Albert Adams, “Soaring Paws” phony wounded pilot : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here


05/06/2016 by militaryphonies

The people over at bring us this disgrace.

BOLO… Albert Adams and Soaring Paws charity.

UPDATE: Before anyone donates money to anything this guy is involved in I would suggest you take into account his attitude about your generosity.


It appears Albert has been the focus of law enforcement in the past.  Now he seems to have his own following on FB.

I doubt its the kind of following he was looking for.  Our guess is he will be having more attention from law enforcement in the future.


If you want to see more about this guy and his asshattery please visit your friends over at

Source: Albert Adams, “Soaring Paws” phony wounded pilot : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

52 thoughts on “Albert Adams, “Soaring Paws” phony wounded pilot : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

  1. Nancy McKnight says:

    Thank you from Ottawa, Canada.

  2. Paul Mitchell says:

    This is all not true I know Mr. Adams and he is %100 truthful and honest and an awesome pilot and pet owner animal lover too this is just a smear campain and libel and slander that will be dealt with by Mr. Adams lawyers. I flew with him in the USAF so I know hes the truth.

    • Listen up Albert, if you are going to sock puppet using the same computer its not going to work. Not the brightest crayon in the box are we?

      • arhauptiii says:

        I especially love the line “I know hes the truth”

      • Mark Lauer says:

        Jeez, he didn’t even read that chapter in “How To Be A Poser”???

        You’d think these fuck sticks would at LEAST get to chapter 2.

    • Former AF says:

      I knew Airman Adams, he was put out of the AF for theft, all this other bullshit he is saying is just lies! I wonder if Mitchell knows you are using his name on here!

      • Lakeesha Styles says:

        Really? How do you know him? What units were you in?

    • Joan Ellis says:

      Paul Mitchell, on the TAH thread you posted as Peter. Which is it? Peter? Paul? Next time could you post as Mary? Still waiting for you to answer the questions you offered to answer over on TAH. Perhaps you can’t find the page again? Just look at my Facebook page and it will guide you there Grasshopper. Or Google your veryownself. Karma and Dogma in the same weekend, Kinda like a slip and slide isn’t AA?

    • Albert Adams says:

      Paul your always a great friend thank you for sharing the truth about me to these internet cyber bullies and yes my lawyers have been in contact with this site hosters and also the other sites hosters so it is only a matter of time before these sites and there lies are gone off the internet for good and I can get back to my honest life.

      • Joan Ellis says:

        Paul, seems that Albert lost your address. You may need to send it to him again so he can add you to his board of Directors. Hey Goose? How you doin’? That’s your brother right?

      • Joan Ellis says:

        Albert, you need to look over your billing hours from your lawyer. This Ain’t Hell and their “HOSTERS” have not heard from your “Lawyer” Maybe share his/her name so we can reach out to the great representation you have behind you. (really, you think freedom of speech only applies to your freedom? Are you that dense?)

      • arhauptiii says:

        Oh goody! It’s been awhile since someone pulled the “my lawyer is getting the site shut down” card. Why, I remember when a lawyer had This Ain’t Hell shutdown forever…… Oh, wait- every time someone has said that, it NEVER HAPPENED! Seriously- you want this to go away, then you have 2 options: 1, admit the truth, at which point this will be appended to include your apology; or 2, post proof that either you didn’t make these claims, or that you made the claims and they’re true.

      • Just wondering WHY no one has ever heard from your “Lawyers” The State of Florida, The Tampa Bay Times, This Ain’t Hell, Military Phonies, Atlas Aviation, the FAA, and myself and a few others have been waiting almost two months, and still nothing. I still live at the same address, and have the same email address. And how come your sock puppets don’t use real names of real people that really exist in your life? Maybe have your father in law, or Dan Bauer speak up for you. Or then there is that Peterson guy you were so close with…He could comment.

      • Albert Adams, You are a Liar. No attorney has contacted us. ~ Scotty

  3. Toasty Coastie says:

    What a Fuck Apple…

  4. KillerB says:

    No Mark. Seems he never got past the introduction. Boy is dumber then a box of rocks.


