Paul Bennett Knox – Fake SEAL – Fake Navy Cross Recipient – Fake 2 time Purple Heart Recipient and Vietnam Veteran


09/29/2017 by hombrerana1221

Paul Bennett Knox comes to us from Sulphur, LA, in 2014, Don Shipley contacted our partners at This Ain’t Hell to advise them of Paul obtaining award from the town of Sulphur for his military service.

Article quoted below:

“Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Paul Knox was recognized for his military service by the Sulphur Armed Forces Commission at the Feb. 10 City Council meeting.

Knox served from 1969 to 1975 in the U.S. Navy as a Navy Seal, leaving with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. During his military tour of duty, Knox was a Special Operations Seal for Team 4. His service awards and medals include two Purple Hearts, the Navy Cross and the Vietnam Service Ribbon. Knox, a retiree, is currently an active member of the American Legion.

A resident of the area for over 13 years, Knox and his wife, Michelle, are the parents of three children.

Knox received a certificate and city medal from Commission members.”



We are going to tell Paul a little secret, SEAL Team Four did not exist back in Vietnam or the 70’s.

Here is Paul looking good receiving his award from the Sulphur Armed Forces Commission.




Looks like he has a Trident on his lower left side of his vest.


PK5 - Copy

Now if you look at his pictures it looks like he has a Trident tattooed on his right chest, we can’t confirm this 100% but it sure looks like it.




Since Military Phonies, This Ain’t Hell and Don Shipley already had our answer about Paul being a SEAL (that he isn’t) but we still needed to see his records which were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Holy crap, Paul Bennett Knox joined the Navy in October 24, 1974 until November 22, 1974, that is 29 days in the Navy.  Seriously 29 days, we are pretty sure you can’t become a Navy SEAL, receive a Silver Star, 2 Purple Hearts and serve in Vietnam in 29 days.



Notice the Purple Heart pin on his cover?



Nice SEAL hat turd



8 thoughts on “Paul Bennett Knox – Fake SEAL – Fake Navy Cross Recipient – Fake 2 time Purple Heart Recipient and Vietnam Veteran

  1. Wilted Willy says:

    What the hell is this? Phony SEAL week? The only SEAL this fat cocksucker ever was, maybe at Sea World with balancing a cute colored ball on his nose? Hey fat boy, you are just like a walrus, you both like a tight seal! 29 days huh? Boy you must be a real fast learner? I hope some real SEALs drag your fat ass out into the town square and beat the living shit out of you! How dare you stand on the blood of our fallen brothers and claim all of your bad assery! You are nothing but a fat lying cocksucker! Now live with your Google fame you fat ass lying mother fucker! How proud your family must be of all of your battle fame! I hope you chock on your next cockmeat sammich! I hope they put you in prison for your fucking lies! Eat Shit you fat lying bastard!!!

  2. […] scroungy-looking grotesque turd, Paul Knox, we busted over three years ago, but the folks at Military Phonies says he’s still at it. He claims that he was a Navy SEAL from 1969 – 1975 and of […]

  3. HARRY J DILLON says:

    LIKE I’ve said before, WE, need stronger STOLEN VALOR laws, and WE should prosecute these phonies.

  4. D. Phillips says:

    That’s one bad mofo of a liar!

  5. Another family of children having to face the cold and harsh reality that their father lied,to them and the family and community around them. Aside,from, Stolen Valor, it is the shame that will be brought upon the children at school and the badgering they will get from their peers.

    I wonder if there is some secret community where all these shit-sucking weasles run off and hide-out in? It would have to resemble a rat’s nest of,some sort?

  6. Ray Straining USN Ret ENCM/MDV says:

    I hope his American Legion Post takes his membership away

  7. Mark A. Cummings says:

    You’re a fat turd and you should bury yourself in shame. I feel sorry for your family that had to live with your lies and deceit.

    Mark Cummings BMCS (SEAL) Ret
    BUD/S Class 80

  8. Robert Mozes says:

    Dick Head

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