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08/24/2017 by hombrerana1221

John Siver II comes to the attention of Military Phonies from numerous Navy SEALs upset that John has claimed to be a Navy SEAL.  Information provided regarding John stated that he has applied to various jobs stating he was a Navy SEAL.  John had attended BUD/S but did NOT complete training.

John would have his friends/family/co-workers believe he is a SEAL without making corrections to his social media page.



Notice how he failed to correct his friend when talking about SEALS and their hair.  He clearly makes a statement about “Imagine” and “Locks would Flow”.

John’s previous employer had him listed as completing BUD/S, then it talks about his deployment overseas which he was selected out of a platoon element.  Not sure what Platoon Element John could have been part of since the SEAL Teams (Operators) are the only ones part of a Platoon.


Not sure how he became an operator as a DC2 Damaged Control rate (his claim of being an E-5).

“The duties performed by DCs include operating, repairing and maintaining installed firefighting systems and equipment, damage control equipment, and chemical, biological and radiological defense equipment. They train shipboard personnel in the operation, maintenance and repair of damage control systems and equipment, lifesaving devices, and various firefighting methods.

Damage Controlmen perform emergency repairs to decks, structures, and hulls by emergency pipe patching, plugging, and shoring. They perform maintenance and repair of watertight closures and assorted fittings and perform emergency repairs to piping fittings and fixtures.

DCs act as the ship’s Fire Marshal and fire fighting leaders, and they train the ship’s company in chemical, biological and radiological defense.”



John claims to have completed BUD/S class 226, very interesting…




This article has him listed as a former Navy S.E.A.L. – wonder how they received that info? Actually, we don’t…


John has been applying for jobs providing a power point to his job prospects:








It’s hard to believe he went into the Navy; then to BUD/S (didn’t make it) and he can’t figure out that SEAL is an acronym and that SEAL needs to be capitalized and NOT Seal.


After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of a John Siver completing BUD/S.

John Siver’s  military records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



Based on John’s DD-214 he did just over 4 years and 5 months, got out as an E-3, not as an E-5 which he states on his resume and Linken account.  It does show he went to BUD/s for about 6.5 months which most timelines would be 2 months of BUD/S prep, class-up quit or get dropped (1-2 weeks) then 4.5 months of being in the X-Division to process to a new command.






John made a post in private group in Facebook before deleting his account



26 thoughts on “John Siver II – Fake Navy SEAL

  1. RM3(SS) says:

    in for over 4 years, gets out as an E-3? Dickstepper. Wonder what happened in Italy?

  2. HARRY J DILLON says:

    THIS is why we need strong STOLEN VALOR laws.

  3. Platoon Chief says:

    Sorry just want to correct you on the Platoon thing. The NECC uses them in EOD platoons and Seabees have been using Platoon term as they use Battalions just like Marines. They are set up in regiments, Battalions, Company’s Platoons and Squads and Fire teams, this is so when attached with FMF side they talk same langue and basic Infantry tactics they receive, so they can defend themselves. Yes this guy is a big POS, I was in Soudan Bay the same time..

    • J Siver - Himself says:

      Platoon Chief,

      Did we work at the same command for Chief Baz? Now, I know none of us were Moto for Phys Security duty. I did do my job well. My evals at that command do not reflect your comments. I won top 3 in both MWR sponsored runs on that base. Was one of the Top PT scores in our command ( PHYS SEC) and base wide. I ran one and swam one. I promoted while at the command. I Received commendation from Master Chief Rabb who went on to be the 5th fleet M.C in Gaeta, Italy. My weapon quals were all on point. Received two other commendations for the volunteer service on the orphanage we painted. The other for BS Harp Duty.
      Chief Baz is online and can be reached. PJ is EOD West coast and would probably disagree. I keep in touch with a handful of guys from 17 years ago at that command. Why was I a P.O.S Possibly a personality conflict ? for the audience, we were all roughly 19-25 years old. Now in all fairness, the guys who wanted to be cops probably did not guy like myself and other guys that came from training. We probably did not like those guys.