      Dumber than a box of hair. At least you can use a box of rocks for a door stop.

  5. Albert Adams says:

    Albert Adams

  6. Albert Adams says:

    Thank you Lakeesha this site is another bunch of slanderers and libelers looking to tarnish my good name dont’ worry they will see once they get subpoenaed and have to go to court to here about their crimes and thank you Paul your always a great friend.

    • Joan Ellis says:

      My address and contact information is still the same Albert Adams. I have been waiting a few months now and I still have not received a Subpoena. Oh wait, maybe I did get one for something with your name on it though….

    • arhauptiii says:

      Yeah, we believe your lawyer will make this go away- after all, it’s not like every poser has said their lawyer will get these sites shut down.

    • John F says:

      Still talking to yourself. You idiot!!

  7. Nancy McKnight says:

    You are pathetic. Your day of reckoning is coming. We know it and you know it. You will soon have to answer to the people you have threatened, the ones you have scammed out of their hard earned money, the dogs you have used as props, the military vets you have dishonoured, the fake sponsors, the fake plane, etc.

    The world of rescue does NOT forget. You have set back legitimate dog rescues and because of your con you are personally responsible for the deaths of abused and abandonned dogs.

    You have played your hand of mental illness when you were caught before but everyone knows the cards you hold now. You are done. The song is over. The Soaring Paws dance is no more. You will lose because you are a loser. You cannot snake your way out anymore. You cannot hide behind the fake personas of Charlie Porter or Lakeesha or any of the others. I will be there when you face justice. The Canadians you called half tards will spit on you. Until then Albert get back under your rock.

  8. NATO_CPO says:

    Word on the street Albert is the only “Lawyer” or Attorney you ever had was called “Public Defender” and they don’t file charges for what you refer to as libel and slander.

  9. Herschel Hornberg III says:

    Hello All,
    I served with Albert years ago when he was a young Capt pilot trainer. I lost contact with him over the years but I will attest that he was an excellent pilot leader and instructor so I have serious doubts as to the validity of such claims on this and other internet websites that seem to be dead set on tarnishing his name with unsubstantiated claims and heresay. I suggest you all think deeply about the repurcussions of falsely accusing a man and the legal implecations of doing such. This is only a suggestion but I think a smart one.


    • So nice of you to have the same IP# as Albert Adams , Herschel…~ Scotty

      • arhauptiii says:

        I am shocked and surprised that someone would use a sockpuppet to defend them….

      • KillerB says:

        Good gawd.. these turd sniffers just ain’t bright enough to lite up a closet are they?

      • Herschel Hornberg III says:

        I’m curious if you could prove that since calling all of Albert’s supporters “sockpuppets” seems to be the classic excuse for discrediting anyone who is his supporter to other members on an internet website. It sure seems like a good excuse to throw away someones opinion of him that might go against what your internet site is trying to do and that is tarnish someone’s good reputation and ruin their business and career, “Scotty” if that is your ream name.

      • Herschel Hornberg the terd, Could you please explain the 7 OSI layers to the audience since you are so FT. Or are you busy sending your bots out to people that point out your lies and bullshit?

      • arhauptiii says:

        Let’s see- you’re posting from the same IP address that Albert Adams was posting from, so yeah, we’re calling you a sock

      • Herschel Hornberg III says:

        That does not mean we are using the same computer, genious. You think you are clearly so intelligent but you do not understand a thing about computer IP addresses or how they are used on a computer to show where you are. Please try again “Scotty”.

      • arhauptiii says:

        3 things genius- 1, learn to spell; 2, learn to read- I’m not Scotty, which you would know if you could pull your head out of your ads and noticed my name; and 3, you may not be on the same computer, but you ARE on the same network using the same firewall if your IP addresses are the same.

      • Herschel Hornberg III says:

        “Scotty” if that is your real name please prove to all of us that I am using the same IP address as any other username on this internet website if that is the truth otherwise it is baseless accusation to further tarnish my good friend’s name.

