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03/28/2015 by militaryphonies

Claiming SSgt as an 0311, 0321, and 0317. FIVE deployments to GWOT from 98 to 06. Being combat wounded from an IED in 06.




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DD-214 shows that he served for 25 months. He was discharged as a Private ( E-1 ) with the MOS of 9971 ( Basic Marine )

MOS 9971, Basic Marine with Enlistment Guarantee
Summary. A Marine whose military qualifications and experience are not developed to be sufficient or adequate for qualification in other MOSs.
Requirements/Prerequisites. This MOS will be assigned to personnel enlisting under an enlistment options program or an enlistment incentive program
This Ain't Hell Blog ;

This Ain’t Hell Blog ;

30 thoughts on “Richard Hall aka Rich Usmc aka Devildog Rich , US Marine Recon, Scout/Sniper , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. What a Douche – Looking at his DD-214.. I’d say he was AWOL right after boot camp and never showed up for his follow on MOS training school… When he was picked up, he spent time in Quantico Brig until his discharge as a Pvt. Wonder what type discharge. Never saw a DD-214 that says SNM unavailable to sign… anybody enlighten me on that?

    • kyle says:

      SNM unavailable to sign. I got that on my DD214 because I went home on terminal leave, and when I was doing that they decided to promote me to corporal so a new DD214 was typed up and I wasn`t available

  2. […] Scotty sends us his work on this Rich Hall fellow; […]

  3. Dave Hardin says:


    • Dave Hardin says:


      • Dave Hardin says:

        What is it about the fake posers that makes them claim SSgt with two hash marks? I am starting to lose count of how many of these idiots there are. My rank, My time in service, I earned it, you there Little Richard did not, I want my uniform back fucker.

  4. Hey Dave – I was a SSgt with two hashmarks….. LOL

    • Dave Hardin says:

      LMAO, I was beginning to think I was the only one. WTF is it with these guys? Everyone wants to be the Platoon Sergeant…….until its time to do Platoon Sergeant shit.

      Semper Fi.

    • Blake Fairchild says:

      I’m with you there Tom. I made SSgt in just over 6 years; thus, I only had one hash mark. Lots of old SNCOs tried to gig me about not having my uniform up-to-date until I told them the details of my career.

  5. Not a lot of daylight between scum like this guy and “that soldier” (Bergdahl) that served with “honor and distinction.”

  6. Jason pete.. says:

    Yea unavailable to sign??? Hummmmm but document is real but he didn’t sign it being discharged or leaving brig????

    • NOne says:

      Richard Hall is currently being charged with theft in association with the impersonating. Check it out, Wisconsin ccap Richard Thomas hall birthdate 1980.

  7. gred says:

    Where is this fucking poser now?

  8. John Gagnier says:

    FB page no longer available? I WONDER WHY LMBO!!!

  9. Sam says:

    Law has him now:

    Text of Article:
    JUNEAU — A 35-year-old Watertown man has been charged with theft while impersonating a member of the armed forces.

    Richard Thomas Hall, 1063 Perry St., Watertown, made his initial appearance in court Tuesday on two counts misdemeanor theft by false representation. Judge Steven Bauer set a $500 signature bond with the condition Hall not solicit money from anybody for any reason. If convicted, Hall could be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to nine months on both counts.

    According to a criminal complaint, on Nov. 26, 2014, a Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a man dressed as a Marine who was soliciting money in Reeseville.

    A man told the deputy when he was outside in his yard with his dog a man driving a 1990s model green Dodge pickup had stopped, wearing a Marine dress uniform with no hat on. The man dressed as a Marine said his vehicle had been broken into and his wallet had been stolen and he was due back in California the next day. The man says he felt sorry for him because he was in the military and went back into the house and gave the unknown male $100.

    The man said after thinking about what had occurred he recalled one of the buttons of his dress uniform had been unbuttoned and there was a tattoo on his neck.

    A few days later the deputy made contact with a woman who had seen the Marine in Hustisford at Joan’s Country Cooking on Nov. 21, 2014. She said the male dressed as a Marine entered the restaurant around 12:30 p.m. and asked for directions to Juneau. He said his vehicle had been broken into and he lost all his money. The woman said she and her husband gave him $100 cash and the owner of the restaurant gave him free lunch.

    The male was reportedly driving the same type of green truck.

    On Nov. 26, 2014, a Dodge County detective received a phone call from a woman working at The Gathering Place in Reeseville. The woman said a male dressed as a Marine came into the store saying again that he was robbed and needed money for a flight so he could be deployed overseas.

    The man asked for $81 to cover his flight to the military base. The woman said he was driving a green Dodge truck and she didn’t give him any money because she thought the situation was unusual.

    On Dec. 5, 2014, Jefferson County Sheriff received a call about a man in military uniform asking for money in Palmyra and looking for the local VFW office. In that instance the person was driving the same truck registered to Hall and matched his physical description.

    A former girlfriend of Hall’s told detectives he had been in the service, but said she had no proof he had actually served. His ex-wife told detectives the only thing he had left from his time in the military were his “dress blues.” She explained Hall was not working and behind on child support.