      Now POS, may have come into play in my attitude of not wanting to work in a command of Military Police officers. Being overseas where there is little to do but try to hammer fellow sailors while not keeping standards, I may have been guilty of having a bent nose. Never for a lack of showing up, doing my job and looking after my buddies.

      Now I will take a beating for wrongdoings, screw ups and own up and make amends where I am wrong., Anonymously calling me a POS without stating your claim is pretty lame. I encourage you to reach out to me personally, if you care to carry the convo further.

  4. J Siver - Himself says:

    The article in Cville during my time owning a restaurant. I was 26, I made the mistake of allowing the female reporter to apply the seal accolade after discussing buds and my Navy time.

    The comment regarding seals hair and the vehicle being smashed ( Navy seal driving school) was partially in reference to Tom Black ( SEAL ) smashing a vehicle prior to me and another seal smashing one on the mentor team. It is a bit taken out of context. I acknowledge where that goes.

    In the company bio, I did not allude to Graduating buds. I classed up with 225 rolled to 226 with Injury. I was dropped as records show. I posted as support while waiting for Phys sec. Which is where we worked in platoons.

    As for my DD214. I went to NJP and was reduced in rank, no secret but certainly was not advertising.

    As for any reference to deployments that would be during 2006/7 through 2011 split between Iraq and Afghanistan with various companies and various capacities.

    My embellishment and allowing one to assume was cleared up and this was actually dealt with by another Seal and Maddog via the UDT/SEAL association about 5 years ago.

    I have worked in Defense and largely with NSW accounts in VB previously. It would not behoove me to personally or professionally to make that mistake again.. I atoned and learned from my mistake that did follow for some time.

    My background and has been open and accessible on social media since it was created. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions, I’m easy to be found in person as well. I did not secure employment by any of the above assumptions or claims. There are a lot of folks in this community who know me well and know my story. I feel as if someone is trying to rehash something that was put to rest and take some items out of context. JS

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      As much as you’re going to back pedal this is all in writing. It’s easy it point fingers at others but on your FB page your friend states “freaking SEALS and their hair ” why didn’t you say hey I’m not a SEAL? Because you wanted to show an image that you were a SEAL.

      Then at your job website it shows you competed your training with 226, lies, it should have said you failed out of BUD/S because you didn’t complete anything, you might want to look up the definition of completed.

      What platoon were you in?.

      YourINVISIO resume states “operates at highest levels of integrity” serious? What special operations background do you as an E-3 DC?

      On your linkedin account you list yourself as an E-5, is that the high integrity you wrote about?

      And your general background, you make it look like you’re in BUD/S and SEAL Team from 1998-2003, is that also the integrity you mention?

      Keep with your lies but every true frogman now knows your lies

      • Jsiver says:

        I was wrong with any play on words , innnuendk or embellishment that I became a seal or graduated from Buds. After rolling for injury in class 225 prior to hell week I rolled to class 226 . I completed hellweek in class 226 and left before 2nd phase class up . I left NSWC for Physical security and finished my time In the overseas. I should have been swift to correct . I am wrong and gravely mistaken. I’m embarrassed. I did not need to tell anyone about me attending buds or being a support element to gain employment. I could of and should of stood on my own merit.

        I apologize to the community in which I served outside of the military . I can assure going forward there will be no misunderstanding verbally or Written of my qualifications , accomplishments or titles , I humbly take what’s due.

    • Rolling Dognut says:

      “… but the government really made me into a detail person.”

      Wouldn’t a “detail person” ask a female reporter to correct an article that was posted online?

      Here’s a detail you left out. Which female reporter created your Power Point presentation in February of this year?

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  6. Chris Zettervall says:

    I have known John socially for the last 7 years and he has not once ever led me or any of my friends to believe he was ever an active seal. I don’t discount some of the discrepancies but I don’t think anyone reads his resume and thinks that he was ever an active SEAL.

