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“Commissioner Arnon W “Sonny” Cool was born 22 July 1936, in Webster Springs, WV.  Commissioner Cool left school to join the US Army, enlisting underage in November 1950.  He completed basic training at Fort Knox, KY, and Infantry and Airborne school at Fort Benning, GA. He joined the 187th Regimental Combat Team (ARCT) in Korea during January 1951 and was wounded during combat operations at Munsan-Ni, March 23rd, 1951.     Commissioner Cool spent several months in hospitals in Japan and Denver, CO.  He returned to Korea and was once again assigned to the 187th ARCT which was used to quell the riots at Kojo-Do POW camp in South Korea.  Commissioner Cool continued his military service by volunteering for Special Forces (Green Berets.)  After serving in different parts of the world, to include Okinawa, Germany, Panama and South Vietnam, where he was again wounded on July 14th, 1969.  Commissioner Cool retired at the Rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) on April 1st, 1973, with over 22 years of service.”

“During his service career he obtained his High School Diploma through GED.  He continued his education, obtaining a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineer Degree at the University of Kansas and the Armed Forces Educational Institute.  He also earned an Associate Degree in Police Science and Law Enforcement.  Commissioner Cool worked several years in security and law enforcement in KS and OH.  Commissioner Cool is a direct descendant of Walter Cool, the first sheriff of Webster County, WV during 1860 – 1864.”

“He returned to Ohio in the 1970’s to help care for his mother.  He was employed by Monsanto Company as a Senior Sales Representative, he was transferred to the Chicago area and was responsible for the Midwestern area some 14 different states.  Commissioner Cool took an early retirement from Monsanto and returned to the Akron area.  He returned to security and was employed by a security company transporting millions of dollars of diamonds throughout Ohio and surrounding states.”

“Commissioner Cool is completely retired and lives with his wife Ann in Akron, Ohio.  He is a Life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Firestone VFW Post #3383, where he was “All State” Commander for two years, American Legion Post #566, Disable American Veterans #35, First Vice Commander Korean War Veterans #138, Special Forces Association #20, the 11th,  82nd and 101st Airborne Associations, Commander of the Akron Chapter Combat Infantryman’s Association. Vietnam Veterans #670, The Retired Enlisted Association #111, Army and Navy Union #102 and the 187th Rakkasans Association, where he is the national secretary and an active member.”


Unfortunately, his records from the National Personnel Records Center, obtained under the Freedom Of information Act, tells a much different story.

According to the military records, Mr. Cool entered the Army December 14, 1962. He attended BCT at Fort Knox, KY and the AIT at Fort Gordon, GA. He was then stationed in Europe as a military policeman from October 11, 1963 until June 1966. He served in Co. B, 382d MP BN, Co. C 709th MP BN, and the 285th MP Co. Serving as an MP, assistant squad leader, Commo chief, and platoon sergeant. He next served in the 1st Guard Co. At the US Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, KS from October, 1966 until Jan 1967 then with the205th MP Co. As a patrol supervisor and PM investigator until Jan 17, 1969.  He departed in route to USARFAC serving in the 1st MP Co., 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam until  21 February, 1970 when he was enroute to CONUS. He then as a senior instructor with HHC, 4th AIT Brigade, Fort Gordon, GA from March 19, 1970 until March 7, 1972 when he was once again stationed in Europe with the 501st MP co., 1st Armored Division, departing Europe on or about November 27, 1972. His final assignment was with the 205th MP Co. Fort Leavenworth, KS.  His last entry reads  “retired U, transferred to USAR, USAR Con Gp (Ret) RCPAC St. Louis, MO.” March 31, 1973.

His awards include Good Conduct Medal (4th award), Army Commendation Medal w/3 OLC, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal w/60 device, Bronze Star Medal w/OLC, 2 Overseas bars, Air Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Civil Action Honor Medal 1st Class, Vietnam TET 69, Counter Off VN summer-fall 69.

By anyone’s accounting, a solid military career, all thrown to the dogs by a need to embellish and “be a hero”.

He is listed as a Distinguished Member of The Regiment of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment, the Rakkasans

He s also listed in the 187th Infantry Regiment Association







187th Airborne Regiment Association Rakkasan Association

 SECRETARY / (Protocol Officer):

Arnon W. “Sonny” Cool
344 Waterford Street
Akron, OH 44314-3650



1999 Distinguished Member of the Regiment


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Sonny comes clean and admits to being a poser.


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  1. Rusty Seaton says:

    joseph v moore is a Nark with the fbi/he has lied about his ARMY life.he said he was a Sniper in special forces.he is getting a check from the VA.ALSO BEING PAID BY THE FBI.The guy is bad news.Help

  2. Sen says:

    Hi, I recently got to know a guy who claims to be a US troop general in kabul, afghanistan. Can someone tell me how I can verify this info?

    • This sounds like an overseas scammer. Especially if he told you that he is deployed there.

      • Sen says:

        He uses two US phone numbers. I have seen his military pictures and him in the general uniform. I have even video chatted with him so there is no doubt it is him. However despite the fact there were pictures of him in uniform, I cannot be use especially when he said he was going to ask someone to send me a box of cash which he earn for discovering some treasure for Nato. He said he couldn’t keep it camp and couldn’t ship to US thus can only send to me in cash in a box as I live in Asia.

      • Definitely sounds like a scammer, no one receives an award for finding things for NATO while in the US Military, it’s not allowed. I would block him, and report him.

      • Sen says:

        I am sure it is a scam but I am not sure why the person who video chatted with me is the same person in the photos in the army uniform. But I did realise in out video chat, his video image was in bits and pieces. He cited kabul for the poor reception. Wish this website allows posting of photos. Ladies out there better be careful.

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