    On Feb. 27, Hall called the Dodge County detective and admitted he had obtained the money from the couple and said he needed money for gas and was struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. He also admitted he didn’t need money for a flight, according to the criminal complaint.

    Hall is scheduled to appear in court again June 29. A jury trial has been scheduled for Aug. 12.

  10. Lindsay says:

    This guy ripped my family off after my cousin, a firefighter and a huge member of the community passed away! He contacted a company and had survival bracelets made in Jordan’s memory and he took orders and then kept the money and never ordered the bracelets from company!! My family who was already grieving got stuck with the bill for all the bracelets people had ordered!! This guy makes me sick!! And to dishonor the marine corp In such a way!! I hope he gets what is coming to him!!

    • Roy says:

      He did something similar to my son and I. He had Sniper Training chrome chain and rounds made for us, and we got stuck with the bill.

  11. none says:

    Hey lindsey isn’t your family all paid up??Thought last I heard he had them all paid up…BTW just actually heard that he brang all his discharge papers and forms to watertown newspaper but they won’t write a retraction statment.Also there’s a civil suite being filed aginst them..Easy to talk shit when u don’t put all the facts out there..Weather he did 3 months or 10 years he graduated boot camp and earned being called a Marine..

  12. Roy says:

    This will blow you all away. I know this guy, he wanted to marry my daughter, she broke it off. He spoke nothing but ‘Core stuff. Knew the language. I’m old Navy, he showed up to my house in uniform gaining my permission to date, I had no idea. I even did a P.T.S.D. tattoo on his left forearm. Man, I’m feeling sick, I’m so frackin’ pissed I’m my hair is tingling. I was taken,….I’m feeling really hurt now.

  13. TrulySorry says:

    “Let the truth be told” Upon further investigation into this whole thing I’ve learned a lot.Richard did leave in 98 to boot camp and graduated as platoon honor man.Apon arriving at his 0311 mos school 2 days early he was put into gaurd duty.Gaurd duty is for 30 or so Marines guarding different things on base or like a security team that’s switched out every rotation of 0311 mos training.He was put here to relieve other marines working gaurd duty so they could be rotated in to 0311 school.Hall got put there and his duty was guarding an unknown facility along with 2 other Marines.One night out there a group of 5 kids whom had been drinking and got lost came upon this site.Signs were clearly marked deadly force will be used.From what we have learned the car refused to stop at which time Hall and 2 other Marines opened fire killing all 5 kids.The Marines we’re justified in what happen but after debriefing were given the choice to leave the marine corps or stay and move on to mos school next rotation.Hall chose to take some time off but ended up going back and pursuing his goals as a Marine.The reason why his dd214 on here isn’t signed or has any information about being separated.We looked further into this through our investagation and found out he did go back completing his 0311 school 0317 and 0321 school but did fail his 0321 school first time around.He was discharged by Marines in 2006 with a Medical discharge which is “Honorable”We are trying to get proper paperwork and the updated dd214 so we can do a revised story or statment.Hall won’t speak to us or anyone without attorney.Interviewing other Marines,Firefighter, and friends of Hall they say he is a great guy, big heart,and would give his life for anyones.He has been dignosed with PTSD through Marine Corps but seems to be getting better.We Apologize for any misleading statments made by us prior to this and not having facts first.

    • With all due respect ma’am . I’m not buying it. This dd-214 came directly from HQMC through a sf-180 request to the NPRC. It is what is on permanent record . Plus you’re not given a choice to leave the Corps after an incident. It doesn’t work like that. You are sworn to a signed contract. Also these Marines would not be standing guard with loaded weapons yet. Especially since they didn’t have a PMOS.

    • rasel says:

      I grew up in the area and know of and about this kid. A fake! Liar! Cheater! And then they say they interviewed friends and former firefighters and they said he had a huge heart and was a great gut and loving? Why don’t we ask the people that really know about him? I would gladly screenshot former classmates and people he grew up with and show you exactly what they think of him. I personally know 5 people that he has scammed and owes money to and has every lie the book why he does not pay. And I’m sure he is on this site and possibly one of the people saying positive things about himself. So if you’re here Richard Hall I want my fucking money!

      • Kc says:

        I went to high school with him but he was 2 years ahead of me. He has asked me to loan him money multiple times for different reasons and I remember one time claiming his house burnt down

  14. Sgt key. says:

    Actually milatary phonies comment!!I was also put on guard duty in 2001 and it is live ammo but only given once on site.They actually mentioned this happening saying “Shit can get real quick” and it did for them.I don’t know about DD214 but I also know my brothers friend had to get it revised 3 times to get the right info on discharge.Semper Fi Marines..

  15. J says:

    You really should use spell check, Rich. Your 3rd grade grammar, punctuation, and spelling give you away. It is Corps by the way, Rich. You may want to memorize that for your next scam.

  16. Ace says:

    This guy is scum. Besides the charges he is facing in Watertown, WI, he had been questioned regarding a robbery and beating up his girlfriend. What kind of man has to beat on females. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He is a disgrace to all the military people that serve their country with honor and earn their stripes.

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