    More to the point living in Virginia Beach and as part of a club of which John is a member and which has many active duty and retired SEALs as members there is no way that he is actively soliciting himself locally as having been a SEAL.

    I get the gist of what your are trying to do, but actively spending your time trying to ruin people’s lives based on taking snippets from here and there and then filling in the blanks to make a story is weak… The guy served, has a family, and is trying to make a living.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      We at MP appreciate you attempting to defend your friend. You might want to give him a call. Earlier he admitted to screwing up many years ago and then screwing up again by playing with words by saying he WAS a SEAL. We will add the post late but would like you to discuss this with him.

      Not sure why you would blame MP for John’s lies, these are screen shots and not made up stuff. Here at MP we also served, we have families and are trying to make a living without lying

      • Andrew K says:

        I echo Chris Zettervall’s feelings and experience’s having known John. I also agree with him that actively searching for “incriminating” topics on the web to do some sort of justice seems less than honorable. Not to mention, fishing for donations to make a living at the expense of others?

      • hombrerana1221 says:

        Andrew apparently you can’t read. You might want to look at John’s statement in this webpage, so before echoing Chris’ feelings get the facts. We don’t post feelings just facts!!!!

      • Chris Zettervall says:

        Your missing the point. I am not defending him as he owns the responsibility for the misrepresentations he has created. What I am telling you is that he is not one of the many people in Virginia Beach and elsewhere that has “being a SEAL” a part of how he is identified.

        The other larger point is that you are spending your time trying to ruin someone’s life for very minor transgressions for which he has taken ownership for and apologized. Instead of being with your family or raising money for veterans, or volunteering with kids you are in your basement sending out FOIA’s and acting like you are doing the country some huge service. All the time spent trying to damage people’s reputations could be time doing something that’s actually productive and useful.

      • hombrerana1221 says:

        Actually you might not understand what it’s like to serve or better yet serve as a SEAL. How do you know what he is really like considering his resume and FB posts and now he acknowledges his lies. You are defending his lies. We are NOT ruining his life, he made these actions.
        Funny how you are trying to blame MP for his action. Once you become an Elite member of the SEAL Teams come talk to us about this. Based on your post it’s easy to see that you have never served your country but only served yourself. We could sit here and debate you but it’s a lost cause considering you would never understand

      • Let us make sure we understand your reasoning. Siver made false claims about his military career in the past, he was continuing to do it again. We reported what he was doing and that means were have destroyed his life.

        Siver has admitted his recent transgressions and issued and apology. We suggest he go about his life without the embellishments…even he knows they are not needed for him to be successful in life.

        Siver should have corrected all of this on his own without us getting involved. He knew better.

  7. RECONZERO1 says:

    There’s a big point here that Hombre and MP is pointing out here. You don’t need to embellish or pretend to be successful, some however live the lie for so long and have even convinced themselves that there false history has become fact. Having worked with the SF community the hell that they go through, the brothers that they’ve lost, the time away from family and their dedication to service is beyond reproach.

    What John has done and continues to do through self promotion is wrong, to do it in a small tight knit community like VA Beach, with a family is outright foolish and extremely arrogant. It’s a slap in the face for those that have the distinction and honor of having been with NSW or DEV. He’s been outed and/or warned several times it seems and to be honest very lucky and fortunate not to have been more than verbally confronted.

    Siver is not the victim here and has brought this upon himself. No one has set out to “destroy” him, and the facts presented are not founded on simple heresay but fact and testimony.

  8. SBF240Gunner says:

    Siver, Stop bro! This has been going on for too long!

