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09/04/2017 by hombrerana1221

Jonathan Michael Visoky, AKA John, hails from Las Vegas, NV.  Military Phonies was contacted by a Navy SEAL (NS) that was at an event and ran into John claiming to have been a Navy SEAL that graduated in Class 173 (note to all, class 173 was the hardest class ever in the history of the SEAL Teams) and was at SEAL Team Two.



NS contacted this author at Military Phonies which I am a Navy SEAL, I will refer myself here as Military Phonies SEAL (MPS).  I should give myself a cooler name but MPS will work for this blog.  Class 173 was my BUD/S class which I (MPS) graduated from.  When NS asked for confirmation if Visoky graduated from Class 173, MPS informed NS that there was no Visoky in that class and MPS reconfirmed it by utilizing the UDT/SEAL Database.  

MPS sent a photo of Class 173 to the NS and which point he asked John that he point out which one was him.  At that point, John admitted to lying and that he was NOT a Navy SEAL and he never graduated BUD/S.  Funny, you can’t make this crap up, John should be happy that the NS didn’t kick the living crap out of him.  


After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Jonathan Michael Visoky completing BUD/S training.

Jonathan Michael Visoky’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



Based on John’s summary sheet, he did just over 4 years and 1 month of service and got out as an E-4.  John did go to BUD/S for approximately 1 month and 23 days.  With his time there he would have just been able to see my class graduate (Class 173).  John didn’t have time to break in his boots or even try on fins.  The NSW Center was contacted and it showed that John was in Class 176 but only made it a couple of weeks in.  John was never assigned to any SEAL Team.




9 thoughts on “Jonathan Michael Visoky – Fake Navy SEAL

  1. barbara1126 says:

    So sorry for all you legitimate veterans, that you have to read this; and that several former or current service members had to spend their precious time and resources investigating. For some reason, there appear to have been about 10 “Seals” unearthed as Posers in the past couple of weeks. This isn’t merely a sickness, it is an epidemic. Again, thanks so much to all of our nation’s _real_ veterans, in whatever capacity you have served.

  2. Scott says:

    He needs to learn how to spell. I hope he is not helping his kids with the Chive.😂

    • That was a result of his face turning purple during SEAL training. I think they forgot about him and left him at the bottom of the pool.

  3. Mark Lauer says:

    He had a perfectly honorable service record. And just getting IN to BUD/S is an accomplishment in and of itself, and something to be proud of! Not many Sailors can even make the cut to try out. He could have been content with that! There’s no shame in saying that he couldn’t finish. There are more men that can’t than there are that can, but every one of those men had the guts to try rather than say; “I almost went to BUD/S”.

    But, once again, honorable service isn’t enough, and a smudge pot has to shit all over it.

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  5. Wilted Willy says:

    What the hell is with all the fake SEALs this last couple of weeks? Why don’t the Rangers get some love? Where is this purple dickheads dog, vest, Harley and sunglasses at? Another phony that has to shit all over a perfectly honorable record? Enjoy your Google fame you cocksucking asshamster! I hope they drop you in the ocean and leave you there, with all of your SEAL training, you should be able to swim your way back home in no time!

  6. Walle, A. says:

    “I’m dyslexic, but unfairly diagnosed.”

  7. fckcatdong says:

    I emailed his business with the info provided. Since they’re closed on the weekend, I wonder what will happen tomorrow morning? Additionally, I live 10 miles from the business. I can do a walk in and show him my DD214. You know, to show what a real one filled out correctly looks like.

  8. Jennifer Chase says:

    “I got a blueberry for a daughter!”

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