Gerald “Jerry” Allyn Fairman, Fake SEAL, Fake Vietnam Veteran


09/18/2017 by tangomike147

Jerry comes to us from Florida. It seems a couple of people were suspicious of his Vietnam SEAL claim. Jerry is the Commander of American Legion Post 183 in Fern Park Florida and also wears a cover for VFW Post 7414.


He wears the SEAL Trident on his cover and shirt. He also wears a Purple Heart, United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal.  Maybe he came to light because of his ribbon rack being out of order?  He is also missing some shooting medals and a Combat Action Ribbon that he would have received fighting in Vietnam.  That particular UN medal was not established until 1991.



Post 183, Fern Park Florida


I would hope that most military organizations would do a quick Google search before selecting a Commander to be sure he or she is of good moral character.







We checked the UDT SEAL Database for him and had a negative result.  We then ordered his records with a Freedom of Information Request.


The records we received do not seem to match the story being told.  Jerry seems to have barely over 11 months on active duty spanning 1971 and 1972.  He was an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate and was discharged as an E3.  Aviation Fundamentals is the only school listed for him and the only medal is the National Defense Service Medal.  I can’t be the only one wondering what the DD214 says that he gave to the Legion and VFW. Wearing an unearned Purple Heart may cause him some legal problems.

Jerry Fairman Facebook 

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Post 183

25 thoughts on “Gerald “Jerry” Allyn Fairman, Fake SEAL, Fake Vietnam Veteran

  1. Wilted Willy says:

    Another SEAL!! Why don’t the Rangers get any love any more? This old shitbird is just another lying sack of squirrel shit, I hope he runs into a very large group of real SEAL’s and they beat the living shit out of this drunk! He has a real nice criminal record, 4 DUI’s? Does he ride a bicycle to the post for meetings? I hope they throw this asshole out for good and do a little better job in the future of vetting their members. There is no excuse for this cocksucker getting by with his mental masturbation and visions of grandeur! You Jerry Fairman are a lying asshamster!

    • Get a hobby says:

      Lmfao! You are hilarious. I bet your boyfriend is proud!
      You don’t know a god damn thing about him. It’s funny how all you fucks are so quick to make assumptions and bash someone when you don’t have a fucking clue.

      • Tom Westhoven says:

        Listen moron I have known this guy for years… he was abusive to his wife for many of the years I have known him… don’t give me any of the bullshit I don’t even know him…your the idit that don’t know shit..

      • Wilted Willy says:

        Fuck you, you pole smoker, just look at this asshamsters record, fucking DUI’s all over the place, beats his wife as well! This cocksucker is nothing but a low life scumbag! You are the one who don’t know shit or you wouldn’t speak up for this wife beater. I will be glad to meet you at the post and beat your ass for you! How about you get a clue fucker!!!

  2. Robert Mozes says:


  3. […] again, our partners at Military Phonies send thier work on a phony SEAL, this Gerald Fairman fellow. He’s also the Post Commander of […]

  4. The Chief says:

    Wow!! Has anyone called the number to Post 183 yet?
    I messaged some of the officers of the post.
    I cannot believe he is the commander.

    • Get a hobby says:

      He’s the commander because he gives a fuck about the people. Y’all are so quick to judge and bash him, but you don’t even know him or what he’s done. Yea, he shouldn’t have lied. But he has done more for the people than any of you fucks.

      • Tom Westhoven says:

        Listen moron I have known this guy for years… he was abusive to his wife for many of the years I have known him… don’t give me any of the bullshit I don’t even know him…your the idit that don’t know shit..

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Fuck. Him.

    • Get a hobby says:

      I don’t think he’d take you up on that offer.. sorry.
      If you need a boyfriend/companion, there are many dating sites for people like you. 🙂

  6. My, My, My says:

    This mug shot is the best. Must have taken the advance ass kicking option.

    • Get a hobby says:

      You can shut the fuck up.. you don’t know the story or the situation. This is what he looked like because he wouldn’t fight back. He wouldn’t hit a female. Get a fucking life you piece of shit.

