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Dean Dominguez hails from Denver, CO and his name has come up in the SEAL Community over the last 18 years.  Dean is currently a suspended Adams County  Sheriff Deputy in Colorado.  He is on administrative leave for domestic violence.  Military Phonies was contacted after his arrest.  Members of Military Phonies have heard of Dean over the last few decades with claims of being a Navy SEAL at SEAL Team Two in the 90s and SEAL Team Five in the 2000s.  Dean was arrested in 2016 and his trial is still pending.


If you look at one of the news reports Dean picked up his wife and slammed her onto the floor for spilling Red Bull drink on the carpet.  Then he closed fist punched her, grabbing her head and then started shaking it.  This is when the 12-year-old daughter call 911.





The wife stated that “He’s thrown a chair.  He’s thrown dog kennel.  He’s thrown and hit me in the face with his wedding ring.”  Sadly the wife states that she previously called the police but once the police arrived she claimed that it was swept under the rug and they only spoke to him.  We hope there is NO cover up here from Law Enforcement or the District Attorney’s Office.  We only hope for the safely of the wife and daughter.






One of our own writers at (actual SEAL – Teamguy) came across Dean in 1999 at a Denver Gun Show.  During this show, the he saw Dean with a SEAL shirt at which time he asked him a few questions.  Dean stated he was at SEAL Team Two and BUD/S class 178.  After our Teamguy stated that he was at SEAL Team Four, Dean then stated that he did secret missions in South America.  Pre-9/11 SEALs had their own Area of Operation (AO) and no Teams crossed into each other’s AO without the other SEAL Team knowing.  Our Teamguy immediately confronted Dean and ask simple questions that only SEALs or other SOF units would know.  Dean couldn’t answer and never backed down from his claim.  Military Phonies doesn’t like to post hearsay stories but this is from one of our own and we stand behind his statement without hesitation.

Dean is currently going through a divorce after the charge of Domestic Violence.  Military Phonies was able to obtain the divorce transcripts.  

In the transcript below Dean is asked about his military service at which time he claims to be a Navy SEAL and that he served with SEAL Team One and SEAL Team Five.  Dean was questioned about stolen valor at a consulting gig for ****** Tactical.



Below Dean is questioned about his DD-214 which showed he was separated from the Navy for a personality disorder.  Why is the Sheriff’s Office hiring people who were discharged from the Military for a personality disorder?  This can’t be good for the citizens of Adams County Colorado.

The Attorney then states to Dean that he was never in the SEALS, Dean states “No, I served with the team.”  That sounds like perjury to us, maybe the District Attorney can explain to us why it is not.   



Below Dean states that he didn’t make money representing himself as a SEAL at ***** Tactical.  There is a picture of Dean on FB at ****** Tactical (posted later on his page).




Again he is asked if he made money as Navy SEAL, Dean states that he received monies as a law enforcement liaison and medical assistant.  Dean admits to representing himself as a Navy SEAL to family, friends and ***** Tactical.

This divorce court is in Denver, CO.  We are seriously wondering if they will look into perjury and Stolen Valor charges.  It appears to us that Dean made money, at least in part, by representing himself as a Navy SEAL to ****** Tactical.






Below shows Dean admitting to knowledge of 3 internal affairs investigations at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office concerning him.




***** Tactical FB page shows Dean as an ex-Navy SEAL and below are a few messages on FB inquiring about Dean and his background.








After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Dean Dominguez ever completing BUD/S OR being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Dean Dominquez’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

It shows dates of service: August 23, 1994 to May 19, 1995, which is 270 days or 8 months and 27 days.  Court records document a DD-214 with just over 1 Year of service.  In either event, that is NOT long enough to complete Boot Camp, “A” school and BUD/S, so we have no doubt he would not have been able to serve at SEAL Team One and SEAL Team Five.




In Conclusion

It’s obvious that Dean never attended BUD/S and was NEVER a Navy SEAL.  He does not appear in the SEAL Database as having ever attended BUD/s, a prerequisite for all legit Navy SEALS.     

The big question is will the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs investigate his claims of being a SEAL and will the Denver District Attorney’s Office look into his suspected perjury and potential Stolen Valor?  How can Dean still be a Law Enforcement Officer if he is lying to a Court and lying to his family, friends and employers?  






13 thoughts on “Dean Dominguez – FAKE NAVY SEAL

  1. […] folks at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Dean Dominguez, formerly a deputy sheriff with Adams County, […]

    • Fred says:

      Don’t share this people. It isn’t true. See my reply below.
      Please remove this until your facts are checked. Thank you.

