Jason Scaletta guilty of Stolen Valor


12/16/2015 by militaryphonies

Threatening to get a lawyer often results in them being required to have one. Another successful conviction for Stolen Valor.  Continuing to press their lies about Military Service is never a good idea.


Nearly a year ago, we busted this Jason Scaletta fellow for pretending to be a Ranger, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed that he was wounded in his numerous deployments and suffered from PTSD as a result. The truth was that he’d spent a lot of time in the custody of the Maryland justice system, that he hadn’t even completed basic training before the Maryland National Guard divested themselves of him. Scaletta had convinced folks at Veterans Support Centers of America of his credentials with a forged DD214 certificate of discharge. When we busted him, VSCOA rode to his defense, tried to get one of our friends fired from his National Guard active duty job, not to mention the death threats.

Scaletta was arrested last Spring and he finally went to trial yesterday according toWBOC;

It took a jury in Wicomico County a little more than a half hour to decide that 34-year-old Jason Scaletta was not a military veteran and was guilty of the crimes he committed while representing himself as someone who has served his country.

Scaletta was found guilty Tuesday night of theft of more than $1,000 but less than $10,000 along with possession and use of false government identification. Scaletta was arrested back in June after a police investigation revealed that Scaletta was saying he was a military veteran in order to receive benefits that he was not otherwise entitled too.

Here’s the part that that makes me mad. Jerry Black, the CEO of VSCOA, and his attack dog, George Mutter, defended Scaletta and did their best to discredit us, but you wouldn’t think so by reading the article;

Black says after Scaletta’s arrest, his organization took a hit in the community.

“So it was really important for me to carry this all of the way through. To come here and testify today. Even though this wasn’t about the dollars for us because we weren’t defrauded. St. James Church was. It was about getting our reputation, setting the record straight. When we did find out who this man was, we went and made sure that he was prosecuted,” Black told WBOC after the verdict was read on Tuesday night.

Yeah, the day after Scaletta was busted by Law Enforcement, he was scheduled to have a press conference, sponsored by VSCOA, to unveil a new forgery of his DD214 to discredit our research on his military career. Jerry Black acted like Scaletta’s phony career was a big surprise to him on the day of his arrest (initially on the charge that he was a felon in possession of a firearm) when in fact, he knew six months previous that Scaletta was a liar, but did everything in his power to hide that fact from the public.

Scaletta is supposed to be sentenced today.

Head over to thisainthell.us for the video

Source: Jason Scaletta guilty : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

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  1. The Grunt says:

    bet he’s glad he bought stock in that soap on a rope company lol

  2. Richard Dean says:

    Isn’t having a fake DD214 a federal offense???

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