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01/19/2015 by militaryphonies

This is NOT a Boot Camp photo. 1. She is wearing makeup. 2. She is smiling . 3 . You can actually see the photographer in the glare off of the flags in the background.
“Millionaire Matchmaker” Damian Guillot & Dr. Chris Patton: The Red-Headed Mixer 
 Amy Jane stating Mari e
Date Filed: Dec 22, 2014
Witness statements
DD214 Supplied by Amy Jane
Separation Codes:
JFV1 – Discharge because of a physical condition which is not disabling. involuntary, USMC
RE-Entry Code: RE-3P – Physical disability (includes discharge and transfer to TDRL). Obesity. Motion sickness. Disqualified for officer candidate training
Uncharacterized Seperation



“Before I knew it I was introduced to Bellator MMA CEO, Scott Coker and they flat out offered to fly me to every fight; all expenses paid,”

7 thoughts on “Amy Jane – Gun Bunny Model, US Marine , POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. Bitch and cry all you want.. If you did not graduate Boot, you did not earn the EGA and are NOT a Marine. Deal with it.

  2. Vincent says:

    She’s still getting stunt work and sponsors for her shooting competition… hell she’s being given free gear and range time. Lord knows that if I pulled the shit she’s pulled I would never be able to run from it as she has been able to thanks to white knights.

  3. bill says:

    I live with her mom. This person(I wouldn’t even call her a woman) is a total psychopath

  4. Darren says:

    I know from the DD214 posted above says that she was dropped from MCRD for a medical condition, not for punitive or derogatory reasons. I can also tell by the dates on the document that she was there for about the 3mo it takes to complete boot camp. I feel bad for her that she did not get to actually live her dream of serving as a Marine. I have a soft spot for Women Marines as my mother was one back in 1954. She was motivated and always a Marine until the day she died. I would not turn my back on anyone who stepped up to be a Marine and got dropped just before graduation for a medical reason. The fact that she had the fortitude to come to MCRD to be a part of the Marine Corps family, passed everything except the med part that should have been caught at MEPS during the physical…she has no control over, makes her okay in my book. She did not earn the title but, she would be treated as part of the family at my house. MSgt Gray, DD USMC 0369 retired.

    • MSgt Gray, I too feel bad for the girl and have a soft spot having worked very hard to join the Military only to be diagnosed with a rare physical disorder in my spine that haunts me daily and I know you are not justifying her actions but I have to say that I’ve spent years around Military, Marines especially that many mistake me for military because I understand the culture and the terms but I would NEVER try and own a title I do not own nor would I even try and lie by omission. Whether she lied by omission or not, I don’t know, but it misled people and anytime anyone has been misled to believe I am active/retired Military or Law Enforcement I don’t stay silent, I correct them because my word is my word.

      I also volunteered with law enforcement and worked with law enforcement throughout high school and part of college but again I would never lie by omission. In fact, I was addressed as “Officer” or “Sergeant” by the general public and it felt a bit strange. Maybe that is just my own personal morals but yeah. I can only imagine the pain of getting that close and getting screwed, I watched my buddies go through boot camp and the Marine Corps and heard of many getting medically discharged after and it just being horrible but yeah…..a shame they didn’t catch this at MEPS, I know at least a few people who had hidden past injuries to get in but some things are obvious. Just a bad situation all around.

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