      • We check our facts long before we post anything on this site. We only share what we stand behind. We have seen the DD214 he provided, it clearly states he was discharged for a personality disorder.

        There ya go, facts checked…you are welcomed.

      • Fred says:

        prove to me that he provided this information and, I’ll come to where you are personally apologize. HE DID NOT PROVIDE IT. You or someone provided it. As for the DD214, it is what it is, there are numerous reasons why someone is discharged with a DD214. My uncle was discharged with one because his son was killed while he was in training, and he couldn’t handle it. Your fact checking is what you could find on the Internet. You looked for whatever would support your claim and posted that. If you’re gonna call someone out, call them out correctly. You stated that he is posing as a Navy SEAL, WHEN IN FACT is it you who is stating that.
        Don’t believe everything on the internet people. If everything was fact, we’d all be billionaires from some uncle who is King in some unheard of Country.
        Think about this for a moment, not one single person is without mistakes, or regrets. What if it were you being called out for a lie someone posted about you. due to an ongoing cases, Mr. Dominguez is not allowed to speak about anything re,aged to it, and neither should you be allowed to either.
        You keep referring to his DD214, however isn’t this about him claiming to be a SEAL? Instead you choose to highlight his discharge.
        Since you were able to obtain this, why not ball up and reach out to Dean and get the truth from the man you are trying so hard to go after. Don’t hide behind the Internet or this site. I’m sure if I knew who you were, I’d be able to find things on you that are not so appealing. I’m no Saint, trust me.

        So, again CHECK YOUR FACTS. As I stated in my first response, you proved nothing except that he was inThe Navy and was discharged. So take this down.

        Thank you.

      • It stays up, it will always stay up. His DD214 was used in a Court proceeding, you are free to go down to the court house and get that case printed out for you. He was never a Navy SEAL and was put out of the military for having a personality disorder. That is a fact.

  2. Zac says:

    I’m more concerned about the worrisome “vetting” process by the Adams County Sheriffs Office. How does a law enforcement agency allow someone who’s discharged with personality disorder get hired on?

  3. Walle, A. says:

    Dry Counties didn’t buy it.

  4. Fred says:

    Zac, the “vetting” process is as grueling as any other in Adams County. I was turned down for Jefferson County, because my eyesight Wasn’t 20/20 and I didn’t want to do Lasiks. If Dean was discharged for a personality disorder, I really don’t think he would have passed the app,I cation process, nor the psych exam. And I highly doubt that they would have allowed him into the academy, much less hire him.
    THIS MY OPINION! Not a fact.

    • Well, apparently they did. Seems they are all being as quiet as church mice.

      • Fred says:

        Who is “they” when referring to being quiet? Are you talking about the Sheriffs office? No one is being quiet.
        “They” are just choosing not to open up their mouths until they find out the truth. Unlike others, who hear something they don’t like, so they jump on the bandwagon.
        Apparently, if he had a personality disorder, he would have been fired. Again, you don’t know what the reason for the DD214 is, and neither do I.
        I’m just choosing, from experience, not to jump in a bandwagon of assumptions.

      • Choosing to not open their mouths…is the very definition of being quiet. “They are being quiet”. All anyone, including you, have to do is ask him to sign an SF-180 and mail it in. The U.S. Government will send you his complete records. That’s all the Sheriffs Department had to do to verify his service. That all anyone has to do. We did not jump on a bandwagon of assumptions either, thats why we ordered his records during our investigation.

    • Karly says:

      The departments across the country are under funded and overworked and do not have the resources the properly vet people psychologically nor do they want to limit there resource pool of applicants. The public is forced to vet public officials thru any means necessary, for our own safety. There are a lot of good cops but there are some that have no business having a badge and gun. I’ve had to help a few make career changes against their will. The requirements are lax and that’s all there is to it!

  5. TooCute says:

    One of the Facebook posts in this article states that Mr. Dominguez….”Stated that he was based out of Coronado about the time Operation Red Wings (2005).”

    In 2005, Dean Dominguez was employed at Adams County Sheriff’s Office. I know this because I SAW HIM THERE. Adams County, Colorado is far, far away from Coronado. Pretty hard to be in two places at once.

    BTW, you all talk about the vetting process for law enforcement agencies as if they actually keep out any psychologically deviant candidates. My father had a personality disorder until the day he died. He was a law enforcement officer for 28 years.

    Also, Dominguez told me he was on SEAL team six.

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