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Robert Keith English - Dossier copyCLAIMS

Robert Keith English commonly goes by “R. Keith English” or just “Keith” as well as “Kyoshi English” in the martial arts world. English owns a martial arts training center in Richmond, Virginia. He makes a claim of serving in the Marines on his Facebook page.

[NOTE: The above page has now changed, currently it is as below]

His office space is adorned with U.S. Marine Corps items that implies service with the Marines, including a “Thank You” poster and card from local schoolchildren.

English Office - bling

English proudly displays the USMC emblems and unit logos on his clothing and hats and he even has a Force Recon tattoo. The tattoo has a variation of the Recon logo in that it has a “Grim Reaper” theme because as the affidavit states, English claims that his nickname was “Reaper”.

English - USMC bling

English leverages his military and law enforcement experience to sell his training…



Keith English responds to praises directed toward him on Facebook for his service in the U.S. Marine Corps which points to common knowledge that he served. He also acknowledges these praises vs. corrects anybody, further underscoring USMC service. He also alludes to the “Meat Eater” moniker.

English-commentsSeveral students have supplied affidavits that suggest English has made consistent claims of military service in the Marine Corps. The students attest to English frequently referencing his time in the USMC, including his service as a part of both Force Recon and Recon Battalion. They also suggest that English made claims of awards of both the Silver Star and Purple Heart, being part of an elite team of Marines that carried out a mission to retaliate for the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing of 1983. He spoke of this team wiping out an entire village in Beirut except for one person to allow for telling the story of the Marine “ghosts”. One affidavit also suggests punishment English and other Marines experienced in boot camp at MCRD Parris Island, SC.

affidavit one affidavit two affidavit three

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2015-05-04 Response from NPRC to USMC FOIA Request #2-partial

All results are provided below but they all basically read the same – no official military records can be found for Robert Keith English for any branch of service.

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The above results show no service for the US Marine Corps, the US Army and the US Navy. In addition, several queries were made to the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center using both date of birth and social security number independently, in combination, and using a range of different time periods beyond the claimed 1984-1984 dates in the affidavit. All of these queries also came back negative – meaning there was no military service identified for Robert Keith English, Keith English or other various combinations of the name.

NOTE: Although several affidavits (#1 and #3) claim that English stated that he completed BUD/S training which is required for all NAVY SEALs, it seemed overkill to attempt to verify his name in the BUD/S database since there was no record of military service. Also, US Marines are not sent through BUD/S training.

As another sidenote, Keith English was convicted in the state of Virginia with impersonating a law enforcement officer.LEO

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As a result of not being able to establish English as having served in the USMC, some claims made in the affidavits will not be pursued at this time. For instance, the claim of him holding the record for highest marksmanship score at the Quantico rifle range, a record that still stands today. Several other claims fall into this category as well — BUD/S (as mentioned above), SERES, Combat Dive School (Coronado, CA), Airborne (Ft. Benning, GA), training with the Navy SEALs, training with the Israeli Mossad and validation on 70 confirmed enemy kills.

Since several affidavits (#1 and #3) state that English claims he was in the Marine Corps from 1984 – 1988, the only possibility for him to have been in combat to receive a Silver Star and Purple Heart is connected to his claim of serving with “an elite team of Marines that conducted retaliation for the Marine Corps Barracks bombing in Beirut.” The redployment of the BLT 2/8, 22nd MAU to offshore ships was completed on 26 February 1984. This marked the official end of a large presence of US troops in Beirut, Lebanon although there were remnants of rear party personnel as well as a few units with highly specific missions such as engineering support, training and embassy duty.

The only “elite team” tasked with operating in Beirut, Lebanon was the supersecret Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) sent as an undercover unit. A lead member of the unit was Marine LtCol William V. Cowan who was newly appointed as deputy director of operations for ISA. Cowan prepared an operations plan for retaliation and SecDef Casper Weinberger concurred to send a five man team back to Beirut in which Cowan would command. They landed in Beirut in December of 1983, gathered intelligence and returned to the US in January of 1984. When Beirut’s CIA station chief William Buckley was kidnapped there was no support in Pentagon circles for the ISA to go back to Beirut.

“SECRET WARRIORS: Inside the Covert Military Operations of the Reagan Era” – Chapter 19: ‘Our Men in Beirut’ (by Steven Emerson)

Other Marines that were in Beirut during the 1984 timeframe were interviewed about English and his claim of an elite Marine unit sent to conduct retaliation for the Marine Barracks bombing. The existence of any such team(s) was denied, as well as the story about a village in Beirut where all the inhabitants were killed by this elite Marine team. An exhaustive scan of The New York Times archives revealed the newspaper did not report on such an incident and it is doubtful that this could have escaped the public eye.

