Greg Quillen, Fake SEAL


02/14/2018 by tangomike147



Greg comes to us from the Tidewater area of Virginia. He was spotted on social media and some people didn’t believe some of his stories.




A sample of the stories that seem unbelievable. I mean really, who gets struck by lightning seven times. That would have to be in the news somewhere.


I am more impressed by the being struck by lightning than anything else on that list. We checked with the UDT SEAL Database and couldn’t find his name listed as a graduate of SEAL training. We also found out that the world record for lightning strikes is seven. He may want to see if any of those strikes are in his medical records. We ordered his records with a Freedom of Information Act Request.

It would seem that Greg did join the Navy and stayed till retirement. His second DD214 is a little blurry but there is one thing I am sure is not on there and that is his claim of being a Navy SEAL. His lists of commands that follow the DD214s show no trips to the Silver Strand in Coronado. They also do not show any SEAL commands.









Greg Quillen left the navy as a Parachute Rigger First class. He was not a Navy SEAL.

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