Michael Lattea; Coward, Thief, Scammer


05/07/2016 by militaryphonies

BOLO…We have been warning people about Michael Lattea for a couple of years.


Our friends over at thisainthell.us received a disturbing call from the widow of a fallen veteran that Lattea had taken her money.  This clown has a long history of ripping people off.

He uses his status as a Veteran to get his foot in the door and apparently leaves nothing but damage to life and property.

If you run into this clown please contact us.  You can read the rest of this story over at  thisainthell.us 


Source: Michael Lattea; coward, thief : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

2 thoughts on “Michael Lattea; Coward, Thief, Scammer

  1. Alison says:

    This person tried to get money from me. He said he’s got a small child and is a widow.


  2. Alison says:

    I was talking to this creep only the other week.
    He claims he has a young baby girl back in the states.
    He says he’s a widower.
    He asked for money then the alarm bells started to ring loud and clear!!


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