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01/12/2015 by militaryphonies

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This is a photo of the first female commander of Marine Corps Recruit Depot , Parris Island South Carolina  
Headquarters  Marine Corps has no record of her ever serving. 

12 thoughts on “Dana Michelle Dufau aka DM Dufau , US Marine POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. John Gagnier says:

    What is that picture supposed to prove? She CLAIMS to have been a Sergeant. Unless Sergeants are “commanders” then the photo only serves to further prove that she's lying. Perhaps the “brain cancer” that she CLAIMS to be suffering from has impaired her thinking

  2. Joe G. says:

    Outstanding work. It's freaky seeing a defiant woman curse you…. Then come those stubborn facts, which validate how important your blog is. Bravo Zulu, Scotty.

  3. Sak Hanrahan says:

    BOOM, LIAR….

    • Krich says:

      Brothers, sisters, boyfriend know…
      Only DD214 know, baby 🙂

  4. Todd Canty says:

    palying the “I'm a poor suffering vet” card for either attention or money I'd wager.

  5. “On June 17, 2011, Brigadier General Lori Reynolds became the first female commander of the base” at Parris Island Recruit Depot. Doesn't sound like 'Dana Dafur' to me…! WHY do people lie about their service? My late uncle was a proud Marine who fought at Iwo Jima. If you're not willing to enlist and put in the blood, sweat and tears…then you sure don't deserve recognition as a Marine. Period.

    Source was Wikipedia (I know – it was a quick look up). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Recruit_Depot_Parris_Island

    • Krich says:

      blood, sweat and tears…?
      PFT is mission impossible for Dana.

  6. What unit were you with? Btl 4. WTF is that? No Marine ever forgets what units he or she has been with LOL. Even if that was a reference to fourth RTBN at PI it would prove she was a boot. No SGT in the Corps refers to his or her boot camp BN as their unit. Not to mention Btl? Was she reversing the T and L and meant BLT (Battalion Landing Team) ? LOL. Can't she even make it interesting and research a fake unit for herself? Like 1/1? The Unit I was with. I was Motor T BTW in a grunt unit, not Recon or Scout Sniper like 90% of Marines I see on the net LOL. She did throw out EGA (Eagle Globe Anchor) which actually just gets me more pissed off. She never earned the right to wear a uniform with the EGA and its sick and twisted for claiming so. Of course without seeing government paperwork or lack thereof this assumes she doesn't have brain damage and was actually in the Marines and can't remember anything about it 🙂

  7. Jose Eggy says:

    Hell, this numbnuts could of said she was a Recon Marine, Special Forces, or a Ranger. Lol Yeah, they all have females in the ranks, well, at least the Rangers do now. She didn’t even try to make up a legit sounding unit. Gotta love fakes.

  8. Melissa patterson says:

    I know this lady personally and seeing this makes me sick. She has lied so much. The stage 4 brain cancer is another lie. If not she’s had it for years. She also used to lie to me and tell me her step dad beat her and her brother who had autism. Then I found out first he wasn’t her step dad he was her biological father who had never laid a hand on her. Then she tells me her ex husband broke into her home and raped her and she beat him with a baseball bat. Yet another lie. I could go on but I will leave it at that. My husband is retired from the air force and has his scars of honor to go with it. Just seeing this makes me want to puke. I’m not sure what her reasoning was for this and how she thought she wouldn’t get caught. But I’m so glad she did. Such a liar.

    • Duh? says:

      No worries, thank god her bullshit didn’t rub off on you. I’m late posting…I am battling a non curable medical condition…

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