  9. Dave D says:

    I’ve known John for many years, both professionally, and as a close friend. John has always been honest with me about what he did and didn’t do in the Navy and following. I met him as a defense contractor, while I was working for another large defense contractor. John was in a position to win a very large piece of business from us, that I would ultimately decide who we would work with (Several Million for the initial order, ultimately 10M+ worth of business for his company). This would’ve been an ideal opportunity to lie or embellish, as they desperately wanted to be in the middle of this business. We had several options on who we wanted to work with, as all of this business would flow through TLS. When I asked John about his background (BTW irrelevant to this business), he explained about his time in the Navy, that he had gotten injured in BUDS, and later went on to his work in private security, and spent 6 years deployed in hot zones, providing private security for one of the most respected private security firms at the time. I too am a Navy veteran, on the Aviation side of the house. I want to provided a little additional clarity, as I believe some of these points are taken out of context. I would normally NEVER speak to someone’s personal background, but as his character is in question in such a public forum, I believe it’s important to add some additional insights. In his FB post, he mentions “No NJP (non-judicial punishment), and full status, “locks would flow”). What he’s actually responding, is that had he not gotten busted down (frocked to an E-5/busted down to E-3, as he was frocked), and had achieved full status (completed his BUDS training), he would’ve grown his hair out. I recognize that not everybody reading that post may have understood what he was saying. I can’t defend everything referenced in this document, but I can tell you that he’s worked incredibly hard to build his civilian career and to provide a good life for his family. He’s also quick to acknowledge and own his mistakes. I’m familiar with the stolen valor clowns who are out in this world, spinning lies, and capitalizing on the accomplishments of many brave heroes in our country. I don’t believe John falls into this category. One final note regarding “confusion”. Many people who worked with SOF units in support roles (particularly NSW) are often believed to have been operators, by civilians who think SOF/NSW/SEAL/USASOC/MARSOC/AFSOC/SOCOM and many other acronyms all mean the same thing. I’m not looking for a fight, and I work with many SOF and Tier 1 customers and friends. I just wanted to share my own personal experiences I have had with John, as I believe it’s important to provide a more robust picture of his actual character, as I know him.

  10. 13 yr Defense Contractor says:

    First I am seeing some of claims John Siver used a resume to get a free job(s) that are handed exclusively to Team Guys or heck any Tier 1 or 2 community members but yet I see no resume posted here to support that. I would like to also point out the likelihood of John making any claim while working within the defense contracting world and defense sales to customer like Development Group in the value of multimillions and other NSW customers, who can simply call Coronado to see who he is, well it is slim-to-none of that ever happening.

    I can say that I had the privilege of knowing John since 1998 from Buds, and followed by days in contracting for one of the top two Private Military Companies operating in CENTCOM AOR. John was never a NEX Seals or PX Ranger in the early days, he was just another A-type male trying to negotiate the program but fell victim to being one of the 5 to 1 that don’t make it. He found his own path, first contracting for a smaller company before getting vetted by the big boys and passing there training program gear to that contract. He work with people that had been instructors or candidates during his time at BUD/s, who knew he didn’t complete the program.
    John swallowed his pride, only to proved he could be a value you added to any contract and deployed overseas for many successful years. Never putting someone in danger because he was not a Seal, Army SF, Force, Recon or Ranger. He was a humble guy, that learned from everyone and anyone around him, worked his ass off, brought value added and did his job.

    His go-getter attitude, professionalism and his high level of customer service made him successful in the defense sales industry. Where once again he ran into guys he was at BUD/s with as a fellow candidate or those who instructed him. Throughout his tenure with defense sales, if he made any false claims of being a Seal, anyone would have called him out years ago.

    The only set aside jobs I know of for Tier 1 or 2 personnel which still require TS/SCI clearance and those jobs can be found on and

    I can say from first hand, high volume sales, end-to-end, B2B, internal or external, and supply chain value added sales, are a much different beast and most people are not cut out for it. John seem to have found success there as well. If John was anything but what I have known him to be in the past 19 years, he could not survive in any of the industries, he has found success time after time. He is a person of high moral character, integrity and honor. Yes has made some mistakes along the way. Like everyone here, when 9/11 happened he answered a call and took the fastest way just like the other 200,000 contracts to present date that have served overseas; risking life for country, providing logistical, medical, aviation, training, intelligence, security and everything else in between. Supporting all efforts to every US Government Agency and US/Collision Uniform Forces.

