbons and medals.
Naval Achievement Medal, Marine Expeditionary Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Joint Armed Forces Medal, Combat Action Medal with bronze battle star, Navy-Marine Corps Overseas Service, Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Unit Citation, Presidential Service Badge.
Actions conducted by Military Phonies 
 Upon being alerted about Mr Kevin McGrath and noticing the time frame of when Mr McGrath served, we grew suspicious of his claim of earning two Combat Action Ribbons (CAR). and one Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM). We checked the CAR/HSM database for his name. The results were negative, so we filed for Mr Kevin McGrath’s military service record using the privileges provided under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).
  Mr McGrath joined the Marines on April 9,1980. He was sent to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island South Carolina (MCRDPISC) where he was assigned to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion on April 23, 1980.
 After Graduation from Boot Camp in July of 1980, Mr McGrath was transferred to  Pensacola Fl where he was assigned as a student for training to become a Cryptologic Digital Network Technician Analyst. MOS — 2611. Due to Academic reasons ( flunking out), Mr McGrath was transferred to Headquarters Service Company, Marine Corps Detachment, Quantico VA  for the MOS training of   4621 Audio/Visual Equipment Operator. Upon completion of this training, he was transferred to Headquarters Servi-ce Company, Marine Barracks, Washington DC with the MOS’s of 0151 Administrative Clerk and  4621 Audio/Visual Equipment Operator.
The National Personnel Records Center did not find a record showing that Kevin Michael McGrath held the MOS’s of 0311 or 8152. They also didn’t find any evidence of Mr McGrath being assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines. Mr McGrath’s chronological record does not show that he ever deployed off of the Continental United States. He was discharged from active duty with the Marine Corps on May 2, 1984 as a L/Cpl (E-3). 




Indeed Resume


8 thoughts on “Kevin Michael McGrath, US Marine Embassy Guard and Beirut Veteran, Blog of Shame

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  2. Dan Johnson says:

    Security Officer
    Central Intelligence Agency – Falls Church, VA
    May 1985 to February 1992
    Force and principal protection, operational support, clandestine service

    Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented, PPD Clearances

    WTF is a PPD clearance?

    • Phil Millard says:

      Pretty Pink Dildo as it related to this twatwaffle

  3. KillerB says:

    He was also a frigging US/Awal dog as well… Yeah the CIA would jump on a shit bird like that… NOT!!

  4. Mark L says:

    Perfectly acceptable, and honorable service record, and once again someone steps on their own dick.
    Why? Because being in Admin isn’t glorious enough.

    • Phil Millard says:

      He was done in by being an Audio-Visual Tech., that sorry sack of steaming bovine excrement

  5. You can not make this stuff up. We here in McCreary Co. Ky has one just like this one, He has moved to Pulaski Co. Ky now. He says he was a Scout Sniper In the Marines Corps in the Fall of Saigon and sid he was the last one the roof. When asked about Gunnery Sergeant Vasquez, he didn’t know who he was. Told a story about pulling his weapon on the chopper pilot. He did retire in 1995, with a lot of awards ,but he’s records show NO scout sniper training or Vietnam time. He was Rifleman & AutoRifleman (0311) and ADMIN CLK (0151). He says his rank was Specialist-5 the record shows Corporal. He did two stints in the Marines two years at a time 1974-1976, 1976-1978. then from 1979- 1995 in the Army. Then lies about something like this just to impress a bunch of vets. Oh yeah he’s deleted almost all his pictures from his facebook accountS.

  6. Enjoy your Military Phonies RECORD FOR LIFE, shot-sucking weasle!

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