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12/18/2015 by militaryphonies

Recent reports of Campbell making bizarre claims about his service made us curious. We decided to order his records and conduct an investigation.

News articles make claims about his service that appeared to be doubtful.


Seven tours in Afghanistan and Iraq had taken a toll on Joey Campbell’s body, including one incident when he was caught in an ambush attack and his unit took a direct hit from a 120 millimeter mortar shell.

Seven tours of duty, we would certainly honor that kind of sacrifice.

Mr. Campbell is now 100 percent disabled. He medically retired from the military in 2011 as a decorated war hero with two Bronze Star Medals, and served both in the Marines and the Army.”

Two Bronze Star Medals would be impressive.

Mr. Campbell was joined today by U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, DNew
Mexico, as representatives from Kirtland Federal Credit Union (Kirtland FCU) and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) announced he was the recipient of the first Housing Assistance for Veterans (HAVEN) grant inNew Mexico.
“Few sacrifices are as selfless as those our military service men and women make in defense of our country,” said Senator Heinrich. “It is a privilege to recognize Mr. Campbell’s immeasurable service as the first HAVEN recipient in New Mexico. By making these funds available through the HAVEN grant program, Kirtland Federal Credit Union and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas are strengthening our community and honoring the courage, bravery, and determination of our veterans that drive each of us to be better servants of our cherished America.”

Senator Heinrich appeared to be impressed by Campbell’s service.

“This program is different,” said Chuck Crisler, assistant vice president of public relations at Kirtland FCU, and a 30year Air Force veteran. “FHLB Dallas has a lot of community programs to help people, but this is the only one where to qualify you have to be a hero; this is the only one where you qualify through heroic service and heroic achievement.”

$14,100 to replace the worn carpet throughout Mr. Campbell’s home with hardwood floors. Because of illness resulting from his injuries, Mr. Campbell has trouble walking and the seams in the carpet posed a tripping hazard.


You can read the whole article at this link and another one here.  We looked into his official records to see what they had to say.  He did serve both in the Marines and Army. He was deployed while in the Marines. For two months at the beginning of OIF.  He does have a Combat Acton Ribbon.  He was sent back to the U.S. for his end of enlistment discharge. He joined the National Guard in 2008 and later was retired as a Sgt. No Purple Heart or Bronze Star medals on file. No record of 7 Deployments.  Even with a DD-215 correction.




This appears to be a case where a veteran with perfectly honorable service has a need to embellish what any veteran should have been proud of in the first place.  Telling wild tales of heroic deeds to people is simply not necessary.  He very well may have been helped by various Veteran programs without any embellishment.  We are not sure how the program that provided him funds defines heroic service and heroic achievement, but we can not help but wonder if the claims of two Bronze Stars had something to do with it.

We admire Senator Heinrich for being involved with Veteran causes.  We just wish he would ask for a DD 214 before he provides funds to someone.  Would the Senator have supported this cause had he known there were no Bronze Stars or Combat Injuries involved with Campbell’s service?  Maybe, but we will never know.

None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes.  When people make false claims about their military service it is often the tip of an iceberg.  There are usually other issues connected to these people.




According to this FaceBook page, it appears Mr. Campbell has started an effort to help homeless veterans.  Of course there is a GoFundMe account as well.

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I guess you could call us skeptical, but for a guy that needed $14,100 to put down hard wood floors because his injuries were so severe that he might injure himself traversing the rigors of carpeting, he appears to get around just fine.  Injuries heal with time, maybe he is all better now.

It is an honorable thing to help those in need.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting some help, all of us have needed it at one time or another.

Who knows, maybe he will explain the 2 Bronze Stars or just man up to making false claims about his service and move on in life.   Until then, we would recommend a healthy amount of caution when dealing with Mr. Campbell.  Telling bizarre stories about his service when there is absolutely no need to embellish what he actually did do is baffling.   He is not and never has been a covert operator skulking about the Middle East on secret missions. He did his duty and came home, just like the rest of us.


14 thoughts on “Joseph Wilson Campbell, Needless Embellishment, Poser Blog of Shame.

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    • Michael Martin says:

      I have known Joey for several years, and deployed with him in 2009-2010. I contacted him right after I read this on TAH and contacted him right away. The embellishment he said came not from him but the guy who wrote the article, and he has been trying to get them to correct it. I have never known him to claim awards he does not have, and only read it in that single article.

      He said he gave him a redacted DD-214, so seeing the Bronze stars (for second award), and knowing how little civilian PR people know of the military, I believe him that this is more of a case of a civilian trying to make their publicity for their company look good.

      • He may submit any information to correct our story to We would be glad to publish his explanation.

      • Dave Hardin says:

        I had a guy I said that about. Served with him. He never made up shit around me either. He had been telling his girlfriend all kinds of crazy shit. I found out that he had been telling all kinds of things to other people.

        I started to defend him. Until I talked to some of the people around him. Turns out he admitted he had been making up stories. I will bet he has been doing the same thing.

        look up Robert Lawton. I was out to defend that prick until I found out what he had been saying.

      • Mary says:

        Joey Campbell told me that he did seven tours of duty in Middle East. He also said that he was Special Ops. While there and that it was a much more dangerous job than Navy Seals. He said he was retired on disability because of shrapnel and bullet wounds and he was given a 6 figure retirement and didn’t need to work. Quite obvious that he was lying. No one believed him!

      • Dave Hardin says:

        What? Is Mary saying that this embellishing fully disabled man of honor is telling stories of daring do? Tell me its not so. Shit stain here is milking the system. I will be there isn’t a damn thing wrong with wonder boy other than being to lazy to get a job. Looks like he works out in a gym regular, but who wants to see a poor veteran trip on his carpet and injure himself. People like him are what is wrong with the system. He gets too much.

  2. Tim says:

    Another lying ass pos…They oughta rip those hardwood floors up and use it as kindling! ASSHOLE….

  3. Michael Martin says:

    And nowhere on gofundme or Facebook do these claims appear. Nor in any other news reports about him. Only in a single PR release.

    I am all for outing fakes, but why are so many of us willing to throw people under a bus? Not that long ago here in Sacramento 2 Air Force guys assaulted a Marine claiming “stolen valor” as they did so?

    There is searching for truth, and there is attacking the wrong place. And if he made these claims, he needs to be called on it. But we also know how many reporters run away with facts for making a good story.

    • We fully agree. There is never a moment when assaulting someone is justified. That is why this site exists. We give people a place to report suspected cases and have them investigated, the results published and turned over to law enforcement if necessary.

  4. Joe Huerra says:

    Only a sucker believes his BS

  5. Donna says:

    You people who are trying to defend this scum are just as bad as he is. I have seen facts to document what this fraud he has done, but only feelings and opinions to try to put a smiley face on the fraud he has and is perpetrating. You are judged by the company you keep. If you have facts to dispute the printed word in the NM newspaper, why don’t you submit it. This dude is the lowest kind of scum there is, and he should be left standing alone and fess up to his pathetic life. He took money in NM that could have gone to a service person who deserved and needed it. What a LOWLIFE!!

  6. Donna says:

    Michael you are pathetic in defense of this guy, which speaks volumes of your character

  7. James says:

    HAVEN Grant Awarded to New Mexico Veteran for Home Improvement

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