Chris M. Ford the ‘Secret Military Police’ phony


06/05/2017 by militaryphonies

Where to start with this one? Chris Ford popped up on our radar sometime ago when folks started asking about his clandestine life as an Army Secret Military Police force member. Ford an author of non- he,he (sorry) fiction has written novels regaling his time as a top secret assassin / operative ( you know one of those, can’t tell ya about it, except on Facebook type operative) while secretly assigned to the U. S. Army ‘Secret Military Police’.

Ford chronicles his real life experiences as a member of the ‘Secret Military Police’ in a series of books he’s written. We can only assume he got Presidential permission to write these. Below is volume one in a series of 10.


If you thought I was joking, below is a screen shot of his ‘buy my books’ page, and a link to it.


Another non- hahaha,,(sorry again) fiction book written by Ford is a book called ’26 Days With Saddam Hussein’. This is the chilling recount of Ford’s interaction with Saddam before his death, and the promise to Saddam the truth would be told!



Recruited by the Secret Military Police which only had one class that started with 143 potential recruits, but only graduated 21 (including Ford), and only 3 of these Shadow Warriors are still alive today! Don’t believe me? Well below the badass says it himself!


Notice the 214 in the comment above? We’ll get to it soon enough.

As with any Shadow Warrior Ford has his true believers. The screen shot below shows the lengths some of these people will go to defend their hero.


How dare someone call Chris Ford out for Stolen Valor!! Who would be brave enough to do that with 3 still living Secret Military Police veterans out there?? The answer is simple, we would! Remember the DD- 214 I said we would get too? Well here it is below blown up for your viewing pleasure.


Looking at the accomplishments of this steely eyed killer one would think he is the epitome of the man’s man! The baddest of the bad! right? Well looking at his military photo below, we are going, huh?


We’ve tried to sort through the abomination of the 214 he posted as best as we could, below was a list one of our investigators started making about this piece of 214 treasure, but his eyes started bleeding so you’ll have to figure the rest out for yourselves.

break down

As you can see Ford writes not only non-fiction but fantasy fiction as well.

On to Military Phonies version of non- fiction! A FOIA was requested for Ford’s military records, the results of which are posted below.




Unless a super secret branch of the government stared directly into the steely eyes of this killer and said, “Yep we want him as an assassin” something is amiss with Ford’s account of his service. His records show active duty from 86-89, that’s a far cry from the 16+ years on his posted 214. After a trip to Germany, Ford came back to the states to begin his career as an Army Reserve soldier for 3 more years. He was back on the street as a civilian by 92. His official records don’t show any of the awards he has on his high speed 214. The only awards listed are the Army Rainbow Ribbon, and Overseas Service Ribbon. Not even the coveted Fire Guard Ribbon (National Defense Service Medal) is there. Ford shot up the ranks to PFC/ E-3 when he left active duty, not quite the MAJ/ O-4 he claimed on his 214 ( He actually claimed LTC/O-5 but that 214 was to secret to show).

The active unit listed in the FOIA matches the unit Ford has listed on his Facebook profile.


Conclusion! Chris M Ford is not the secret squirrel he would have his followers believe. I guess when you are writing military spy novels, and Interview with a Vampire (Saddam) type books, and calling them non-fiction you need to create a fantastic military background for yourself to help bolster sales. Problem with that is someone is going to catch you, we did!


‘Buy My Books’ website:


35 thoughts on “Chris M. Ford the ‘Secret Military Police’ phony

  1. jeffery d monroe says:

    I knew he was fake when I saw MOS and also O-4 Major -also Ft McClellan has been officially closed as a active duty base since 1995. I should know I served with the Alabama Army National Guard. We have a Mount Site ,Cement Barracks, Some Wooden Barracks Alabama OCS and some schools plus a chow hall and a small px/class 6 on post and Homeland Security has a office on post. Also a lot of the wooded area is off limits due to UXOs .


  2. Jeff says:

    It would be interesting to know the web-site where that guy adamantly defends this ass-wipe to see what is being written now.


  3. Michael Hanrahan says:

    Wow, WTF ???


  4. Skippy says:

    BHWHAHAHAHA ! ! ! !


  5. Bom2motiv says:

    I needed a laugh like this in the morning. SECRET POLICE

    Liked by 1 person

  6. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on the Chris Ford person with us. Mr Ford created a persona to help him sell what […]


  7. Ranger Joe Shelley says:

    But you forgot him being arrested in Florida.


  8. HAWKEYE says:

    Need Jail time and we will see how big of a bad ass he is.


  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    I suggest that Mr. Ford retract his non-fiction description of his storybooks and relabel them ‘historical fanfiction’ or something similar. He’s being ridiculous. And he needs to hire an editor before he spills any more words onto the printed page.


  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’d also like to add here that in his books he is plagiarizing the work of other authors, e.g., Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’, which was the basis for the movie ‘Blade Runner’, in his ‘I’ve seen things your people never see’.

    He is not just the possessor of a phony resume. He is also a below-average writer.


  11. Michael Wilson says:

    Cease and desist use of any screenshots from the Facebook group “Ft. McClellan’s Toxic Secrets and The Health Registry Act. This is a private/closed group and this violates Facebook’s TOS. It is also violates numerous laws in regards to individual’s privacy rights.


