Doug Sonier, US Marine, Global War On Terror, POSer, Blog of Shame


05/21/2015 by militaryphonies


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9A NEO NAZI in Philly is POSing as a Marine. And facing unrelated Burglary and Assault charges.



Jan 7–29,1999. He spent 22 days on Parris Island before becoming an Early Entry Separation.


Was charged with Escape 27 days after being separated from Boot Camp.


Was on probation from ” Escape from Detention ” when he signed up for the Marine Corps.

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9 thoughts on “Doug Sonier, US Marine, Global War On Terror, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. […] crowd at Military Phonies send us a link to their work on this Doug Sonier fellow. He claims that he is haunted by his […]

  2. Reblogged this on Show Me More Farms and commented:
    These same bastards, ungrateful, disgraceful are the same ones pushing the whole Jade Helm is an inside job, these guys are dangerous with their propaganda and misinformation. If you see this pig, punch his throat for me

  3. I wish I was a Marine but I never claim to be one. I was Army Reservest and proud of what I did do. I was only a PFC, not a SGT or a Major. Just a PFC. I have no metals, no purple hearts or stars but I can say, I tried my damnest to be best soldier I could be. It was not good enough but I am proud I tried!!

  4. GP Cox says:

    Now, if someone would happen to mention to the prison inmates what he did…. justice would probably be served!

  5. Brad Foden says:

    This dude fooled me and many others in a ton of forums for years…called him bro, talked to him on the phone many times we were to get together, glad it never happened oh and with his legal trouble he begged $ money from the 03 community and got a lot…total scoundrel. I still have his phone number if anybody wants it….I have called and texted him twenty times…no answer.

  6. Brad Foden says:

    want a good?…. laugh check out his MMA videos

  7. unicorncoat says:

    He’s not the first person I’ve seen pretending to be in Marines, Army, special forces, etc. My ex-husband (a piece of work) later claimed that he was a green beret to his new wife (after me) all the while I knew he never even made it through basic training for army medic.
    He is now in jail for theft.

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