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Mouse Prosen - Dossier


Mouse Prosen has claimed to be a US Marine sniper assigned to a special tactical unit.
sniperWhile the team was out doing maneuvers (which he is not willing to talk about), his Huey gunship was shot down.special tactical teamThis same story appears often…shot down 2This was characterized as a training incident so why would they be using live rounds to shoot at his helicopter?  Putting that aside for a minute, Mouse Prosen characterizes this as “wounded” vs. “injured”.
wounded1wounded2There are several references to Prosen being a Gunnery Sergeant…gysgtAs well as him having retired from the Marine Corps…
retiredAs a sidenote, the above lists Prosen’s entry into the Marine Corps as 1976. Now, the word “retired” can certainly be used in the context of a medical retirement from the USMC. However, when combined with “Gunnery Sergeant”, it implies a full career as one would have to at least have spent 6-8 years in the USMC to make GySgt. As a Marine noted “I’d have to say at least that (i.e. 10 years). In the 80s, it was very hard to make NCO in your first hitch. Just as hard to make Staff Sgt by the end of your second. So that’s 8 yrs already…”  Although it has been accomplished in just over 6 years, this is an exceptional and extremely rare minimum. Many GySgts retire at that rank at the 20 year mark.
Point is — the combined use of “Gunnery Sergeant” and “Retired from the US Marine Corps” implies a full 20 year career vs. medical retirement.
Then, there are claims of “fighting overseas”, “lost many good men” including “my best friend died in my arms”.

Mouse - fought for this country 2


Mouse - died in my arms


prosen - fought for this country 1



WOUNDED” vs. “INJURED” – There is some missing context here, but the reporters are presumably using interviews and direct quotes. In the context of speaking about the military, “wounded” has a clear implication of warfare, while “injured” is more civilian in nature.
When it concerns accidents, natural disasters, etc. victims are described as “injured”.
“Wounded” is more often used to describe battlefield and violent crime (gunshot, etc.) occurrences.
It is therefore felt that the intentional use of “wounded” is used to imply a military battle, as it is used in this context.
FOUGHT OVERSEAS” – If someone “serves their country” while not at war, is that the same as saying they “fought for their country”?  What is considered “overseas”?  Hawaii? Diego Garcia? In this case it would be Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO) since there is no other overseas duty assignments Prosen could be referring to.
I LOST MANY MEN” & “BEST FRIEND DIED IN MY ARMS” – Besides the references to “fought overseas”, it is followed quickly with “lost many men” and “lost many friends” but then to seal the deal with emotional leverage, Prosen inserts the claim that his “best friend died in his arms”. This is almost impossible to disprove if it was an automobile accident or any other non-military related accident. Prosen deliberately inserts this statement when talking about fighting overseas, so there is a direct inference to combat. As above, the death of his friend *may* be true but the choice of inserting this while speaking of combat was intentional.
Is this simply a “nuance of language”?


FOIA_Jeffrey Mouse Prosen_02 partialFOIA_Jeffrey Mouse Prosen_03 partialFOIA_Jeffrey Mouse Prosen_06 partialFOIA_Jeffrey Mouse Prosen_09 partialSince guard school was either 6-8 weeks in 1980, Prosen must have either fallen ill or had an accident while in school or just soon after. A check of Department of Defense aircraft accidents reveals nothing during the time frame of 02-03 June 1980.
As far as the guard MOS, a Marine says “Prosen was not a Marine Security Guard. He was Marine Barracks. They are a totally different job. Marine Barracks used to be at most Major Naval Stations and they performed Gate Duty. In the Mid 80s the vast majority were replaced by civilians. GITMO and some others retained the Marine Barracks. Generally, there is no Marine Corps wide “Guard School”. Since every duty station is different the new Marines are sent through training there and certified. Looking at his [Prosen’s] record he went straight from SOI [ITS] to GITMO with no training in between. The Marine Security Guard (Embassy Duty) training is only at Quantico before assignment. It would be listed as a duty station under instruction. Prosen went from SOI to Gitmo and went to school there. 8151 MOS is completely different then MSG 8156.
The lack of overseas assignments in Mouse Prosen’s record would have precluded him from “fighting overseas” unless he was referring to GITMO. There were no hostilities in 1979-1980-1981 that the United States was engaged in and there certainly were none in GITMO. If it was a training exercise, why were they using live ammo?  It’s a moot point, really, because there are no aircraft accidents listed by DoD and they would certainly list one involving loss of life if this is where his “best friend died in his arms”.
Prosen shot Marksman in boot camp.  Shooting Marksman would not have gotten Prosen recruited as a sniper nor to be placed on a “special tactical team” but this is also a moot point because he doesn’t have the school or training for the sniper MOS.