      • Herschel Hornberg III

        Albert Adams
        Albert Adams

        Albert Adams

        Albert Adams

        Albert Adams

        Albert Adams

        erschel Hornberg III
        Herschel Hornberg III

        Herschel Hornberg III

        Don’t try to piss down my back and tell me it’s raining Asshole Adams !! ~ Scotty

      • Nancy McKnight says:

        Enjoying myself watching Albert Adams make a fool of himself. No friends to vouch for him so he has to create imaginary ones. Epic fail.

      • Nancy McKnight says:

        Enjoying myself watching Albert Adams make a fool of himself. No friends to vouch for him so he has to create imaginary ones. Epic fail.

    • John Farthing says:

      Albert! You idiot! You should know by now that we know that anyone who likes you can only be fake! You are a “no life nobody”. Must be HELL being a nobody!

    • NATO_CPO says:

      Herschel Hornblower, perhaps you can share with us how E3 Adams became a Captain and trainer, and why his 214 is missing those important dates and facts. And did you not know about his felony fraud convictions? Since you lost touch, maybe you should reach out and read about his fraudulent escapades. But FIRST please tell us how E3 magically became O3

      • NATO_CPO says:

        Herschel Hornblower, looks like Scotty was true to his promise, and might have removed your comment as spam. But let me share to your Banned Camp, and Block Party people what you stated to me.
        Herschel ~~(in his best Little Rascals Alfalfa impression) “That is not my name please use the correct spelling or I will report you to the internet website administrators for cyber bullying and terrorism.”
        1. If not your real name, why did you answer?
        2. False Reports of Cyber Bullying and False Reports for Terrorism have strict penalties attached. Since a threat assessment would be a matter of National Security, I invite you to go right ahead and report away. (but first turn the Go-Pro Camera on so we can see the FBI boys coming to knock on your door.
        In other words ~~~~~~~~~ BRING IT ASS HAT

      • John Farthing says:

        NATO_CPO… I think what is bothering Albert is not so much the spelling of Hornblower but the fact that you left off the suffix “the turd”. Official title “Herschel Hornblower the turd”

  10. I didn’t start following this Blog of Shame until ass monkey Adams pulled the lawyer card. I allowed the admins to handle it until now. So when I catch not only Albert Adams lie’ing about his attorney contacting us, I also find freshly made yahoo e-mail addresses having the same IP#’s. I know that we are being played. Albert Adams, Put up or Shut up. Either produce the evidence to prove you’re legit. And/or have your attorney contact us. all of your comments and your sock puppets comments will be marked as spam and deleted until you do. I don’t have time to babysit your crybaby ass because you’ve been caught. ~ Scotty

    • I think I love you Scotty.

    • Adrienne says:

      Yup, I’m rocking a full-blown ladyboner right now.

    • NATO_CPO says:

      Scotty, can you please share the IP address and email of the comment stating “That is not my name please use the correct spelling or I will report you to the internet website administrators for cyber bullying and terrorism.” Feel free to send it to my Email address.

      • Herschel Hornberg III In reply to NATO_CPO.
        That is not my name please use the correct spelling or I will report you to the internet website administrators for cyber bullying and terrorism.

        Approve |

  11. John F says:

    This is good entertainment. Watching an idiot make an idiot of himself. It must be HELL to be Albert Adams who has a blank resume but lives in a stupid little fantasy world. Albert you are nothing but a career criminal who does nothing but prey on other peoples emotions to steal. Tough shit little jerk because you now have a real army of good people who will follow you the rest of your miserable fake life to expose eveything you do.

    • John Farthing says:

      And please give me your attorney Dan Bauer’s email address. I have a few things that
      I would like to share with him. Oh it’s good too! 🙀

  12. AAdams says:

    This site is crap and you are all abunch of loosers with no life that have to come on here and tarnish my name with lies and slander you should all be ashamed.

    • Joan Ellis says:

      But Albert, you do NOT have a good name. Plus, you have been on here several times, with your made up names. We just want to know who your attorney is, and why do you feel the need to lie, if you do such good work? How about all those flights you took so far this year? How many was it???

      • Joan Ellis says:

        Admin, could you please post the IP address AAdams is using this evening?

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