There was a U.S. Marine Corps sniper in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 that went by the call sign “Reaper”, but Keith English is not him. The real “Reaper” was written about in books about snipers, so perhaps this planted a seed and/or served as inspiration?

There were no Silver Stars awarded for the Beirut Multinational Peacekeeping Force and English does not show up in the Beirut WIA database maintained by several researchers supporting the community of Beirut veterans and family next-of-kin.

All off these claims generate more questions than answers. The awards of the Silver Star and Purple Heart elevate things to possibly Stolen Valor. If the claims are used as leverage for acquiring business from people influenced by them; then it involves further scrutiny. Everything hinges on proof of military service and to date the responses to numerous requests sent for R. Keith English’s official military records suggest there is no record of him serving in the U.S. military or the U.S. Marine Corps specifically.

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Keith_English_social media



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8 thoughts on “Robert Keith English – US Marine Corps Force Recon, Silver Star, Purple Heart, 70 confirmed kills, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Robert Keith English fellow who runs the Tactical Martial Arts […]

  2. Mark Lauer says:

    This guy is full of himself. Which means he is full of shit.

  3. Bob Zornes says:

    Hey meat eater, I have dinner waiting for you. Sheesh, pretty old looking for 48. Must be draining keeping all those lies straight.

  4. Brad Dawson says:

    More like Meat Smoker!

  5. Terry says:

    Just seen an update on a friend’s page….This asshat just admitted that he was NEVER in the service, and by saying “I’m sorry” at the last moment he could, apparently he got to keep his martial arts program. FOR 30 years he has lied!!!! He is only sorry because he was caught, not because he knew it was wrong. He has lied all the way up to this point, holding tight to the lie and only after getting caught says sorry? Other posts state that he got his current business lease under the pretense of being military and that he even issued fraudulent Army Combative certifications to students recently. The announcement said he will make a public statement to apologize for his crap actions and lies….we shall see if that transpires. He is a LIAR, FRAUD, and a CON ARTIST and with these kind of people, you can never know if they ever tell the truth. Before you start believing, just remember he has stolen valor since he was a teenager…some 30+ years. I am disgusted beyond belief how he played everyone to save his own ass.

    • christina says:

      Terry If you could please contact me i need a little more info on this guy thanks

  6. cargosquid says:

    This is what he is still saying:

    37 years Martial Arts Training
    Inducted into The Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012
    Certified 8th Degree Black Belt by The American Open Style Karate Association
    Certified 6th Degree Black Belt by The Chung Do Kwon Association
    Certified 6th Degree Black Belt by The U.S. Tang Soo Do Federation
    Certified 6th Degree Black Belt by The Korean Hapkido Federation
    Certified 6th Degree Black Belt by The Independent Tae Kwon Do Association
    Certified 5th Degree Black Belt by The International Combat Hapkido Federation
    Appointment to Kyoshi by The American Open Style Karate Association
    Appointment to Master by The Chung Do Kwon Association
    Appointment to Master by The Korean Hapkido Federation
    Certified Master Instructor by The Independent Tae Kwon Do Association
    Certified Master Instructor by The International Combat Hapkido Federation
    Certified International Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
    Certified Military Combatives Association Instructor
    Certified Combat Hapkido Ground Survival Instructor Level 2
    Certified United States Army Combatives Instructor Level 2
    Certified NRA Firearm Pistol Instructor and Trainer
    Member of the FBI Mixed Martial Arts Team “The Blue Tigers”
    Training Director at Tactical Response Unleashed active shooter facility
    Founder of the Women’s Self-Defense Network (a nonprofit organization)
    Founder of Defend Your-Self Virginia (a free service)
    Professional Bounty Hunter and Trainer for 18 years with over 1500 Felony Arrests in 21 different States
    Undefeated Full Contact Heavy Weight Champion
    East Coast Grand National Champion for 3 years
    State Representative of The Combat Hapkido Federation

    Notice: Certified Military Combatives Association Instructor
    Training Director at Tactical Response Unleashed active shooter facility = Director at defunct airsoft range/entertainment facility.

    Funny…can anyone else find the FBI MMA club? The only thing that I could find was this Ebay listing for rare club patches…only 100 made:

    Professional Bounty Hunter and Trainer for 18 years with over 1500 Felony Arrests in 21 different States …yet he forgets to list that he was convicted of impersonating a police officer.

    I was once interested in this….no more.

  7. Arianna says:

    I’m sick of this. He still hasn’t seen any kind of repercussion AT ALL for the things he lied about!! He IS guilty of Stolen Valor! People can argue that his business was built upon people thinking he was a Marine and martial artist, that all his lies he said about being in combat while people were signing up for his program were receiving training from a true veteran with real experience. I’m tired of seeing him just sit there and get away with it. Someone please help and get him reported to the news and maybe he can be tried in court for Stolen Valor.

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