Stacy Durrenberg , US Marine Scout/Sniper , Combat Wounded MP, POSer, Blog of Shame


04/17/2015 by militaryphonies


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HQMC has no record of her


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43 thoughts on “Stacy Durrenberg , US Marine Scout/Sniper , Combat Wounded MP, POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. […] again, Scotty sends us his work on…lady, Stacy Durrenberg, who claims to have been a Marine with two […]

  2. Mark Lauer says:

    No record of service? I can’t believe it! Why, all you have to do is look at him…um..her…um…IT…to realize that it served in the Army Marines. That slim, athletic build; those sharp, steely eyes; those form fitting uniforms! How can you NOT believe her….him….aw, fuck it.

  3. Rick says:

    Private Pyle, you are a disgusting fat body! Your ass looks like 20 pounds of chewed bubble gum! Unfuck yourself or I will tear off your head and shit down your neck! ahhh too late.

  4. Bill says:

    First link is gone.. No pictures of her outside in uniform.. Is she claiming US Marine or US Army??

    • He/She/It has on Army BDUs and coverLooks like E-4 chevrons on He/She/It’s blouse. I can’t beleive people are this stupid! He/She/Its tale of woe is half assed, not even good fiction! Sniper… Right!!!!!

    • US Marine, Bill

    • Ben says:

      She’s claiming Marine Corps but doesn’t even know how to spell it. She wears a mixture of USMC and Army uniforms and mixes both services rank insignia. Her tall tales about all her combat and wounds make me want to puke.

      Ben Drake SSGT USMC 100% Combat Disabled VN

    • Ben says:

      Yes, there are pictures of her outside in uniform. Looking like the giant marsh mellow man from Ghost Busters.

      • ryan wieneke says:

        She deserves a promotion to terminal Lance stay puff

  5. Patrick..... says:

    Oh come on now she has the DCU, BDU, and ACU uniforms… So you know she totally legit… HAHAHAHAHA OMFGF!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s your sign! I love the part about her being a POW…. This person is what you would call a “FUCKTARD”!!!!

  6. Vegasmilman says:

    Her blood type on her dog tag is Jelly Donut

  7. Phil Petropoulos says:

    The only reply to leave is get some rat poison down that maggots throat. I don’t understand people and why when they look like Humpty Dumpty they can stand up put up a picture and go outside and expect Marines like us to actually believe that they did all the shit they say. I say psychiatrist and not on my dime jelly donut.

  8. Rob says:

    they tried to behead her but couldn’t?!?
    Couldn’t get through that neck fat maybe!
    This is the silliest one I’ve seen in a long time lol

  9. Valerio Capote, USMC Veteran says:

    Its Pat from Saturday night

  10. Erin Smith says:

    Holy crap, did she/him/shim actually think that anyone would believe this load of horse dung? She can’t even wear the right uniform! Not to mention that she’s definitely not within weight standards. I am at a total loss as to what to say after reading it’s bio. Stepped on an IED, POW/MIA for a year…… um sure that sounds legit! 😉 What’s next her and her fat rolls are SEAL Team 6?! She sucks at life and needs to hang it up. Semper Fake!

    • Ben says:

      I call people like this, he/she/it. Now say the last two words quickly. LOL

    • Robert Halvorson says:

      She’s actually the CO from MEAL team 6.

  11. Travis Hamrick says:

    I heard that she and Brian Williams were in BUDS together. They were both so stellar that they graduated at the top of their BUDS Class together just before they were both Married on a CH53 Sea Stallion and it was shot down. HOLY SH*T! She motivates the heck out of me. LOL

  12. Alyssa Rippentrop. - Koepsel says:

    What a pos why, just why?

  13. Byrne says:

    Fucking trash eating mother fucked.

  14. Greg Spell says:

    I think that there may be some mental issues with this one.

  15. Sgt Aaron Alonso says:

    Female Sniper, knew she was full of shit as soon as that was said. Let me quote former SgtMaj of the Marine Corps Kent “As long as I’m in the Marines no female will ever be an 03.” Last time I checked he was the SgtMaj when she claimed to go to Scout Sniper School.

    Aaron Alonso
    Sgt/Double Amputee/ Active Duty/ USMC/hates stupid fucks

    • Ben says:

      If she was ever a Marine I will stop bragging that I was a Marine. Also, my son, who I will leave unnamed, was an armor at the 1,000 yard range on Quantico for many years and then at Camp Pendleton. He just told me that no female has ever been to not to mention graduated from Sniper school.

  16. Paula says:


  17. Randy says:

    I think the part where she said she died but came back is incorrect……..I don’t think she cam back…….

  18. I remember scraping her off the windshield of my LVS #doodoobird

  19. Lcpl Baker says:

    Seriously this makes me really pissed off that a fat piece of shit who has never done a valid thing in her life is claiming my beloved Marine Corps, let alone all the extra shit she is claiming. I believe she should be put to death at the least. Semper Fake

  20. Lateshia Graves says:

    What in the HELL is this bullshit?! This thing that should have either been a stain on a sheet or an abortion doesn’t know what it’s gender preference is or whether it’s in the Army or Marine Corps. Dumbass, please..

    • Ben says:

      She makes me believe in retro active abortion.

      Ben Drake SSGT USMC 100% combat disabled VN

      • Lateshia Graves says:

        Semper Fi, SSgt Drake and thank you for being a fellow brother of the Corps.

