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01/07/2018 by militaryphonies

Michael Craig Stokes from New Braunfels Texas has people believing that he did two deployments to Vietnam as a Marine. One in 1973 and another in 1975


On Mr Stokes Facebook account, He has shown this photo countless number of times claiming that this is himself in the “Lan Son Valley” in 1973.
Lam Son was a Military Operation and not a geographical location. It took place from Feb.8,1971 till March            25,1971  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Lam_Son_719
The photo that he claims is actually an exhausted  Marine from the 3rd Marine Division who was taking a break after  fighting  along the DMZ (05/20/1967)

Purple Heart in his display case amongst his military and Marine memorabilia?

The photo above and comments under it, Mr Stokes claims that it is him taken in 1973 just before his departure from Vietnam. He then claims that he deployed to Vietnam in 1975 as part of Operation Frequent Wind https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Frequent_Wind
The complete conservation;
 Long ago before he ” Mustanged.”

This photo he claims that it is him on the radio while he was back in country in 1975 to recapture the USS Mayaguez. The Mayaguez incident took place between Democratic Kampuchea and the United States from May 12–15, 1975, less than a month after the Khmer Rouge took control of the capital Phnom Penh ousting the U.S. backed Khmer Republic. It was the last official battle of the Vietnam War. The photo actually belongs to a 5th Marine radio operator during Operation Swift 04-15 September 1967  http://www.combatwife.net/swift.htm

This photo he claims is him again on one of his “Throw Back Thursdays”(TBT) somewhere along the eastern front.
The photo is actually a Soldier instead of a Marine. Mid to late eighties.

Actions preformed by military Phonies;

By using reverse imaging search, we discovered that he has been using some photos from the Vietnam war that were from different time periods and from different military operations than what Mr Stokes is claiming to have been involved in. 
 We conducted a trace on Mr. Stokes in order to acquire the information needed for his military service record. We soon discovered that Mr. Stokes was using a different birth year on his Facebook account than what was showing up on our trace. We confirmed this by matching Mr. Stoke’s wife to the same address as his. He is claiming 1952 instead of 1956.
Using the proper date of birth found on Mr. Stokes, we filed for his military service record using the privileges  provided under the Freedom Of Information Act. (FOIA)

Active duty in the Marines from September 9, 1975 till August 7, 1978 (two years, eleven months). Discharged as a L/Cpl (E-3)
Assigned to C Co. 7th Engineers Battalion 1st FSSG Camp Pendleton CA after Boot Camp and MOS school. His Primary MOS was 1371 Combat Engineer. 

Having all of this information and evidence in hand, Mr. Stokes was approached by one of our investigator’s asking him about his DOB discrepancy

Summary and conclusion;

 Comparing the information provided from Mr Michael Sokes to the evidenced provided from reverse imaging and Mr Stokes FOIA, We can confirm that Michael Stokes from New Braunfels Texas is not a Veteran of the Vietnam War. Nor was he ever commissioned to Officer from Enlisted rank while he served.
Facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/trangotowers 

11 thoughts on “Michael Stokes US Marine Vietnam Veteran, Mustanger, Blog Of Shame

  1. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    My granddaughter has been researching the USS Marquez with information from the book Josephs Hargroves cousin Cary sent her and internet searching…
    Guess she should interview the fake fuck..NOT…

  2. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Michael Stokes, who claims to be a Marine veteran of the Vietnam […]

  3. JL Humphrey says:

    I do think he may have been a bit young for RVN. I was a young 18, 2mon. I left in 72 held over as not many new replacements were arriving in country. I am now 65

  4. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    Sick pup should have been proud to earn his EGA and serve honorably wherever he was sent.

  5. Another shit-sucking-weasel dishonoring OUR Corps!

    The only thing this sh It-bird has proven is that there actually ARE such a thing as EX-Marines!

  6. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Think he’s been STROCKING his dick to long…

  7. Tim says:

    Let’s see…Maybe we can give him the same “welcome home” that sadly most Nam Vets got…Complete with the name calling and especially spat upon! That’s about all this freakin shitbird deserves! Asshole!

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      It still pisses me off the way Americans treated our Vietnam vets…my first and last both served..Army and Navy…
      I met my first as a protester
      against the war sending off our men with a kiss and prayer. He asked to write him and married in 73..The spitting lowlifes got a beat down outside the airport.

  8. Michael L Maynard says:

    The lying shit stick admits on his FB page to graduating high school in 1975. There’s no way the clown served in Vietnam.

  9. Michael L Maynard says:

    Further, the prevaricating cock gazer Michael Stokes would have been 15 or 16 years old when he claimed to have served in combat in Vietnam in 1973 after combat troops had been pulled out of that country. The only field troops were US Army and USMC advisers and they were out of the field by 29 January 1973. Combat troops were defending key installations until they were pulled out on 29 March 1973. Our only real combat role that year were air strikes by the US Army and USAF in support of the RVN Army.

  10. Donald Pitts says:

    This irritates the hell out of me. I was a Marine deployed to Vietnam in 1969. I did serve 2 tours back to back. I extended twice to stay in Vietnam longer. So, 22 months there. ( they sent me home 2 months early when I tried to extend again. I left in Feb. 71.

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