Darren Bavaro, US Navy Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom Blog Of Shame


08/23/2017 by militaryphonies

Military Claims / Comments: Passed out fake dd214 claiming 2 purple hearts and combat wounded. Shown below are copies of his real and fake dd214’s. He served 1yr 10 months, no combat.  Claims to be a Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom  War Veteran and wears combat ribbons as part of the American Legion in Lyndhurst New Jersey. 
Suspect Branch of Service: Navy

 ABOVE: FaceBook screen save of Darren Bavaro telling one of the investigators  for Military Phonies that he is a Gulf War and OIF Veteran.
BELOW; Text messages between Darren Bavaro and our source.

ABOVE; Enlarged copy of the fake dd-214 that Darren Bavaro sent in the text messages between himself and our source. 
BELOW; A copy of Darren Bavaro’s dd-214 that our source sent to Mr Bavaro which he claims isn’t his.  
BELOW; A copy of Darren Bavaro’s dd-214 and Record of Assignment sheet sent to Military Phonies from a Freedom of Information request that Military Phonies sent to the National Personnel Records Center. Please note that the dd-214 we have and the dd-214 that our source provided are exactly the same except for the separation and re-enlistment codes don’t show on the copy that we obtained.
SUMMARY and CONCLUSION; Using the information provided by our source and one of our investigators. Mr Darren Bavaro is trying to present himself as a combat wounded veteran of the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The medals that Mr. Darren Bavaro wears on his American Legion uniform match the medals that Mr. Darren Bavaro lists on his fake dd-214.  Putting all of this information together, we can confirm that Mr. Darren Bavaro is embellishing his military service record. 


FaceBook; https://www.facebook.com/dmbavaro1

7 thoughts on “Darren Bavaro, US Navy Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom Blog Of Shame

  1. RM3(SS) says:

    LOL! On his Facespace he describes himself as “Honest, caring and trustworthy”
    3 lies in one!


  2. RM3(SS) says:

    I just noticed, on his doctored DD-214, he left his real discharge code. LOL! MILPERSMAN 1910-122

    Yep, Honest and trustworthy, check!


  3. Andrew Jillard says:

    He must have been a military god if he was awarded a Legion of Merit as an enlisted man.


  4. Pete Leonard says:

    Lousy lying POS


  5. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Darren Bavaro fellow, who claims that he was wounded twice in combat and […]


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