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03/15/2017 by hombrerana1221

Dale William Burke from Thompson North Dakota claims to be an Army Ranger. Apparently, for quite some time Dale has been telling people that he was an Army Ranger.  Mr. Burke then starting bragging to young (minor) Navy SEAL prospects about being an Army Ranger, complete with some incredible physical accomplishments.

In the message below, Dale’s writes of his alleged Best Army PT test (gray dialogue box).  This struck some as truly exceptional and at the same time – truly hard to believe.


When Dale was questioned by the young Navy SEAL prospect because something didn’t seem right, Dale contacted the young prospect’s High School teacher and Principal. Dale complained that he was disrespected by the young man.  The principal counseled the prospect and then contacted his parents.  Mr. Burke felt it was necessary to threaten his family with a lawsuit and called the family leaving a message.  How dare someone to call Dale out!

We know that the young man who raised objections to Dale has not been acting appropriately.  It is our understanding that the school had to step in to correct some inappropriate behavior by this young man.  Family members of Mr. Burke should not have been drawn into the argument.  When conduct becomes disruptive in the school it should be dealt with appropriately.  

Military Service Record Obtained Under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)




Based on these official records, Dale did serve in the Army 7 years 2 months and 23 days.  He was a Radio Teletype Operator while on active duty, designated “Radio TT Operator” in his records.

It doesn’t show anywhere on his records that he attended Ranger Training Battalion.

In summary, a review of Dale Burke’s official military records shows NO Ranger School and/or NO Ranger Command.  It’s extremely alarming that he would threaten a lawsuit on a minor and his family over embellished military claims.  We do however understand his objection to having his own family being mistreated.  

If anything he owes the young man and his family an apology.  It appears that if Mr. Burke was not embellishing  his military service, none of this would have happened in the first place. 




6 thoughts on “Dale William Burke – Fake Army Ranger

  1. I would advise the parents to sue him. You are the punk……UGHHH

  2. I think he must have gotten those PT scores after watching “Universal Soldier” too many times.

  3. Frankie Cee says:

    Dale William Burke, Radio operator, why do you want to stand in the blood of better men than you, making false claims, and shitting all over the 7 years service that you had? You were not a Ranger, didn’t attend Ranger School, and were not in the Regiment. Now you are becoming Goooooooooooooogle famous, you dope.

  4. […] It seems a young man involved in the program got tired of hearing about all of his claims and sounded the bullshit alarm.  This caused Mr. Burke to get his panties all in a bind so he had the principle of the school admonish the young man for speaking up.  He also took it upon himself to call the Parental Unit of the young man threatening her with lawyers and the such.   You can listen to the message he left and review the rest of the case over at militaryphony.com […]

  5. Dennis says:

    I’m so sick of hearing grown men whine about being “disrespected” I could puke!

    Get over yourselves, biyatches.

  6. Slade gallagher says:

    It’s shamefully to steal valor from an who has earned it Dale you are a fuckin thief

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