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02/22/2018 by militaryphonies


Dear Sir or Ma’am; My name is Jim Nuttall…I am a retired US Army Major General and former umpire…

Over two years ago, it was brought to my attention that Darrin Sealy, President and CEO of the College Umpires Group, was representing himself as a former United States Marine…additionally, he was representing himself as being a member of Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC)…he specifically stated that he had parachuted into Cuba as part of MARSOC…as I understand it, he indicated his period of service was sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. The statement that he parachuted in to Cuba immediately made me question his service. As you are probably aware, the United States maintains a base at Guantanamo (GITMO) Bay, Cuba. The United States, either covertly or overtly would never conduct parachute operations for fear of sending the wrong political message to Cuban Government and its people. MARSOC was officially formed in 2006 so Sealy’s alleged service in the 1980’s and 1990’s drew my attention as well. I have been made aware that Darrin was confronted at least once regarding his claimed Marine service. He was even asked where he went to basic training as well as what his Military occupational specialty (MOS) was. Darrin’s response was that he couldn’t talk about any of his military service because of its secretive nature. For the past two years, I have been conducting research on whether or not Darrin Sealy is either a former Marine or someone who represents himself fraudulently. Because of my military service (nearly 40 years), I have been able to validate that Darrin Sealy has never served as a US Marine…he is, therefore, in my mind and the minds of many others a fraud. Recently, I sent Darrin an email laying out numerous questions regarding his military service. I wanted to give him the opportunity to prove his service; deny the accusations; or come clean. He chose not to respond. As you are aware, Darrin heads up the College Officials Group (COG) which is responsible for assigning umpires for many NCAA Division I, II, and III baseball Conferences. As the head of the COG, his actions represent all COG Umpires; Conferences the COG assigns umpires to; and the NCAA. Darrin Sealy is also listed as the College Umpire Chair on the Mid Atlantic Umpires Website. His role in the MAC Umpires makes it apparent he serves as a senior and significant umpire working for John Porter. John Porter, as you are aware, assigns college umpires for a number of NCAA Conferences. Darrin Sealy has fraudulently represented himself and his actions are a disgrace. His immoral and unethical actions bring discredit to himself and the COG. Additionally, his misrepresentation of military service brings into question any and all of his credentials… One also has to question what people around Darrin Sealy knew about his phony military claims. I will leave that to the NCAA as to whether others knowingly knew of his fraudulent claim of military service. During email interactions between myself and John Porter, I asked if he was aware of Darrin’s claimed military service. He indicated he was not. I have nothing to personally gain by bringing this to your attention, but as a retired military officer I have learned that you can never be wrong by doing the right thing.  Lastly, I’m sure that people will challenge me…I’m prepared for that…recently, I asked a umpire friend who is knowledgeable of the Sealy situation to make contact with Umpires who are military Veterans. I asked my friend to pose the following question. I also asked him not to give a reason as why the question was being asked.”Who are Umpires in the COG who are also Military Veteran’s?” The following list was provided by one military veteran. Darrin Sealey-Marine, Tim Gaiser- Marine, Vince Krajcer- Navy, Benny Pigg- Army Sniper, Bill Decker- Army, Jamison Braun Air Force Lt Col still Active. I have intentionally left off the name of the person who provided this list but he is a former Marine himself. Please take note of the first name on the list. This proves to me that Sealy has promoted himself as a former Marine to the extent that other Veteran’s believe him to be one of their own. The Institutions of the NCAA and the respective conferences simply cannot allow a fraud such as Darrin to go unnoticed and unpunished. You will note that my email includes many individuals including conferences that are served by the COG. The commissioner of the ACC has been included as they are looking for a replacement for Tony Thompson. I would suggest the NCAA and the respective conferences served by the COG investigate Darrin Sealy immediately.

Actions conducted by Military Phonies;

After receiving this email, we filed for Mr Darren Sealy’s military service record using the privileges provided under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) can find no record for Mr Darren Sealy 

Upon further review, Military Phonies has been notified that Mr Sealy has resigned from his position as  President and CEO of the College Umpires Group; http://umpire-empire.com/topic/68834-darrin-sealey-resigns/






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  1. Window Licker says:

    Hey, we have a fake SEAL this morning and a fake Sealy!!!!
    Just wanted to be the first to point that out….

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  3. francositalianarmy says:

    Steeeeeeeerrike three, you’re out Darrin

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