  21. Drew says:

    Dear god… the Officer in me is clawing its way out…… oh shit…here it comes…… SOMEONE GET THAT FATASS ONTO THE BCP (BODY COMPOSITION PROGRAM) STAT…. She is WAY outside of regulation height and weight… why the FUCK are there pictures of her wearing three separate uniforms…. US Army ACU’s, US Marine Woodland (pre marpat), US Marine Woodland (marpat)… why the fuck is there a picture of her wearing a ARMY skivvy shirt with her dogtags outside of the shirt…. fucking disgusting…. she claims catastrophic injuries sustained in combat operations in OIF and OEF …. she should be hunted down by law enforcement and taken to court for stolen valor …. fuck this fat piece of shit.

  22. Marcus says:

    Holy Hell…when did the Marines start putting pressure relief valves in their uniforms? And when did the Army start issuing white socks for their ACUs. Time to retire because my green socks and actual use of an American Flag patch is obviously outdated and backwards of thought!

  23. Amanda Koerperich says:

    I’m not a Marine but I am in the Army & so is my husband. We’ve been through our fair share of combat related injuries. My husband shouldn’t even be alive right now! And, my dad & damn near my whole family are/were Marines & to see this after what we’ve all been through in the last 25 years makes me want to just punch her in the fucking face. Some of my guys never made it home! Grrrrrrrrrrrr, stupid fucking dumb ass!

  24. Randy Attaway says:

    How stupid is this thing. I am the father of a marjha(sp?) MARINE . POSER CAN ALL TO TO HECK

  25. wwwSOOAYcom says:

    Ok Marines..take it easy on her. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe she really wanted to join the military but couldn’t. We are the few and the proud. Let not forget our high standards. Semper fi

  26. fish says:

    Any chance someone created this just to get people pissed off? Just to mess with everyone. I mean come on. This is so bad it can’t be true. Right?

  27. Murph says:

    Obviously, she is a retard.

  28. Patrick Camp says:

    Dress blouse with a utility cover, it’s not in the Marines.

  29. Brad says:

    I am not a veteran of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
    I was an infantry soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces for 12 years.
    I stumbled on this website and began reading, we are having the same problem with Stolen Glory here in Canada as well.
    However, as I read all of the comments posted here, I do not see the very best that any military has to offer. I am a little embarrassed to read these statements made by soldiers, and am a soldier myself.
    I hate imposters as much as all of you, but, this Stacy Durrenberg is quite obviously not mentally competent.
    I do not hold any degrees in Psychiatry or Psychology, nor am I the smartest person, and I can tell that this persons actions are not malicious in nature.
    I am also struggling with what gender description to use for Stacy, and it also quite obvious to me that Stacy is not remotely fit. But how does that make it okay to spew such venom?
    We are all, everyone one of us, supposed to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
    I believe that at the core of every good soldier you will find a servant. A man or woman who will go places no one wants to go, to do jobs no one wants to do. But having been that person should engender in us all some measure of compassion and understanding for people like Stacy.
    I don’t see that Stacy is in the same category of person as all of the other PRETENDERS.
    Stacy is a mentally disadvantaged person who is desperately trying to connect and identify with something that is bigger and better than circumstances allow Stacy to be.
    And if you think about it, isn’t that exactly what every one of us wanted when we signed our names and took our various oaths?
    So, the downside is that Stacy is a sad and unfortunate case. The upside is that Stacy has not chosen to dress up as Batman or Spiderman, but rather as a Soldier, a real SuperHero.

    • Agree with Brad. From a 28-year duty soldier. RLTW!/DOL!

      • Bob Davis says:

        Troy, I understand your reply and you seem to have a good heart. But you have placed yourself as the model for all of us. I was in Marine Boot Camp when I was 17 years and 20 days old. My life was in upheaval and I did what I now know was the best thing I ever did. I was foot dry in Vietnam when I was 18 years, 2 months and 4 days old. I was in combat until I was almost 21 years old and have been 100% combat disabled for 48 years. It’s nice that you try to understand this scumbag but when you attempt to speak for what ALL of us do, did, should think, etc. you are out of line. I have been under psychiatric care for over 30 years. It seems if you served in combat you got away intact mentally. Good for you. I’m guessing though that you never served in actual face to face combat. It changes a person forever. I was at the Vietnam wall in Washington, DC when it first opened. I just stood and stared at it for what seemed like a very long time. My wife finally made me move. I ran my fingers over the very many names of the people I served with who never made it home. The next day there was a picture of a long haired man, dirty and unkempt, wearing jungle utilities, leaning against the wall, crying and rubbing his finger in the names. It was on the front page of about every magazine, newspaper, and news cast in the entire nation. Later it turns out he was a phony who never served a single day in the military. That has happened to Vietnam vets from the git go. There’s always a liar with a better story and I for one am sick of it and go out of my way to embarrass them and out them publicly. When we arrived home we were mistreated to the point that most of us refused for years to even admit we served. Add to that the liars being the ones touted as being heroes while in our minds we actually did something wrong, and you get the types of reactions you now see. I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps after Vietnam and never even talked about it to other Marines. No sir, you are asking the very ones who have been mentally abused for 50 years to be kind and understanding of the ones who abused us or continue to abuse us. No sir, I waited 40 years before the first person thanked me for my service. But the liars, wannabes, scumbags who ran to Canada because they were cowards, they got thanked years ago because while real Vietnam vets remained silenced, they played the woe is me game and were honored. No sir, you are out of line.

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