01_Cover Letter_ICON 02_Summary Page_ICON 03_Chrono Record 1_ICON
04_Chrono Record 2_ICON 05_Transfer_ICON 06_Combat History_ICON
07_Military Education_ICON 08_Military Training_ICON 09_Assignments_ICON
A court record reveals the only time that Mr. Prosen used a weapon in anger.
prosen - aggravated assault


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CLAIMS UNSUPPORTED BY MILITARY RECORDS – GySgt vs. LCpl, Sniper, “special tactical team”, “fought overseas”, 1979 vs. 1976
DOUBTFUL CLAIMS – Huey gunship “shot down”, “wounded” vs. “injured”, “I lost many men”
SUSPICIOUS CLAIMS – “best friend died in my arms” (if this is the case, it does not appear to be combat related, as implied)
Mouse Prosen is undoubtedly a very influential speaker. Using patriotic and passionate statements to make your points is fine if the statements you are making are truthful, but as you can see many of them are not. In looking through the videos, Mouse never hesitates to use emotional leverage to trump his audience, whether it is an official hearing or an impromptu intervention. Most individuals have deep respect for those that have served, fought wars and lost buddies in war. To be disingenuous about these experiences undermines the real experiences that other veterans have had and are dealing with. It is an unfair practice to invoke these statements when they are false claims and Mouse Prosen has many claims that are unsupported by his official military records.

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8 thoughts on “Jeffrey “Mouse” Prosen – USMC Sniper, GySgt, Wounded, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Dave Hardin says:

    GySgt in a year and a half, ya right. Prosen spent a few months doing actual Marine stuff. That includes basic training and school. Mighty Mouse here was only a Marine assigned actual duties for about a month. As in One (1) Month. His shooting award in the Marine Corps is called a “Toilet Seat” and nobody wants one. It is the lowest possible thing you can get other than not hitting a damn thing at all.

  2. Mike P says:

    What a turd. Too many losers like him get a thrill out of BSing civilians with wild stories of their adventures, I’m sure he’s fixing to go into secret squirrel mode.

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  4. This POS is my x brother n law. he is not only a fake, he also likes to slap women around until a man shows up and he runs off. The truth is not in him. if his lips are moving he is lying. I hope he gets whats coming to him for the disgraceful lying while our truw heros go unnoticed.

    • Mouses Victim says:

      Danny, Mouse Edward Anthony Prosen aka Jeffrey Edward Prosen is the biggest liar we have all ever met. He has bilked so many people out of money it’s not funny. He left his wife, in Denton, Texas for me, a nice lady living in the hill country of Texas. After a few weeks we all figured out his motive of operation and I threw his sorry butt out. Of course he had soaked a few people that I know during that trip. He hosted FATCARS ONLINE.COM car shows in Texas, which stands for Friends And Their Cars under the veil of giving the proceeds to American Veterans associations like Wounded Warriors. His own wife told a friend of mine that he never gave a dime to the charities. He pocketed the money. He’s 100% disabled with the Veteran’s Association and receives 100% disability on Social Security and can’t understand why no one will hire him and pay him cash under the table. With that said he clears over $2,400 a month. So on top of that he would give his sob story of being wounded in combat….truth is his son Chippy Prosen posted that his dad, Mouse Prosen was injured in boot camp. The Freedom of Information backs that information up. Jeffrey Edward/Mouse Edward Anthony Prosen is a gun toting convicted felon, associating himself with the Oathkeepers on the Pacific West Coast, He’s a liar, a thief, a con man, and goes way out of the way embellishing his military career which lasted all of 18 months. Meanwhile, the truth is….he has only two sons, Chippy and Shawn. The other children and grandchildren he claims to have in his grandiose speech are step children and step grandchildren. This guy is a real piece of work. Avoid him at all costs. It pains me to hear of all the people he has fleeced, which include Oathkeeper members and various “Prepper” groups. So here it is….fleece friends in Texas, fleece friends in South Carolina, leave town and set up shop in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and possibly Arizona. Run you nasty Rat, but know that someone is always watching. To top it all, this sociopath professes to be a Christian. Personally, I don’t know how this idiot sleeps at night.

      • Christine says:

        I have also met and befriended “mouse”. I lived in SC and fell victim to his bullshit lies. I just saw his name on the military phonies website, and couldn’t believe my eyes. I have attended multiple “wounded warriors car shows” and personally donated my own time, ive watched this man relieve thousands of dollars in charity! Makes me absolutely sick to my stomache. He is a pathological liar and deserves to go to jail.

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  6. Ron burgundy says:

    Wait for it!!!! This guy is about to get the legal recourse that’s deserving for him! Law enforcement eyes have been opened to him

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