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Michael A. Bruno Sr.
Known Aliases:
Michael Bruno
Michael A. Bruno
Michael Connaughy

It appears from the information we have been provided that he either claims or gives the following impressions:
1. Eight years of service in the US Marine Corps beginning in 1978 (age 18).
2. Three years US Marine Reserve service.
3. Scout Sniper, Graduate of Class 1 – 86, Camp Pendleton.
4. Force Reconnaissance.
5. Rescue Diver.
6. He cannot get VA benefits, because of “classified” helicopter crash in which he was the only survivor.
7. His military records won’t be found, because his Marine Corps service was “Classified”.
8. Overseas private military contractor.
9. In witness protection with “a whole new package”.
10. Has a tattoo on his left arm that appeared in photos in 2009: Scout Sniper (punisher scull with German style SS on the forehead). Has a tattoo on his right arm/shoulder that also appeared in 2009: Force Recon Logo.

41The use of the ace of spades has a long history within the military.  A quick review of the history is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ace_of_spades

Below is an example of that RECON logo used by Force RECONForceReconLogo

Of course a Bull Dog (like the tattoo pictured above), usually named Chesty, is the official Marine Corps mascot. You can find a quick history of their mascot herehttp://www.usmcpress.com/heritage/marine_corps_mascot.htm 

Below is Bruno in a shirt with a Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor posing with a real hero Jessica Lynch US Army retired.



For Veterans Day, 2014, Mr. Bruno shared this photo to be part of the Sunday morning Veterans Day Recognition presentation. Claiming to be the second from the left (red arrow added). This picture had also appeared on Facebook accompanied by a blown up portion of the arrowed individual. After contacting Camp Pendleton Scout Sniper Schoolhouse ,and having them conduct a search of the ten classes preceding and following, his name was not listed on any class roster. Researchers are attempting to contact the individual in the photo.


Below is a post from “Armond Cuzzo” with Michael Bruno, posted in 2010. Bruno’s comment on the photo states that this photo was taken “a long time ago”. 

The actual photo was taken in 2008 and as the website states, is of RCAF training.


In another post by “Armond Cuzzo”, Michael Bruno is tagged. This photo is also found online, http://www.sniperflashcards.com/GPS_review.php, with an interesting caption: “Gillie suits??? In the twenty-first century??? These bozos have obviously not read this page of my website. Gillie suits need to be consigned to the 1960’s along with bell-bottom pants and tye-dye shirts. You cannot hide from the enemy. As soon as you fire, they will know where you are.”


This picture was posted to his Facebook page with no caption or explanation. The assumption being easily made that this is a photo of Mr. Bruno. This is actually a picture of Sgt. Charles C. Strong, 28, who was killed in action in 2014.  You can read an article about our fallen brother and real American hero here:  http://www.wcti12.com/news/camp-lejeune-marine-killed-in-afghanistan/28102888


Mr. Bruno? or someone else completely in another picture from a Facebook post with no caption leading people to the impression that this is a military photo.


A search for information revealed the following:

1. Several Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A) requests were filed. Initial requests were made using information obtained using property records, name and current street address. This information was supplied to the P.O.W. Network’s Fake Warrior Project. After receiving the 16 September report additional information was supplied for identification.  A quick search on the internet also revealed the last name Connaughy associated with him. Additional reports were requested. All reports indicate that there is no record of Mr. Bruno being in the United States Military.

2. We contacted the Camp Pendleton Scout Sniper Schoolhouse and they searched the class registration/graduation book (God Book), an unclassified record. His name was not listed. Additional searches of the previous ten and the following ten classes yielded the same result, there is no evidence he attended any training. The class 1-86 roster was provided to researchers.

3. Facebook photo’s that he is using have been found to be copied from other internet sites. The helicopter photo posted on Armond Cuzzo’s Facebook page (possibly another of Mr. Bruno’s fake accounts), in particular, is the glaring offense.

4. Witness protection claims: Mr. Bruno claims to have been given “a whole new package”.  This is most doubtful because on Monday, February 1, 2016, Michael Bruno and his wife are listed in an obituary notice as being the next of kin.

5. An extensive search of the DMDC database was conducted using multiple name variations and dates of service…all returning negative results for service in the military.  

