Thomas Norman, Fake SEAL Officer


12/16/2017 by tangomike147

Tom comes to us from the great state of Arkansas. He seems to love the Lord and music and may have wanted to dabble in outing fakes. He requested to join a couple stolen valor Facebook pages and as you would expect, we verify first. Here are the claims


An officer with SEAL Team 5. Interesting, I hope that is not tied into the Vietnam Veteran claims that follow. There was no SEAL Team 5 back then.



On this timeline it would seem he got to Team 5 before it was commissioned. SEAL Team 5 was an Underwater Demolition Team that became a SEAL Team. Any Frogman worth his weight would put the UDT command on there as well.






Heavy stuff. Unfortunately we could find nothing in the UDT/SEAL Database showing he ever completed BUD/S. We requested his records with a Freedom of Information Request to get a better picture of who this phoney buster is.


Couple of things jumped out right away. First off is the length of service. It looks like 13 years give or take a couple of months. The second thing is that he got out as an E1. Not really rocketing up the payscale.


The list of commands do not show SEAL Team 5 or any other SEAL Commands. In 1980 he is listed as an AT2, E5.






The records do not show any awards or commands associated with Vietnam. His post claiming August 1973 as being in Vietnam is a year before he joined the Navy. His records do not support his claims of having been an officer or a SEAL. There is also no listing or records showing he was ever jump qualified. He must of hurt the knee trying to jump into the stolen valor groups.

Tom Norman Facebook




10 thoughts on “Thomas Norman, Fake SEAL Officer

  1. Frog says:

    Great bust. I was the Operations Officer at SEAL Team 5 during the time he claims, He was not a member of our wardroom.

  2. KillerB says:

    What a damn fool.. and you claim to be a man of God??

  3. Mark Lauer says:

    Vietnam…..SEAL Team 5… 1973……….the last SEAL platoon left Vietnam on 7 December 1971.
    I found that just by going to Wikipedia.
    Why don’t these guys do a little research?

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  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    What a TURD BURGLAR!!

  6. Larry Gladney says:

    Why would you wanna be more than you were serving in the Navy is a honor.

  7. arhauptiii says:

    Come on- hasn’t my state suffered enough for giving the world Slick Willy Clinton?

    • Wilted Willy says:

      Yes, but I’m sure he caught the bullshit disease during his residence in Florida. What you have here is another Tupperware SEAL, You do know their headquarters is in Florida??

  8. Rick T. says:

    Wow, all those accomplishments and single too! Ladies, here’s your man! He can get you that dining room set at employee discount! Just as soon as he stops stepping on his dick with golf shoes.

  9. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    One less pimple on the asses of every SEAL! Great bust !!
    Someone please pull the FLUSH handle.

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