    I can speculate a few probabilities that happen here because John went from point A to point C in life, finding a great career path. John also has a smart BEAUTIFUL family, which he has protected as much as I have mine. In not taking them to military functions because every Jody would try to perp while he was deployed. So I can see jealousy in a lot of these posts and a high level of falsity within them.

    I encourage the admin of this website, Scotty to ask his source what was their source of this information, how was it obtained and what was his intend behind it, because I believe there is much more to this story. Especially if person I believe is behind this submission, I know he has a vendetta against John for being called out of his violation of the code within the brotherhood he is apart of. (which John is not but had the courage to call this person out.) I welcome Scotty to email me and I can provide the name I believe is behind the false submission, he can answer with a simple yes or no.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      It looks like you should write John’s resume next time just remember to leave the SEAL part out. I would recommend you encourage John not to lie. It’s funny how you guys are blaming everyone else for JOHN’S actions, you might want to discuss with him what he did.

    • ptbh says:

      We never asked for character witnesses. We don’t need long-winded speculations from the Mutual Admiration Society. This is about Stolen Valor. If you have something relevant to post on the facts at hand, so be it. I see nothing but fluff in your post.

  11. rgayer says:


    I have known John since 2006 when he first moved to Virignia Beach after his entrepreneurial days as a restauranteur.

    This was the time he was beginning his overseas contracting career. I do not work in the defense industry, but I am from the area and have a good understanding of the military and the pride and honor that goes with serving. I am also aware occasionally people in the community try to claim those honors to bolster their personal or professional appearance.

    I have known John for over 10 years am not under the impression he was once a SEAL nor that he graduated from SEAL training.

    Being a friend of his and involved in social and charitable organizations (some that i introduced him to), I feel I would have known if he was trying to give the wrong impression. I have always thought that John was proud of being a part of training in the Navy. I also noticed people within Special Warfare side of the Navy were kind to him and helped him along that transition. Seemed to me he always tried to pay-it-forward. He was active with events and fundraising and it wasn’t to attach himself to anyone’s wagon.

    Just reading all of this and interjecting my own experiences and knowledge here. I remember that 2005 restaurant article being a mistake and haunting him. I do not recall the time this came up, but I do remember John having to make some calls to ensure people had the right assumption and clear any wrong perceptions. The facebook post that seems to be taken out of context or read into was around 2008/2009 while he was deployed as part of some sort of spoof on a series of vehicle accidents. I do not think it would be possible for his co workers at that company to be under the wrong impression. I am also not seeing anywhere that in social media or resumes or any bios where John claims to have graduated from SEAL training or was a SEAL. I also do not hear anyone in this forum saying that John told them any of this directly. Seems to me like people are rehashing the same thing that was laid to rest years ago.

    In summary, I think the main point people are reaching for here on this website, is a stretch. Maybe someone is personally upset with John, maybe someone wants to dig up an issue and try to cause personal damage? This is a hardworking guy who would give the shirt off your back, return your tools, pay you back and be there at 4:55 if you said 5 o clock. I believe he made something of himself on his own merit in his contracting career and in sales as well.

    I’m a little taken aback at how harshly people who don’t even know him have piled on.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      I’ll make this clear, John admitted to lying, he admitted to word play and admitting to the article. I doesn’t matter what you believe, this is what was posted in his resume, on a website, having been around the military gives you an understanding of what each of us went through?
      In summary read John’s apology. I know he says he failed an exam but we have not reached out to the NSW Center yet but our understanding is he QUIT before hellweek, if you like we can obtain those records?

    • ptbh says:

      Please see comments above – we never asked for character witnesses. This is not a trial. We are not interested in your “feelings”. This is about Stolen Valor. If you have something relevant to post on the facts at hand, so be it. I see nothing but fluff in your post.

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