  7. Tom Westhoven says:

    I have known this clown for many years met him back in the 70’s he was a drinking buddy of my brothers who along with me are real Vietnam Nam veterans…… he was running around wareing a Navy Seal hat even back then I used to bust his balls about begin a Seal… I did point blank ask him if he was a Seal knowing he wasn’t but he just looked at me an smiled that’s when I told him he wouldn’t make a pimple on a seals ass…
    He never mentioned to me he was a Viet Nam vet because I would have confronted. Him on that shit.. have not seen or heard from him for a very long time… last I knew he lived in Manchester NY… until he popped up on my FB page about a year ago… glad to see this bastard got caught… wish my brother was still alive to hear this…

  8. Fucking irritated says:

    Now, I do completely agree that he shouldn’t have lied about any of this, but you cock smokers can shut the fuck up, especially if you don’t personally know Jerry. He should not have lied, put on a front, none of that. I know that’s very wrong of him. However, he has done a lot for the vets. When he still resided in Shortsville, NY, he started doing hot lunches and dinners for the veterans at the VFW Post 7414. People love him for what he does. The Canandaigua Post and V.A. speak very highly of him, not because of his service, but because he genuinely cares and does what he can. If he told people he didn’t serve, that he wasn’t a vet, they wouldn’t give a fuck, because that’s not what it’s about. He loves each and every person he has met through the posts. He is dedicated to the vets. Now, like I said.. I know what he did was wrong.. but he does a lot of good for the vets. I’m not gonna argue, not gonna sit here and go back and forth, but someone needed to point out the good that he does for the vets and the posts. Not just bash him. Nobody is fucking perfect. Obviously. People say and do fucked up things. That’s life. This man is dedicated to the vets and to the Legion and VFW. Clearly he shouldn’t have lied, but I’m sure he cares and does more than most of you fucks.
    Good day.

    • Iraq Vet says:

      So because he is a fantastic guy and started hot lunches, we should just forgive his false claims of being a seal among the sea of false awards. This is why nobody joins VFW or American Legion posts. They don’t require a 214. You defending a liar who happens to also be a criminal goes to show how low the standards are for being a commander at one of these posts. I will never join the VFW or Legion for that matter.

      • JL Humphrey says:

        I did have to show my 214 for the VFW here. This guy should be tossed out

    • Deckie says:

      He could have done all that without the embellishment… and outright lies. Stop defending a sack of shit and call him out for what he is…. a lying sack of shit.

    • Wilted Willy says:

      Fuck you! You don’t know the amount of work and money that any of us have done for the vets! How about you get a fucking clue! I don’t care how much shit he has done for anyone, the point is, cocksucker, that this assclowns entire life is nothing but a lie! Do all you want for the vets or anyone else, but don’t lie about who or what you are! Dave does more work for all of us than you could ever dream of, so go fuck yourself before you call out anyone on this site! Dave doesn’t put anything on this site that he can’t back up with actual FACTS! So go kiss your buddies ass and what ever else you like to kiss! FUCK YOU!!!

    • Skidmark says:

      Hypocrite much? You tell everyone not to judge this asshat because we don’t now him, yet you’re judging everyone here and you don’t know any of us…however we DO know alot about Jerry and his lying, we know far more about Jerry than you know about us here.
      Question since you know him so well…Is it true that Jerry gives handies out back of the Post for $20 a load and does circle sucks for $75 a group? Thanks.

    • Bill says:

      Yeah multiple DUIs, Felony DUI, Domestic Battery. Lied about HONOR, model citizen here. Needs to be fired and called out.

  9. Kris Ebert says:

    He used to hang around the VFW in Longwood, FL …Actually I thought he had transferred his VFW membership there…I knew something was amiss with him…Hummmmmm …….the VFW does require DD214’s but somehow 100’s slip thru the cracks…if you check out the roster of members at the Longwood VFW, I will bet you more than half of them are not legitimate Veterans. a few years back 6 of the members were challenged and found to be not legitimate, but there are quite a few more as well that were never challenged. Its sad, very sad….I tried to speak up but my voice wasnt loud enough….

  10. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    What a turd! Should be publicly scorned and humiliated!

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