Listed below are the copies from the National Personal Records Center (NPRC), and from the Dept. of the Navy, Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) stating that Michael A. Bruno never served in the United States Marine Corps.


Listed below is a copy from the National Personal Records Center stating that Michael Connaughy ( Using his mother’s last name ) never served in the United States Marine Corps.


It is our conclusion that Mr. Bruno leaves the distinct impression that he has served in the United States Marine Corps.  There are no records of service that are classified and can not be accessed through a FOIA request.  After many attempts through many different sources we were not able to find any record or individual that could confirm he has ever served.  We are particularly disturbed by his habit of posting things and through omission leaves the impression that he is something or someone that he is not.



1. F.O.I.A. Requests provided with support fromhttp://www.pownetwork.org/ through http://www.fakewarriors.org/.

2. The Camp Pendleton Scout Sniper Schoolhouse.

3. Original Photo credit. Website:http://airforceapp.forces.gc.ca/v2/netpub/indexeng.asp?rid=8089-VL2008-0180-12.

4. Website: http://www.sniperflashcards.com/GPS_review.php

5. Website: http://wavy.com/2014/09/17/marine-from-suffolk-dies-in-combat/

6. Website: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/app/obituary.aspx?pid=177569714

Michael Bruno https://www.facebook.com/rsqdiver
Michael A. Bruno Sr. https://www.facebook.com/ResQueDiver?fref=ts

13 thoughts on “Michael A Bruno Sr., U.S. Marine, Force Recon, Scout/Sniper, Blog of

  1. KillerB says:

    You useless bag of frigging pond scum. Someone as fat body disgusting like you would not rate the sweat off the balls of the lowest fucking crotch crab on a Marine recruit in the Pork Chop Platoon. How fucking Dare you steal the honor of my beloved Brothers and Sister who actually had the GUTZ to earn the EGA and walk in the shadow of heros? You need to walk top the door of every Marine active or not and drop to your chubby barely able to hold your disgusting ass up knees and beg for forgiveness then slam your own puss filled zit you call a head in their door. Fuck you and good night.

  2. KillerB says:

    You stole and used the picture of a dead Marine to play your little bullshit game??? And you think you will just walk away from this and just be fine???

  3. Rex. Mckinley says:

    Damn fine job fellas

  4. Mark Lauer says:

    “Hi there! I’m in the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM! If anyone finds out where I am or what I look like my life is toast! I can’t tell anyone where I am, who I am, or what I look like now if I want to stay alive, or I want my family to be safe! Oh, by the way; this is what I look like now, and where I can be found, and the U.S. Marshal’s Service didn’t even change my name!”

    This guy has a mind like a fucking eggplant.

  5. Dave Hardin says:

    Tattoos, WTF is it with the tattoos and posers. If anyone thinks this idiot has classified records feel free to contact me so I can explain how full of shit he is. The only thing it appears he has attacked is a buffet.

    I will bet this bottom feeder has all kinds of war stories he vomits all over those who don’t know any better. What a pig eyed piece of shit.

  6. Raymond Hall says:

    I grew up and went to school with SSGT Strongs mother. I still talk to his ant and I’m going to call her about this.

    • Amanda Drummond says:

      The photo he posted of the deceased Marine was posted with a caption RIP Brother I went onto his fb page and checked him out for myself.

  7. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on on this fairly ample Michael A. Bruno fellow. He claims that he’s a […]

  8. Amanda Drummond says:

    The photo he posted of the deceased Marine was posted with a caption RIP Brother I went onto his fb page and checked him out for myself.

    • Thank you for the update. Evidently that comment did not appear in the original post. This individual had been giving false impressions to people about military service for some time.

      • Amanda Drummond says:

        I have had several arguments with Mr. Bruno on rant pages in the past. He is definitely not one of my favorite people, so seeing this I checked him out on some background pages.
        I found he had a Veterans administration mortgage listed on a home purchase in NJ, he must be some kind of veteran at some point you may want to look further. It cost me less than a dollar to find this out.

    • Frank says:

      He was a plumber in nj

  9. Frank says:

    He was never in any miltary. He went into plumbing after high school. It a shame someone has to pretend to be something they are not. Thank god for the real miltary people in this country.

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