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09/01/2017 by militaryphonies

William Lunsford comes to us from Morgantown West Virginia where he claims to have earned the rank of E-5 in the United States Army. From that, he claims to have been made an ” Honorary Lieutenant Commander ” This was due to him training US Navy SEALs in hand to hand combat.
ABOVE: Screen saves from text messages between William Lunsford and our source.
BELOW: Screen saves from a private message on Facebook between
William Lunsford and a Military Phonies investigator.
Actions conducted by Military Phonies; After gathering the information and evidence, Military Phonies filed for Mr. William Lunsford’s military service record under the Freedom of Information Act. The results of that request are listed below.

* Active duty from Sept 18, 1980 to Jan. 28, 1981 ( 4 months, 10 days).
* Discharged as a Private ( E-1 ) instead of ( E-5 )

Mr William Lunsford’s Record of Assignment page shows that Mr Lunsford attended Basic Armor Training at Fort Knox Kentucky on Nov. 7, 1980. He earned the MOS oef 19E10 Armor Crewman. From there he was discharged from the US Army on Jan. 28. 1981.
After receiving this information, Mr William Lunsford was approached by our investigator again.  At which time Mr. Lunsford gave the following replies listed below.

I know, it has us scratching our heads also. It was explained to Mr. Lunsford that there are classified missions, but there are no classified soldiers.  Mr Lunsford went on with the normal excuses of someone who has been caught in their own lies, complete with statements that he was homeless at the time and he doesn’t have long to live now.  We decided not to insert those screen saves into his blog of shame, mainly because it was too shameful watching a grown man grovel in his own self-pity.
Conclusion: With the evidence gathered comparing it with Mr Lunsford’s service record on file at the National Personal Records Center, Military Phonies can confirm that Mr William Lunsford was not an E-5 in the US Army. Nor was he ever an Honorary Lieutenant Commander training US Navy SEALs in hand to hand combat.
FaceBook acct.; https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004810808091 

6 thoughts on “William Lunsford; US Army, Honorary Lieutenant Commander Blog Of Shame

  1. Just pathetic. Phony Martial arts expert and Poser goes hand in hand’

  2. RollingDognut says:

    Dude would have made an outstanding Gunnie Sergeant

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  4. Bim says:

    I’m not sure what bothers me more, the scarecrow-ninja-secretSEAL pose or the tons of children’s toys in the background. Yikes. Stranger danger.

  5. Harold says:

    Maybe he trained them Hand to Gland!

  6. Anna says:

    This makes me mad as hell to see. I am a daughter of a WW2 Veteran. People like him doesn’t even deserve the right to have freedom. It’s a disrespectful matter that idiots like him does. He should be thankful I can’t reach through a computer and slap his face.

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