Donald Eugene Lee aka Donald Lee aka ( Doc ), US Army Vietnam Veteran, POSer, Blog of Shame.


02/17/2016 by militaryphonies

Donald E. Lee likes to parade around wearing  apparel claiming that he is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. 

 He also likes to portray himself as ( Doc ) which is shown from a screen save of his FaceBook profile. 1



In this photo, He is claiming to be a member of ” Combat Vets “3 4 10588568_1511583042409584_1691229916_n

Donald did serve in the US Army for two years and was discharged as a Private (E-1). his medals include the National Defense Service Medal. And the Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar.


He had two MOS’s. 11B1P ( Infantry) and 09B00 ( Trainee Unassigned ) He never deployed from the CONUS .


This is the excuse that he gave to one of our admins. when he was questioned if he served in Vietnam.


FaceBook Account ;

This Ain’t Hell Blog ; 

Donald Eugene Lee; phony Vietnam veteran


5 thoughts on “Donald Eugene Lee aka Donald Lee aka ( Doc ), US Army Vietnam Veteran, POSer, Blog of Shame.

  1. Ferrari says:

    He also had a house built for him and his property cleaned based on lies that his VA disability was tied up with lawyers and he had broken his neck at work.

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  3. Mark Lauer says:

    So, he stood on the Yellow “boot” Prints when he was 13 years old, went to Vietnam and served there, then came home alive and well, all before he turned 16?
    Color me impressed.

  4. RM3(SS) says:

    Some of the many photos on his facebook, he alludes to being in the Air Force, and Special Operations among other things. Wait for it, super seekret squirrel, records are sealed at the order of the president!

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