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07/13/2015 by militaryphonies

Mr. Brooks wants to claim that he was wounded twice in Iraq and that his records are sealed due to serving with Delta Force.   1



Source ; https://www.vetfriends.com/veterandirectory/?member=2077479

Mr Billy Brooks goes by the nickname of ” Skeeter ” on the Bass Fishing Web-sites

Source ; http://www.bbcboards.net/skeeter-boats/285922-skeeter-rods-kistler-help.html

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This is the dd-214 that Mr. Billy Brooks sent to back up his claim of being a Retired Marine Major. Please notice the spelling in blocks 13 and 14

img006 (3)

This is the FOIA we received on Mr. Billy Brooks . He was on delayed entry for the Marine Corps for four months in 1983. And then he lasted for a grand total of 10 days at Boot Camp on Parris Island SC.

 He then tried to join the Air Force-National Guard in 1986. And washed out in Boot Camp there also.

img006 (2) img007 img008


Source, This Ain’t Hell ; http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=60844

18 thoughts on “William Jay Brooks aka Billy Brooks, US Marine Retired Major Force Recon, Combat Wounded, POSer Blog of Shame

  1. Ugh says:

    In addition to being horse manure, his ribbon rack is mathematically impossible for his age. The Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon represented 10 years of honorable reserve service. It was last awarded in December of 1965. That means he would have had to enter the Marine Corps prior to December of 1955 to have received it. Then if you take 10 years as a reservist, 18 years active duty enlisted (based on the minimum time to get a good conduct with silver star) then add in another 10 years as an officer to make Major (probably a conservative estimate) You’ve got 38 years service. Then there are loads of other crap, one place he shows a Navy and Marine Corps Medal with two stars (in 20 years and few months change I only saw three Marines total with that award, never anyone with more than one) (also if anyone ever tells you they got it for combat they’re lying. It’s a non-combat award. In the other he has a Purple Heart with two silver stars he claims is for two awards of the Purple Heart. Two silver stars would indicate 11 awards of the PH. One for the ribbon and five for each silver star. I don’t think the wings with the star on top are authorized for Marines. And to top off all the other bullshit, he managed to acquire that impressive rack with out getting a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Someone should make this douchebag’s life miserable.

    • Jeannie says:

      I have a douchebag whose life I’d like to make miserable! Only learned today from Don Shipley about his fraud! Help me. Guide me. Direct me. Tell me! Let me make it happen😡

    • Bryan says:

      Not to mention the fact that he was arrested in Southaven, MS for stealing a fishing rod.

  2. LtCol KM Fuller, USMCR says:

    Stolen valor should be a felony. His uniform is so jacked up it’s ridiculous. 1. He’s wearing a company grade officer’s barrack’s cover (no scrambled eggs on the visor); not one of a field grade officer. 2. As noted above – ribbon rack is jacked. 3. On his forged DD214, he refers to medals as “badges.” WTF?!!! And the list goes on and on. I guarantee this POS will not set foot within 20 miles of a Marine Corps base in his so-called uniform because he knows he would be called out by Marines in a heartbeat. The sad part is he’s been lying for so long that he probably now believes his own lies to be true.

  3. Brian Frank says:

    One can tell pretty easily that this is a faker, first that sad wimpy look, thats no Marines Corps Major I know. Second, he has the wrong cover on, as a field grade officer he would have gold on the bill on the cover. Next, the insignia is worn incorrectly for a Marine, thats the Navy style. He is wearing a good conduct medal. not an officer award. Personal awards such as the purple heart 2nd and more awards are with a large gold star. There are a number of other issues, like the Combat Action Ribbon being reversed and the jump wings with the star.

  4. Michael says:

    Sure wish I could have gotten me some of those campaign badges when I deployed.

  5. The DD214 is a forgery, there are hand drawn lines in it and there are sections missing from it that don’t appear on his. I was a Service Record Book Clerk for 4 years I typed out countless DD214’s believe me when I tell you this one is a fake also in sect. 12d prior active service, we would never ever enter 35 day, it would have read 11 yrs 03 months and 05 days. This whole thing is a shame. Semper Fi. LCpl A F Saunders

    • Andy A. says:

      Hey Andy, in addition to what you said, I noticed that the “CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE OR DISCARGE”. Apparently the military has not noticed the misspelling of the word DISCHARGE. Maybe the Major should let them know!!

  6. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this William Jay Brooks fellow who claims to be all kinds of hero, as you can […]

  7. rsw0331usmc says:

    What a load. Among everything else that’s jacked up, look at his Docorations (sic) on his phony 214. One award he lists is the Combat Action Badge. That is an Army award. The idiot likely meant CAR but if not for being such a jitwad, he couldn’t get it right.

  8. I’d like to beat his ass with my E-Tool. I enlisted back in 1982. He’s a piece of shit!

  9. pkt rkt says:

    HAHAHA!!! place of separation Bethesda Hospital??? WTF at the time it was the National Naval Medical Center Bethesda

  10. Mike says:

    This guy, I am holding back, makes me look young. I’m 67 went in in 67. The only Marines I knew who had the decorations he claims , were recognized throughout the Corps.Like Wes Fox and Howard Lovinggood (sp), to name two.

  11. marco etter says:

    Did anybody notice he had a Good Conduct Medal w/star as an Officer? His DD214 has missing sections (characterization of discharge) that would have reflected an RE code.

  12. Rick Cavin says:

    In block 11, he’s qualified for specialties that weren’t even available when he claims to have retired. According to block 13, he’s authorized the Asiatic Campaign Badge (a WWII award), the Bronze Star (don’t see it), The Marine Corps Medal of Valor (couldn’t find such a thing).
    USN MCPO (ret)

  13. Thomas Hazlett says:

    I noticed his Combat Action Ribbon is reversed, Blue always goes in towards the heart; Gold Stars are awarded for repeat awards for personal decorations, not silver, so he obviously knows nothing about the proper wearing of awards; this guy is so fake it makes me gag. Why has he not been arrested for impersonating an Officer?

  14. GySgt Scott says:

    Semper Fi to you true Devildogs out there, no Im not talking to you Major ? Yeah right.So far everyone. is catching all your BS.
    The Purple Heart comes after the Combat ribbon, and why is your lib. of Kuwait upside down.
    As an Officer in the Corps, you set the example of a perfect uniform, which in this case, you made more mistakes with your uniform than a BOOT. And your appearance is just as bad. No Major that recently discharged would look like you. If you think this is a challange, youre right. I will meet you and help you square the uniform away correctly, without you in it, then relieve you of it. I am so glad I never met you in a public environment. GUNNY

  15. s. lombardo says:

    Ive just stumbled upon this site. not having been in the service, i don’t understand what one gains by pretending to have served? What is in it for the liar/poser/mental patient?

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