  12. nevin8tor says:

    Great job calling out this wannabe hero. I’ve seen his B.S. On various sites. Thanks for taking the lead on this!


  13. Michael Wilson says:

    Whoever posted the above “Mike Wilson” post … that is not me lol. Now we’re bordering on legal action if you bring my honorable service and discharge into question. Now, I don’t know Ford from adam but nobody has presented irrefutable, credible,and sourceable proof that he is a fraud. After seeing the “Mike Wilson” post above, which doesn’t even resemble me, it shows folks the wackjobbery going on in here.


    • So you have irrefutable proof of Ford’s career? We got our records on him straight from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). I would love to see what you have. Sorry if we had you confused with a different whiny little bitch, but you sounded so much like his little bitch ass it was scary!


      • Since you’re posting on our site I assume you would like folks to know who you are, so I unblocked your name in the screen shot above. Thanks for playing!


      • Michael Wilson says:

        Everyone’s a tough guy behind a keyboard. It ain’t my job or desire to investigate or discredit anyone. I actually hope that Ford turns out to be the real deal … now that would be a conversation worth reading. But until then, it’s fun to watch a bunch of cucks act like a bunch of hens with all the gossip. I SERIOUSLY hope you continue to slander my service. 82-85 MP @ Ft. Stewart, GA and Ft. Carson, CO. Honorable discharge / e-4


      • Awesome! Thank you for your service! Maybe it’s Ford you should be talking to, If you were Army for 3 years and believe that abortion of a DD214 Ford posted, maybe you should have someone else look at it also, maybe explain it to you.


    • Joseph Shelley says:

      That is the funniest Mike story I have ever read. This is must reading.


    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Sounds like someone got a case of the butt hurt because he believed someone that lied about his service and his BS -214. Mike, give it a rest… Chris Ford has “rocked the lie” to more people that you and you probably are not the first one to find out about it. If you want to believe Chris, then do so… his 214 is so jacked up that any Admin weenie that tried pulling that off in any Admin shop would be digging ditches for years.


  14. Michael Wilson says:

    All good with me lol. I have nothing to hide. I have a REAL website with thousands of members, that are actually helping veterans. Sooo, post away skippy, it’s entertaining 😉


  15. Stephen Griswold says:

    Ford asked for stories of people who were at Ft. McClellan. Those people were used. What can be done? He published those stories. He says he’s in Bogota, do we know if that’s true or is it more fantasy?


    • Mark Lauer says:

      Personally, I think that’s a bunch of bogota.


    • JayC2 says:

      I believe he is in Florida still. His wife listed as working in Florid, previously lived in Ohio.
      His wife is from Colombia, so he is using her previous hometown as a way to hide where he is living.


  16. Ranger Joe Shelley says:

    If you see Chris let him know some people are looking for him.
    NCIC warrant W681528073…full extradition by US Marshalls Service. ..Contact. ..USM HQ Arlington Washington DC.


  17. Mark Lauer says:

    I took a look at the US Code he cited for his ordered recall. He was referring to 10 USC 12304 07A which IS actually a provision for recalling military personnel in cases of National Emergency, however, the law only applies to Active Reserve and Ready Reserve units, and is not Top Secret in any way, manner, shape or form. In fact, POTUS would not make the order to an individual personally, but through DOD, and the member’s Unit Command.
    I wonder if he bothers reading these things before he includes them?


  18. Ranger Joe Shelley says:

    Some people are so lucky that they still get email replies back from Mr. Chris Ford.

    I got an email back from Ford – not from the one that I sent to him. He reached out to me on my everyday email account that I have listed on my Facebook account. It contains the usual misspellings and grammatical errors.
    Here’s his message:

    Mr. XXXXXX
    I am informing you on a professional level that you are hear by ordered to cease and desist and and all contact with myself or any one I am associated with with respect to the slander and libel being used against me.
    The DSA and FBI along with my attoney are in the process of getting all information from Facebook and public records with regards to the threats made against myself and children. 2 days ago the people involved also verbally threatens an 83 year old lady e.g
    My mother. This is a very serious crime you and your people are committing especially involving obesity family with threats. It is on record what ypu and your group has been doing.
    I suggest that you loose my info and contacts and walk silently away. And tell your people to do the same.
    Chris Ford


    • He’s such an idiot. His cease and desist order really scares us. The furthest thing he wants to do now is contact an attorney.


      • Mark Lauer says:

        Right out of Poser 101.
        When are these guys gonna learn that only a COURT can issue a CDO, and then it has to be served in a proper and legal manner, on LEGAL DOCUMENTS.
        Also, federal agencies such as the FBI, DSA, CIA, DIA, NSA, BATFE, or M-O-U-S-E, do not involve themselves in civil cases of libel and slander.
        So, as far as threats go, that old “the FBI and my attorney are watching you” threat isn’t a threat so much as it’s a piece of comedy that has grown very stale from over use.
        You’d think a writer could come up with something more original.


    • “especially involving obesity family with threats” Did you threaten to make his family fat?


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